Please help!!!! GERD, Reflux Oesophagitis, Gastritis

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Hi guys 

My name is William O' Shea, I am a 27 year old male.I would like to ask your advice to how I should proceed.  About 7 months ago I started suffering from acid reflux and burning pain in my abdomen, with some mild nausea. 

My symptoms are:

Burping and flatulence


Burning sensation in chest everyday

Sometimes abdominal pain

Lump in throat and dryness in the throat when I wake in the morning.

Tests done:

Blood tests: all normal including CA19-9 and Liver tests

Endoscopy which diagnosed: GERD with esophagitis, Hiatal hernia with GERD and esophagitis

CT Scan:Came back normal


Prilosec and Rantidine (1 in the morning and 1 at night)

Also I take Mylantra to help ease the burning during the day. It does not help really

I am also attending a Functional doctor who has me on the following medication:

Liquorice drops

Protein supplement

Nutrient supplement



Living clay

Spanish root

Slippery elm.

I am at the end of my wits this has been going on for 7 months. I am terrified that my esophagus will be damaged and that I will get esophageal cancer. I had a 33 year old cousin  who died just 11 months ago from this who may have suffered from reflux when younger.

Do you think I am at risk of developing Esophageal cancer? I had my endoscopy in November. Should I be worried how long does it take to develop esophageal cancer?

My Gastroenterologist  also has me on anxiety medication becuase he hopes it might settle my stomach. 

I am really concerned about taking all these medications, I would just be happy for any advice. I have tried a lot of different remedies including apple cider and chewing gum. Nothing seems to make a difference.

I would be so grateful for any help or insight.


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    Hi William

    I suffer from acid reflux which has got worse so understand how you feel.  However, I think you should address all your concerns to your doctor. He/she should be able to answer all your questions and put your mind at rest.  Sorry can’t help any further.  Hope you get sorted soon.

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    I was having a lump in throat, tiredness, gas pains through out, headaches, mood swings, swollen glands, etc for about 5 months up in I started cutting dairy and gluten out my diet, those are the two causes for reflux I noticed. So many people have recovered with your symptoms. Just try it for two weeks it's easy.. chicken, steak, burgers, vegetables, some fruits still try and stay away from acidics until healed partially but yeah cut those two out and for your milk substitute try soy, almond or coconut

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    Hi William,


    Sorry to hear all your symptoms aren’t budging despite all the medications you’re taking.


    Have you changed your diet and elimated all foods which can trigger acid reflux? 

    Don’t eat pastries, cakes, fatty foods, spicy foods, fried foods in fact all the things that most of us live to eat!!

    Don’t drink highly acid drinks like Coca Cola or those that contain caffeine.

    I had many of your symptoms and went on a super healthy diet. 

    Chicken, fish, salads, vegetables, de-caffeinated green tea with honey, loads of fresh fruits and low fat yogurt.

    My symptoms gradually diminished and I also stopped taking medications once my symptoms stopped.

    I didn’t miss all the “banned” foods because I was determined to get better ASAP. 


    Did you have a test checking whether you were positive for Helicobacter Pylori

    I wish you well.

    Good luck


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    Hi guys

    Thank you so much for your helpful responses. I really appreciate you guys taking the time and patience to help me. I have reduced my diet a lot. Most days, I just millet or oatmeal for breakfast with alkaline fruits. For lunch I have sweet potato and egg or some fish and then butternut squash soup for dinner. I also have a alkaline vegetable and fruit juice which I make myself in the morning so I can get my nutrients and vitamins. I also drink chamomile and ginger tea throughout the day. I do take goats yogurt and some sprouted grain bread so maybe I should eliminate those? What do you think guys? Changing my diet has brought some relief but not much.  I did have the gluten test and it came back negative. My gastroenterologist thinks it will go with time hopefully over the next 6 months he is slow to do anymore tests because he says I have been through a lot already. The only thing I fear it has been so long already, I am just worried about long term damage or it causing cancer.

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    Any other suggestions or tips from you guys I would greatly appreciate
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    Hi William, your message just about sums up my theories and suspicions regards acid reflux, acid reflux is supposed to mean to much acid!!!!  So why are they giving you liquorice, digestion Enzyme etc, its a contradict move! Google low stomach acid? And read the simple baking soda powder test, and do it, then make your mind up, one way or the other? What's the Anxiety meds your on. Martin. 

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    Hi Frederick

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to reply. I will try the low stomach acid test.  I am lexapro anxiety tablets. Doctor hopes they will settle down my stomach.

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    Apologies Frederick, I mean thank you Martin
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      High William, from personal experience, and a life long sufferer from anxiety, big time, so sorting out physical symptoms from phantom pain is difficult for me, a word of sound advice, on the so called anti Anxiety meds? The one you take targets depression, and Anxiety?????  2,3,4,5th if at all! They put me on Diazepam over 20 years ago now! And now they are saying I'm an addict, ie tried to come off it slowly, but failed. Doctors get paid for peddling pills, the longer you take that medicine the more your dependency be comes. 

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      i was a long time user of benzodiazepines and weened myself off of them about three years ago. I would advise you to see a good addiction specialist that can help you taper.

      valium is one of the diazapines that has the longest half life and that is good in one way and not so good on another. For me I was switched from 4mgs of lorazepam daily to 10 msg of Valium 4 x per day. I would always stay on that dose for about one to two weeks before lowering the dose by no more than 10%. Sometimes when I made the reduction in dose I would be symptom free sometimes I would suffer withdrawal symptoms such as stomach spasms, cramps, and nausea as well as a very strange like heebe geeby like feeling in the body. If it was too much to bear I would go back up to the last dose. Whenever I had to go back to the higher dose I would stay on that for a week and try the reduction again and it would almost always work. There are times when I ad no withdrawal symptoms when I reduced the dose and other times no such luck. The times I would get withdrawal symptoms they would last between 4 to 7 days with various intensity but most times I would just refuse to give in and after a few days my body would adjust to the lower dose. When you get below 4 MHz per day token up into 4 doses I changed to liquid Valium that was a more accurate method of dosing. When I got down to 2mg per day I went into a detox unit for 5 days and they keep you well medicate through the worst and most intense part of the withdrawal. After that it’s just determination and will power as for a few weeks after detox I would get withdrawal symptoms off and on through the day it never all day so it was bareable and you do get accoustomed to the symptoms. Then one day you notice your symptoms have gone away except for a difficulty sleeping. I went months with sleeping only 2 to 4 hours per night and slowly sleep returns. It takes two years with no bentos before you your brain returns to normal. Good luck.

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      Frank, i'v been on a reduction program for 3 years! 15mg down to 2mg. Then bingo a fit! I'm permanently addicted,  some people can't come off it! Addicted for life! I'v been kept on them over 20 years. 

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    What is the low stomach acid test?
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      Google low stomach acid, and read about the different tests. As usual the most accurate ones this country doesnt do, typical dark ages UK. Home test is baking soda. 

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