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I need help. Please if anyone has an explanation 

Yesterday a very weird thing happened to me

I was conversing with friends and we were joking and all then i suddenly felt dizzy. I remained dizzy for almost 10min then i vomited. I lied down for almost 20min then when got up i vomited again and started feeling heavy. I was carried to the car as i wasnt able to walk. Then in the car i lost all control over my body and felt paralyzed like i was paraplegic. I cldnt even lift my finger or speak. All i cld do is move my neck as to answer yes or no questions. I was aware of evthg around me but I cldnt respond or interact. Note that I wasn't feeling any pain, my heartbeat was normal. I had no palpitations, no cold sweat, my vision was normal. I was acting like a receiver being able to grasp everything around me but not being able to respond. 

I remained as such for 5 hours 

Blood tests were done and everything was normal

Symptoms resolved spontaneously with no medical intervention after 5 hours but when my paralysis ended i restarted feeling dizzy and heavy headed.

I haven't consumed any medications or any substance. I do not smoke nor drink

Please help if you have an explanation


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    This sounds very like food poisoning or possibly an allergic response to something you've eaten.  I've heard of such symptoms quite often - including to things like shellfish, dairy etc.
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    You say blood tests were done. Were you taken to hospital because it sounds as though you should. If so they surely would have told you what was up. Sounds awful
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      Yes i was taken to the emergency blood tests revealed nothing. All parameters were normal. Yet they referred me to a neurologist and appointment is not until monday. So i was researching for clues to understand before my appointment yet i cldnt find a diagnosis that relates to my case. The diagnoses i found had all the symptoms i reported but had also addditional symptoms like vision disturbances or tachycardia or low blood pressure. Which is why i found it hard to correlate. And i came here asking for help and guidance
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    The symptoms you have listed sound more like a form of one type of "Functional Episodes" - a good Consultant Neurologist would know this for definite, I am not a doctor, but do suffer from one type of "Functional Episode" (sometimes referred to as a "Functional Seizure"), but I also have Epilepsy. Many people that seen me in a seizure think it's Eplepsy, on some occassions they are, but many other times they are totally wrong.

    I am under many Special Consultant Neurologists, you might think all Neurologists are the same, they are not. That is like me saying you may of had a "Functional Episode", there is in fact 28 variations of this type of seizure. There is one thing that is in all Functional Episodes, they can look as bad as an Epileptic Seizure, but is caused by an overload in electrical energy in the brain. A Functional Episode or Seizure does not produce any electrical energy whatsoever, and it causes your body to go in to a spasm which you have no control over.

    You also stated you could not communicate, this is also common - you can see and hear people, but you have no way of communicating with anyone, again this is normal.

    Blood tests would show up nothing abnormal, an EEG which with a person with Epilepsy would pick up electrical pulses, but with Functional Episodes this is not the case.

    Nothing you eat or drinki can cause a Functional Episode, it is down to things like panic attacks, anxiety issues, etc. A Neurologist will do one test which is an MRI and look for any defects in the brain. But I would not worry over something like this, if you start feeling muscle pains or pains in your joints at anytime then this would probably point to a totally different disorder.

    I would like to hear what your Neurologist states, if anything - because he may refer you for an MRI before diagnosing what the cause could have been. I noticed you did not state your age, was there a particular reason for this?



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      BTW, that smilie is not meant to be there.

      And yes, Stress can cause a Functional Episode amongst many other things.

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      I am 23 years old

      The thing is : i was in a very good mood and i was talking to friends and laughing. Suddenly i felt dizzy and afterwards the sequence of events happened

      bladder function was normal

      It's just that i couldn't move or talk

      I occasionally get dizzy when i stand up. But i always suspected my orthostatic hypotension was caused by iron deficiency but to my surprise blood tests revealed iron levels were normal

      So maybe this would help in the diagnosis as to relate the orthostatic hypotension to the attack

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      It may also have something to do with the balance mechanism in your ears. i had Labyrinthitis and that was caused by inner ear infection. It may be good to get a more definite diagnosis so as to put your mind at rest. Warm wishes
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      You are quite young, well you compared to people like 

      I got a feeling you will get seen by a Neurologist, whom will refer you for a second opinion from a rheumatologist. Many people think that if you visit a rheumatologist then you have some form of arthritis, this is not the case at all. There are many disorders that get mis-diagnosed, and normally because something is missed by a Consultant. Even if you are not happy with a diagnosis. you can always ask for a second opinion, besides it is better to be safe than sorry. It may be your serotonin levels were slightly higher than normal.

      I know many of the top Neurologists in the UK, and I am under the British President of Neurology Dr. Geraint Fuller, who is well known by many neurologists because of his work. He has been in National newspapers for curing a woman with a certain type of MS, which is why is so well known. As I said previously, do not think every Neurologist is the same - many people do, and this causes many mis-diagnosis, hence they end up being treated for the wrong condition.

      Quite a few people (myself included have tried diagnosing ourselves online), of course we are not qualified, and nor do we have access to numerous scanning equipment. I not your average person by a long way - I used to be many years ago. This will sound strange to you, when I have or suspect I have a certain problem, then I do go online and look up the symptoms, most Doctors will tell you not to do this because it can give you ideas that you are suffering from something totally different.

      One thing I do not do is scout around forums for answers, which is what so many people do. When I visit my doctor now she asks me what is wrong, and why I have come to the conclusion - normally a doctor would not say this. There are numerous checks you can do yourself before seeing a doctor, some of which do not even require a doctor.

      I check my symptoms online via the BMJ (British Medical Journal), all doctors either possess this document or have access online. It covers basically everything you could possibly imagine. Then my doctor usually does a quick once over and normally agrees with me.

      In your case I do not suggest you do this - I have multiple disorders that are all based on neurosymtoms, which is very complex. I was diagnosed by a US Professor of Neurology and his Team in London, many years ago.

      What I will do though is point you to a Consultant Neurologist that is well known in the UK, he actually runs is own website, and you will be able to see various symptoms on the front page that are links to indepth articles. I would give you the address on here but it would cause this post to go in to moderation because it is an external link, even though I have used it many times. If you wish to contact him you can via his website, I will give you his name and website in a private message.




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