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I'm postimg in the hope someone may recognise my symptoms & help me work out what's going on.

My main symptoms are:

Burning pain & itching that began above left breast after minor surgery a few years back to hAve a benign mole removed. Over time this itching & pain has spread through armpit, down side of ribs, under left arm, left shoulder & up left side of neck. Felt fine, Dr said nerve damage so just lived with it.

I became unwell about a year ago when this burning itching sensation reached my upper spine & felt deeper. Since then I've has rapidly declining symptoms including:

Severely stiff neck & pressure with itching at base of skull.

Constant headaches that are getting worse through scalp, middle ears, jaw, Temples & nose., Can hardly touch my scalp now.

Severely impaired cognition, memory & disorientation that's getting worse.

Tinnitus & muffled hearing.

Rapid weight loss despite normal diet.

Extreme thirst

Weakness & sometimes numbness on shoulders & upper arms

Facial & tongue numbness

Occasion bleeding into the skin (like pin pick red dots)

Skin problems: erupted in several sore spots in the areas where the nerve pain is that wouldn't heal. Later told they are new moles.

Acne & tiny itchy spots


That's about it. It's ruining my life. I try & carry on pretending I'm fine but the symptoms have become too severe to ignore. I can deal with pain but not this worsening mental function & tinnitus.

Tests only showed a hormone imbalance, B vitamin deficiencies, high tryptase, sometimes high white cells & food intolerances.

If anyone has any suggestions please help.

I'm usually a very strong, vivacious woman but this has reduced me to not wanting to go on. I'm existing not living. Predominantly due to my cognitive function getting so bad & not recognising where I am half the time.

Many thanks,

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    Just a shot could you have aquiered Lymes infection?  Where were you when things started up.


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      Hi thanks for yr reply.

      Lyme has definitely been considered & definitely possible as heloped care for injured wold life for awhike many covered in ticks. I dont recall any bites tho. I had the test but was negative.

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      I've been trying to get a spect scan or some other functional brain scan under the advise of a medical professional friend of mine. But it seems so hard to get one.

      I hope yre doing better!

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    Hi Mandy. I don't know where you're located, but I am in the United States. I am recovering from a brain aneurysm which blew up in my head which then becomes a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage. You need to get a brain scan asap. A CT scan and an MRI.
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      Hi sorry to hear you've been so unwell.

      I had a head mri earlier in the year which was normal. Didn't have anywhere near the amount of pain & symptoms then as I do now though.

      Hope yre recovering,

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    have you had your cortisol levels checked x
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      Yeah had a 24 hour saliva test that showed two high levels and two normal. Was sent to endocrinology & they did a special test where I took medication and had blood taken the next morning. That one was normal so endocrine Dr left it at that. But my naturopath is arguing that the 24 hr test is more accurate as measures several times a day. So unsure who to believe lol I don't have cushings symptoms.

      Thanks for your reply ☺

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  • Posted are the first person to describe my symptoms...only mine is on the right side! After many doctors having no clue...and doing my own research (from my own personal observations)...I am absolutely convinced it is an over population of Demodex. They are in the scalp, eye lashes, nasal passages, ears, in the pores of our faces ( causing rosacea and acne)...and they will burrow into the nipples and infest the breasts...bringing all their bacteria with them. I have cleared up my face by washing them off 2x daily with a tea tree soap and using baby wipes to clean my lashes. However it is impossible to completely rid them by washing. I kill thousands of them every am & pm....and they just keep coming because everyone in the household has them (the guys don't seem to care). Doctors seem to avoid the topic...and make you feel crazy...or some will try to say they are harmless. BS! I truly feel they are very dangerous to sensitive people, and cause a myriad of problems. If you are nearsighted, you can actually see the more mature (white specks) without your glasses...but most people are unaware of  them. It may appear as dandruff in the brows or lashes or on the roots of your hair. They do go down into the duct glands of the nipples where you can't see them, but you can maybe feel a tickly/itchy/crawly sensation. Ivermectin will kill them, and I hear it is safe. I know some will think I'm nuts...but just wanting to helpsmile
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