PLEASE HELP! Bartholin Cyst is killing me

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Okay so off course I noticed a lump just like everyone else & it started to become painful & sore. It got to the point where I couldn’t walk or sleep. So I went to the ER. The doctor looked right at it and said we’re going to have to drain it.. I was scared but relived st the same time because “I THOUGHT” I was t going to be on anymore pain.. anyways when she drained it there was nothing but blood. & NO RELIEF!! Well here I am a day later still in pain , still can’t walk.. I was prescribed some medication & ive been taking it accordingly... in so much pain still.. what should o do 

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    I just seen your post. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this awful issue. Have you been back to the Dr? In my experience, the bartholin abcess will not properly drain without having a word catheter inserted and left in place for at least two weeks. I am still healing from the last one I had on August 3 of this year. I know what a miserable and painful condition this can be. I wish you a speedy recovery. Message me if you have questions or just want to talk.

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    Mine dreained by itself last night. 

    if the doctor made the incision.. that could be what is hurting you. I have no pain myself besides that i have been achy all over my leggs as if i am having a period.

    ai also only had blood only.. nothing else. 

    I have been putting on Prid homeopathic drawing salve cream.. bought for 5 dollars at walmart, but the active ingredient is ichthammol, which i know for a long time from another cream black cream in color from my country and that draws everything out like deep pimples or infections and i still use it. 

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    there is no way .. that i would go insert a catherer at md's office, 

    your body can do it by itself.. 

    i read enough to know .. it can be done in a way that is not invasive like the mds offices do. that is my personal choice. 

    read womens testimonials.. 

    they have taken baths.. and squeezed it out.. after putting stuff on it.

    personally i am still putting on prid homeopathic salve cream on it, .. that actually naturally opened the opening that was stuck to begin with.. 

    and drained it, 

    without anybody having to poke any additional holes into my body.

    women have also used mix of coconut oil and turmeric .. to open it.. 

    but prid actually draws it out.

    i would recomend reading womens testimonials on internet before acting too agressive with your body.


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    Wait for it to fill back up again (because it more than likely will). Go into the ED at the hospital when it’s invariable and hopefully get a marsupulisation. I’ve had 7 marsups and one gland exsion in the last 12 months so if you need any straight forward advice, I’ve got it haha xx

    Painkillers will help more than anything and trust me I HAVE TRIED every natural remedy under the sun and have had my cysts drained before and cut open and cleaned before marsupulisations. Hope you’re okay xx

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    i was committed to heal mine the natural way once i have read bunch of posts made by women in usa and another country of how they did it themselves.

    Ok, mine flared up just couple of weeks ago. Within couple of days i drained it naturally. No cuts, no puncturing.

    It was sitting dormant like that for almost 8 months. I did not do anything to it. Did not really research what is it that i can do myself. So it flared up. I felt it as if i was going to have a period. Pain.

    I bought things that was called on internet the Phoebes recipe. But ! that is not it. What did it was a black cream called " smile's PRID homeopathic drawing Salve 18 gm" that i got in Walmart.

    I know what this cream is.. and what the main ingredient is not just from usa but from another country where i used it as a child. IHTHAMMOL is the active ingredient and it works wonders.

    any kind of deep infection, this draws it out to the surface and it drains.

    I read testimonials from other women and remember this black cream from my childhood.. then i read a woman mention it in usa, and by comparison its pretty much the same thing and .. active ingredient is the same.

    I used the warm sitting bath for a day .. used phoebes recipe for a day, but then i just had enough.. i said i am putting the black cream.. on , that is Prid in usa.

    put it on in thick layers.. day and night.. but mine worked in a day. I did not even used sitting bath that day i was done with it all.

    Used Prid cream, all day at work, added more at work, came home put more on..

    went to lay in bed. Was massaging the veins that go down the side of my stomack along the leg that were also inflamed because they were connected to the cyst.. area... and massaged the cyst area over my clothes. Felt pointed pain there , but not too bad , continued to massage and put pressure. Until i did not. Then i reached down and realized that it has opened up and started draining.

    I made sure that it all drains.. after laying down i stood up.. on my feet with paper towels on the floor and one leg on the chair. I kept putting pressure and draining the cyst..

    After i cleansed the area. It did not come back.

    buy Smile's PRID homeopathiv Drawing Salve cream.. 18 gm from walmart.. keep putting it on.. thick. you need to know that the natural opening for your cyst is really in the middle hight of your opening.. and its kind of inside.. so i think you need to make sure you put cream there.. but i was putting it all over really. and thick.

    once i started doing thing.. it was done in 2/3 days and with Prid cream really it was one day.

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    ive been with a cyst for about 4 days. ive been taking apple cider vinegar baths. i have took antibitotics, pain medicine. Tea tree oil & camile lotion. Nothing has worked & ive been consistant & nothing has worked. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE THAN PRID DRAWING SALVE. find it at your local drugstore. 100% worth it. apply in really thick layers.and apply pressure with a warm towel. feel better and keep taking pain medication!!!! & after your cyst pops, maintain super clean! take apple cider vinegar baths. even if you dont have a cyst it helps control the acidity in your vagina to keep a healthy PH.

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    & ALSO ! i have my boyfriend here helping me with things i cant do. if you dont have a boyfriend call a friend or family member. you shouldnt be up walking around but instead focusing on rest & getting better .

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    I've struggled with these cysts for over two years now, with three cysts within that period. At first, my mother tried to convince me to deal with it myself and that going to the ER was just a waste of money and time I cannot compare the pain I experienced from these cysts to anything else that I have experienced in my life, and I have a fairly high pain tolerance. I was crying so hard I was sobbing when my first cyst was drained and the two that followed were equally as bad. I have used PRID and Bag Balm on the cysts after they have been professional drained, but I do not agree with some of the other comments recommending complete at home treatment. When I had my first cyst I spent four days at home, calling in to work, taking baths and carefully positioning myself on my bed to find the least painful position. Don't be afraid to seek professional medical help. Not everything can, or should, be DIYed.

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