please help - Crohn's? IBS? Ovarian Cyst?

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Hi everyone

Sorry to bother you all I have been suffering with the following symptoms which have worsened over the past three weeks I've been in and out of a&e,GP and urgent care no one knows what the problem is I'm currently waiting for an endoscopy and scan but I'm scared feel so unwell and in pain. I would be grateful for any advice please I keep missing time of work and feel fed up sad here's my symptoms

* very swollen stomach

* stabbing sore pain in left side of tummy and back

* vomiting


*no periods for 6 weeks plus

*get full very quick after eating

* very painful during intercourse but never thought anything of it

*according to my abdo X-ray I'm very constipated even though I pass normal stools daily so had no idea

*some black stools not many though a couple

*some pale stools

*some mucus

Sorry for the grim details all my blood tests have been normal other than vitamin d deficiency I also have an underactive thyroid but had it for years and being treated with thyroxine

Thanks for listening xxx

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    Sorry to hear that you feel so poorly. No wonder you feel down!

    It's so frustrating when you have to keep explaining how you feel over and over to different doctors..

    I'm not qualified to tell you what's wrong but my gut feeling (sorry - I couldn't help myself 😃) is that it sounds like you are quite literally bunged up.

    The swollen stomach, pale & dark stools and mucus suggest this to me. I know it is possible to be severely constipated and still have some form of bowel movements. I worked with a guy who experienced similar symptoms (apart from the period thing, obviously) and tests showed he was only constipated on one side. Weird!

    I hope you get your scan and other tests sorted quickly so that you can find the exact cause and receive prompt treatment.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful!

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Take care! X


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    Im sorry youre feeling so unwell.

    Hopefully your scans will come through soon.

    When theres no room down below, due to being bunged up, it does make you feel full and sick.

    Mucus is produced in every ones belly and doesnt always 'mean' anything.

    If you dont feel well, go back to your docs x

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    I'm 7I1 and have ended up in A E. so many times endoscopy tissue samples. You name it had it. Blood tests normal Now under gastric consultant another as other useless. Have had everything you describe but my over right side observations I dint have periods my age but in 2013 had appendixes removed far from making right sided pains better and stomach problems worse. If your worried re your ovaries there you would get pain.on.right where I have never on left only mild. My derverticular is scattered It's not significant but I do have derverticular disease. Instead doing a endoscopy which only looks part your small bowel. Why havnt they taken stool samples ti rule out Chrones because in my stool samples my carotid.levels are. high 600 which indicated more likely to be Chrones other than IBS. I was hospilised with black stools over a year ago Why oh why are they putting you through a endoscopy when ruling out Chrones first by several stool tests. 0n Monday I have to have a camera in my body which will investigate my small bowel for Chrones. You don't give your age but if your worried by your ovaries ask for a Ct scan to rule out. As my pain on.right Even my Gastrointestinal consultant hasn't ruled out yet.! Reason.I get alot of cysts just pop up in my breasts everywhere. Also constant urine infections as a genius problem. Lastly are you sure nit pregnant as well as missed periods? HAVE THEY TESTED YOUR URINE. Will keep you posted re my camera test for Chrones. I get mucus my stools and cramps and have to rush to toilet diarrhoea without warning Another symptom Chrones is you can.feel faint feverish and have bouts shivering feeling very cold even when weather is hot. P's please lask for your stools You don't have to bleed alot be in pain although I was with black stools which comes from ulceration inflammation.They take ti much notice about bloods ALL MINE WHERE FINE AND STILL WAS IN.EXCRUTIATING PAIN.PS IM A X NURSING ASSISTANT GOOD LUCK AND ASK FOR STOOL TESTS BEFORE THEY EVEN THINK GIVING YOU A ENDESCIPY EVEN A CT SCAN IN THE LONG RUN.THET ARE WASTING MONEY ENDING UP IN.AE ENDESCOPY OTHER VEFORE THEY LOOK FOR THE SIMPLE REASONS GRR.
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    Apologies in pain observed I'm not 711 lol also meant say Gyni. problems I put genius. Also it's Caritin levels in.stools I think can't remember exact spelling but it signifies pin points Chrones. More easily.
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      Hi Melekie

      Thanks for your kind messages, I'm 25, I'm not pregnant they've done 3 pregnancy tests and tested my urine. My endoscopy is booked for this Monday they've taken a stool sample but not told me the results 😕. I don't know what's wrong the pain is in my lower back and lower stomach quadrant but no sign of my ultrasound yet. Good luck with your investigation on Monday too please keep me posted thank you for your support best wishes xx

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      Ask about Calprotectin levels in your stools that's what it's called mines quite. high 600 this shows high when you have Chrones Also at of day a Ct scan would been cheaper with all the admissions to AE and hospitalisation. regards my care for the NHS.!! sometimes,the,long way round for diagnosis is not the best a endoscopy only reaches your large bowel and only a small part of small bowel..Hope this makes sense not like the message I sent this morning when fed up and in.pain.To a earlier comment by someone else yes you can have mucus in.stools but if you have derverticular and pass really black stools that's old blood from obviously inflammation.and possible ulcerations in the bowel. All I know is that when. happened to me worst pain ever when passed black stools xxx

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      Thanks Bong tried to message earlier but didn't send I was so scared but was ok don't remember the procedure at all lol. They said that my results where normal want me to give a stool sample think possibly Crohn's or ovaries which is what was thought before anyway so not much further ahead. Have to go to lady doc next week for investigation for ovary side of things and then see another doc in outpatients about possible Crohn's so back to square one really but least it ruled out ulcer or bleeding thanks for your support xx
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      Glad you got on OK with the test. It's a bit daunting when you don't know what to expect..

      Sorry to hear that you're still none the wiser but hope you're feeling a bit better? 

      Also hope that you don't have to wait too long for the outpatient appointment. 

      I had surgery on 31st March (Ileostomy reversal) & was told I'd be seen for a   'follow up' appointment with the surgeon 6 weeks later. The first appointment was for 7th July - but they cancelled that and the new one is on 13th October. 

      Glad I'm not holding my breath, lol!


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      I. had dummy capsule tracker that disintegrates. yesterday may 10th if doesn't pass through my small bowel. this afternoon.have ti go for exray to see if passed because if hasn't will not be able to have real camera tracker They do a dummy run to see if blockage to small bowel or narrowing of. Hope it's passed because really need the camera procedure ti Identify Chrones in.small bowel.. I'm still wondering about my ovaries as Im very susceptible to cysts Only end this year multiple ones appeared gave me pain my breasts more found. Although my problem pain cramping diarrhoea through derverticular disease doesn't seem.just that because hospitilised last year with stomach bleed black stools and. chronic terrible pain. Think it's a long process of ilimination but just wish had done stool samples earlier and they must actually seen the stool samples 18 months ago that must showed Calprotectin levels if 600 high now it's high and would further given the medical doctors consultants shorley GIVE. A GREAT BIG QUESTION MARK,," HEY " THIS PATIIENT NEEDS TESTS FOR CHRONES !! . AND NOT JUST A ENDESCOPY LAST YEAR OF WHICH DOES NOT REACH ALL OF THE SMALL BOWEL!!! TTHATS TWO ONE IN 2014. One In 2015 and One Ctt scan. which showed abnormalities. Even if I get this camera procedure still have to take the solution.yet again before to clear my bowel. They only let me know yesterday!! I Just think what a waste NHS money not looking for the simple stool test.and putting me through he'll and back as a patient Sorry had enough. Looks like they may put you through a camera test for Chrones then Just like to know. Have they checked your stools for Calprotectin levels if high over 600 why haven't they told you. Good luck x
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    Hi Laureate20

    i can help with the endoscopy .  It's not as bad as they would have you believe.  The worst is taking he medicine the night before so just make sure you have access to the bathroom.  Hard as it is to drink it all. Do try hard so you and the surgeon  get the best pictures.  The actual procedure is easier than you think.  Going to the dentist is much worse and you survived that.  Good luck with the rest.  Sure you will find some relief hope it is soon.



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