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i was priscribed cipramil by my gp 6 wks ago for anxiety after my cousins death, well i lasted to weeks on them and was in an awfel state, insomina brning sentation on my skin no appatite vomiting, so went back to gp and he put my on mirap, i am now coming into my forth wk on them and the 1st wk seemed grand them over time i began to come very down and lost my appatite again not sleeing or if i do i continue to wake at least 5 times a night feel so depressed and on saturday had suicidal taughts, only i rang my mam and she talked me out of it, i can't stand being alone but only want to be with family, am ignoring my friends won't even answer the phone to them, suould i come off this tablet as i only had mild anxiety and not drepression 

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    For the benefit of other readers Cipramil is a brand of citalopram and Mirap is a brand or mirtazapine.

    April, you should  be asking your GP about this.  I am very surprised you are having sleeping problems - as mirtazapine is known to sedate at low doses (up to 15mg).   Perhaps your dose is too high?   If so that would account for the other side effects too.   Also you have only been on mirt for 3 weeks.  That is not long enough for it to be fully effective and for its side effects to abate.  

    For your information I had severe anxiety without depression last March.  I too started on citalopram but swapped to sertraline (another SSRI).  They both helped with the anxiety, but stopped me sleeping.  I too felt suicidal.  I now take sertraline plus mirtazapine.  I take the latter (15mg) purely for its sedative effect.  I now feel about 80%  "well", but note that it has taken more than 4 months to get to this stage.  

    Getting the right medicine at the best dose is a question of trial and error because we all respond differently to these drugs.  Unfortunately that takes a long time because each trial needs several weeks (ideally 8) and you may have to swap gradually from one drug to another.

    You have endure the side effects every time;  however  it is worth it in the end. 

    I feel for you. Be strong.  



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      thanks for your reply, i went to see my gp but he was unable to see me so spoke with the nurse she can't understand the not slepping part either thinks maybe i sould take something else with it maybe an anti anxeity tablet till the mirap starts to work, back to see the gp in the morning hopefully this might help
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      Hi April

      Sorry to hear of your loss & subsequent anxiety.  Knowing what causes our anxiety is half the battle, yours is very clear cut and I wonder if you could try to find yourself some "grief councilling".

      What dose of Mirtazapine are you taking?  It may seem hard to understand, but the lower dose i.e. 15mg is often used for Insomnia, the higher doses of 30 and 45 mg for actual depression.  I have read many times of people not being able to sleep on the higher doses, doctors usually start at a lower dose and work upwards.

      I agree with Oldboy above, Mirt' had a slow release sedative in it and it lasts me pretty much all day and is taken at bedtime to aid a good nights sleep.

      I hope yo can balance your meds sooner rather than later, but do talk to your doctor if they are having a more negative effect after the first 3 to 4 weeks.

      Wishing you well.

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      thank you, i am back with the doc this morning so finges crossed i get some answers, i don't have trouble falling asleep its staying asleep thats the problem which makes me more anxious tru out the day, i'm back on 7.5 mg 3 nights now and don't seem as bad maybe i have a sensitivy to taking tablets and am better on the lower does, but still not sleeping great 4 hrs last night 
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      Hi April

      I hope you got on ok with your doctor's appointment.  Are you planning to stay at 7.5 mg for the time being?  If you have come down from 15 mg you may well feel the effects of withdrawal as its a big difference, just wanted you to bear that in mind and not associate any ill effects to thinking your old symptoms returning.

      Best wishes

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      i did thanks but hes not much help, basically told me the tablet isn't what makes you better and had to beg for some anti anxiety tabs too. i'm going to stay at the 7.5 to see if the higher dose had me feeling that way, just hope i'm not to long left like this as i don't no how much more i can stand
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      Hi April,

      It would help if you said what it is that you cannot stand much longer.

      I am concerned that you feel that way even though you only had mild anxiety originally.  

      I would have thought either the citalopram or the mirt would have dealt with the anxiety.    I think your problem is lack of sleep.   The mirt should have helped with that.   Perhaps it is a sleeping tablet you need - I used to take zopiclone for that.

      I disagree that tablets do not make you better.   They have worked wonders for me - and I had SEVERE anxiety (rushed to hospital etc).   I think you will get much better after a few more days at 7.5mg of mirt. 

      You can do it! 



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      Just the constent negitave taught I keep telling myself it's the anxiety but it could be the lack of sleep my doc will not prescribe anything I had to beg for vallium, I.m going to stick with the mirt and hopefully they kick in soon, I.m around my family all the time which helps thanks for keeping me positive I.'ll get trough it. I won't let it beat me
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      And thanks for saying about the side effects as tonight out of the blue I felt really tired out of no where was dosing on my mams sofa for ages lying in bed now praying for a good night's sleep 

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