Please help - advice on UTI symptoms that won't leave!! :(

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I'm a 40 y o female not on birth control and no std's. This started about 3 mos ago when I started having very low abdomen (bladder) discomfort and burning After urination. I have always had burning off and in and usually just drink cranberry juice and Alka seltzer and it passes. I've tested positive for UTIS 3x when pregnant but didn't feel any symptoms. So this has really been the worst symptoms I've ever had. So I go to the walk in clinic and she tests my urine there and says it's clear but gives me Bactrim and sends in culture. Bactrim seems to help a bit but not completely. Get back culture results and it says I have "unnamed bacteria". So I get more Bactrim but Still symptoms linger. I try natural things like D mannose, uva ursa, to no avail. So a month later I go back to a dr. They test my urine in office and he says yes you have bacteria and gives me Cipro 1 week. It seems to be working, the bloating and discomfort go away and the burning is mostly better. But day 7 comes around, I'm starting to feel burning again. PLUS the dr office calls and they say my culture came back CLEAR. How could this be when they said in the office I had bacteria? I ask the lady that called this and she gives me a weird response like it could've been skin or something?? Well they won't give me more antibiotic because it's clear and I feel like it's not completely gone. I feel so frustrated and like not trusting any Dr. The only thing that seems to help a little is Cystex Plus and warm showers. I feel like either it's a minor uti that won't go away or I have cystitis ? But would antibiotic help then??

Thanks for any help and advice!

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    You might want to look further into Interstitial Cystitis. It's very common for people with IC to briefly feel better on antibiotics only to have symptoms worsen again once they stop the medication. This is all in the absence of any infection. If urinalysis and culture are showing no infection, ask your dr for a cystoscopy to examine the bladder lining for signs of bleeding/inflammation/lesions. Good luck!

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    Sara i totaly sympathise with you, had near enough thee exact same thing, ended up having two lots of trimethoptim, felt as though it was almost gone but i can feel it still lurking and out of the blue it will sting and burn and throb afterwards. Like you took the D mannose and uva ursi as well. Your results do seem very contradictive though, my argumernt is this, they test your urine, so it shows clear, why dont they take an urethral swap as this is the area thats giving me the most unbearable discomfort, more so than the bladder it self. I dont recommend keep taking any more antibiotics than nessesary, i find adding just over half teaspoon full of bicarb in water helps with the burning, drink this and also disolve  some in a jug of warm water and pour this over the uthretha area straight after weeing takes away the burn as well. I do wonder if sometimes its a vaginal thrush infection that works it way into the urinary tract area could be causing the problems.They never seem to connect the two or take a swab there either!  How long did you take the Mannose for? it takes a couple of sachets to begin to clear it properly but not cheap. Drink and drink plenty of water, the mannose is supposed to help by stopping bacteris clinging to the bladder but in the urethra area theres not enough contact as the week passes through to quick. I did ask about this and it was suggested that i put finger over the entrance so the whol area filled up  before letting it go. I think im correct in saying though the mannose only clears infection from ecoli? Am i correct?   To me its like having an eye problem but they test your tears and say its fine if you get my meaning. Also are you using pant liners at all, many of these have bleach in the them as does some toilet paper as well. I was once told i needed more antibiotics after the nurse tested my we with them dip sticks, then sent ot off, meanwhile im taking these antibiotics only for the results to come back clear ! i never had an infection! After taking antibiotics also take some probiotics to put back the healthy gut bacteria that the anitibiotics kill off. Let us know how it goes with you


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    I've started feeling quite a bit better after just washing with warm water I urinate, using msm lotion, taking a probiotic with cranberry, and of course not having caffeine or alcohol. I'm feeling encouraged. It's not completely gone but I feel like I'm on the road to recovery.

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