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Hello, I was wondering whether anyone else who has had a confirmed bartholins cyst could possibly share your option.... 

I'm 23 and noticed a small egg like lump just inside my vagina one evening whilst in the bath. I can just about feel it on the outside but when I feel inside, there's a definite squishy round lump. It's painless but I've started to feel as though I'm losing 'tone' during intercourse with my husband. 

I panicked and went to see the doctor who didn't even examine me, just sent me away and told me that it wasn't anything to worry about and that I'm too young to have cancer..... 

2 months later, the lump was still there so I returned and saw a female doctor who did a quick examination. She said that the 'lump' is in a bit of a strange place and that she doesn't think that it's anything sinister and is probably just a cyst and that the lump may always be there... 

2 months on and the lump is still there. It's annoying me and I'm getting a little itchy down below. It doesn't hurt and hasn't increased in size but I can still feel a definite lump. 

I'm worrying myself sick. I'm crying myself to sleep at night thinking that I have cancer after reading forums online. 

All of the info I've read regarding cysts make it sound as though the cyst is like a spot... But the skin on top of the lump is very thick and I honestly don't think I could pop it even if I wanted to! 

Has anyone else had a cyst or problem like this? 

I'd be very grateful to hear opinions of others who have had or are in similar situations! 


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    Ps it may be worth mentioning that the lump is inside my vagina, on the left hand side where the bartholin gland is located. I have had small cysts on the outside before that have always popped but never any large squishy lumps inside that, to me, don't seem like a spot! 
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    Your story is similar to mine. Previously I also have a lump on the left side of the vagina wall. Painless and yes it is round and squisy. The lump has been there for almost a year. Just last two weeks the cyst suddenly get bigger in few days times to the size of an egg. Ive tried many remedy but it wouldn't burst so I have no choice to do marsupialization. It is so pain that I cant even walk and sleep.

    If the lump is bothering I think you can try some remedy to make it dissappear. I have read a lot of people use witch hazel, silica, tea tree oil, serraptase...etc.. homeopathy usually work..

    If you notice that the cyst is getting bigger, you better do something quick, if it gets infected, you end up in pain. 

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    Hi, I have a confirmed bartholin cyst and it sounds like yours. It's a squishy lump, nothing like a spot and I wouldn't be able to pop it myself. I think if it develops an abcess that would b more like a spot you could burst. Mine doesn't hurt or bother me at all but I'm having marsupilization In 2 weeks as it's been there for a few years at least.

    You can try warm salt water baths 3 or 4 times a day and it may help unblock the gland and empty the cyst. This didn't work for me but does work for lots of people

    Try not to worry, perhaps go back to you dr and ask to be referred x

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    Hey sister,

    Dont you worry one little bit sweetheart!!!  It sounds like my friend the b. cyst.  You are fine.  But to have peace of mind go see a gynecologist, they will be able to confirm it.  Then you will have peace of mind and not worry.  I got my first one when I was 23 yrs old, now 10 years later.  Still get them but treat them naturally using the stuff that memeng mentioned.  Dont worry :-)  I would like to give your doctor a kick for not inspecting etc.  HUGS and dont worry.  I am certain you have a bartholin cyst by what you are staying.  Start taking serraptase and buy some silicia.  Silica spray works wonders for me.  Spray onto the cyst and it goes away super super quick.  xx

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    Hi Red

    i had one years ago mine was the size of a small walnut... no pain... just annoying, same as you left hand side .. could feel it when inserting a thumb inside and fngers on the outside on it.. docs confirmed what i was..

    but.... what worked for me and Doc told me to do..

    have two or three hot salt baths a day.. table salt .. simple table salt ..

    tip a good half cup in bath and dissolve with the hot water... then top bath with cooler water, but keep the water as hot as you can.... no need for a deep bath .. just covering tops of thighs..

    the salt and the hot water, draws the plug off the unblocked pore ... and releases the fluid... did for me anyway... make sure you help the salt water enter the vagina and sit and soak in it for at least ten mins

    it may help you too it cured mine .. good luck Red

    jay xx


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    I cannot thank you all enough! It's so great to hear the opinions of others who have been, or are currently in, a similar situation! 

    Every time I've mentioned it to a friend or family member, they kind of just shrug. I'm away from home living in a different county with my husband who is in the forces and no one in the pharmacies speak English.

    I'm going to the the baths and if they don't work, I'll go back to a different doctor and ask to be referred. 

    Does anyone else have a similar issue with what seems to be a loss of tone during intercourse? Husband says he can't feel a difference but I'm sure I can!

    Thanks again, ladies. You're lovely x  

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    Hi. Please calm down and try not to worry too much. When I had my first cyst I too could not relate to the descripions of what it should be like as I assumed it would look and feel lile a did not. It felt more like a muscle. It was tender and sore and very painful. I was petrifid as it an embarassing topic to discuss with anyone.

    Eventually I tried the salt baths ( I aslo put a a few drops of lavender oil in the water) and made poultices of tea tree gel and it burst a day later.

    Yours doesnt sound like its infected but I would reccommed the silica complex tablets and the other spary others have mentioned. Also go back to your Dr and get it looked at properly especially as if its not causing any pain. Remember its your health, so be demanding.

    I hope it gets better and wish you all the best.


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