Please help! Constant headaches for 10 weeks that vary in pain!

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Hello I'm a 29 year old male, who up until 10 weeks ago was healthy , active at the gym , however does smoke 15 a day (which even so shouldn't be doing this)

One day I started to get a slight sense of dizziness followed by a headache. I have had headaches in the past , but normally a pint of water and couple of paracetamol is enough to ease it. The pain then got much worse for the next 2 weeks, violent headaches on both sides of head , sometimes waking me up. I tried codene , ibuprofen , paracetamol , everything. Eventually went to the doctors. I have had a CT scan and an MRI scan , both come back clear. I have had my eyes tested , perfect vision. I have been tested for gluten allergy and all clear. I have also had iron levels checked , no cause for concern. After the violent headaches passed after 2-3 weeks , I have had a daily headache since , when I wake up in the morning it's there without fail at the back of my head , normally either side of my crown. Also these headaches sometimes shift to behind my eye. However the daily headaches are mainly back of my head! I have migraines a lot more frequently where I can't stand light of loud noise. I have also had acupuncture and tension relief massages on my neck and back. I'm losing my mind!! I don't feel myself atall , very depressed about it all and thinking very negative thoughts daily ! Doctors fob you off with pills. I am now on naproxen which sometimes does ease it off , but not for long ! It would be very re assuring if someone else has developed this completely out of no where and also baring in mind all major stuff has apparently been ruled out , what my next step should be. The NHS In England is very stretched and it seems it's easier for them to just say "take more pills" which in fact isn't getting to the bottom of the problem. Thank you in advance for any replies

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    I suffered from these for over 3 years. Severe headaches on both sides of my head and neck pain along with severepressure in my face. I would throw up white foam in the mornings, have extremely bad eye floaters, and sometimes random rashes in my body. Had multiple MRI's and Cat scans on my head, came back normal. Numerous blood tests and eye tests that came back normal. Had an upper endoscopy where they went in my stomach and came back normal. Had ultra sounds of my thyroid, kidney, and abdominal and also came back normal.

    I was told I suffer from depression, tension headaches, bad anxiety and prescribed Xanax, ambien, Valium. I finally did my own research and self-diagnosed myself.

    I highly recommend seeing an ENT and getting a cat scan done of your sinus cavity. I suffer from Sphenoid sinusitis and I'm finally having surgery on 1/12/17. You can only diagnose this problem with this cat scan. I also think it definitely has to do with smoking. I highly recommend to stop smoking in the mean time as well.

    I continue to reply to people in these threads because it quite literally ruined my life for 3 years. Luckily I had great health care but I also know some people aren't as fortunate as I am.

    Best of luck and hope this helps!!

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      I agree!  I am having sphenoid sinus surgery on Dec 28th due to headaches!  We shall see.  Prayers for all who suffer with no explaination~
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    My chronic daily headaches aldo started with persistent dizziness and i have taken 2 MRIs which are clear.

    I have seen 14 doctors to date and spend a fortune on a barrage of tests (blood tests, Xray, and even an upper endoscopy which shows mild gastritis).

    May i know how does your headache presents itself? 

    Do you have dizziness with it? 

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    Thank you both for your replies.

    In regards to getting a scan done of Sinus cavity , I just assumed a standard MRI of my full head would pick up sinus problems ? Or was I just being naive ? Thank you though I'm open to all options.

    My headaches present itself in different ways which is why it's frustrating. I have had dizziness with it but that eased off. The first doctor diagnosed me with vestibular migraines ". I wasn't having any of it to be honest. There's so many confusing things said. Someone said to me chocolate could all of a sudden wiped me out for 10 week of an allergy.

    The first 2-3 weeks was horrific. Wiped out , falling asleep by 6.30pm most nights. The head pain was agony both sides. That major attack seemed to have passed but ever since then I have had a constant headache for 8 weeks including now as I type. The top back of my head hurts daily , and lower neck and top of my head , basically all over.

    If I dig my thumb into where it hurts you can feel it's full of pressure , tension feels like a bruise as I push it... The constant weight on my head makes me feel tired all time.

    I don't know if it's linked but it's triggering off migraines to. I'm sleeping around 6-7 hours a night which isn't to bad ?

    They tried me on amitrypryline (excuse my spelling) however this made me feel even worse like a major hangover so I soon stopped that.

    I don't know if I'm being stubborn or I'm just inexperienced with it , but I refuse to believe you can have months , years even in some of your cases , without an underlying cause. I had no major stress in my life at the time of this attack and the only thing getting me to over think now is these headaches. I wish you both well with your health for the future and thank you for trying to help

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      A standard MRI Brain scan will be able to check your sinuses.

      If the Radiologist has an idea of what you are experiencing most likely he/she will pay more attention to the part of the brain in question; ie sinus.

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      That's completely false. You need to see an ENT and get a cat scan of your sinus cavity. Not all sinus problems can be detected from an MRI or Cat Scan of your brain.

      Best of luck

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