PLEASE HELP! GETTING DISTRESSED! I appreciate its long but please😰

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So it may be long and I'm so sorry.

So before Christmas I randomly became ill, every time I ate I got stomach pains and this resulted in me loosing my appetite getting faint ect. went to my doctors and she said I was constipated (even though I was still having bowel movements regularly) so I had laxatives for 2 weeks and everything seemed to get better.

Then around 11 weeks later it came back, again eating gave me pains, made me feel sick, lost my appetite, phoned my doctor and put me back on laxatives! Also had a cough that I couldn't rid for around 6/7 weeks so was also put on antibiotics. Again it went.

Now again around 11 weeks since it last happened it has returned but a lot more to it! I used to go to the toilet regually once a day and my stools were always consistent. Now however my stools are more balls that contain mucas all the time and now and then bits of fresh blood (but not always) they fluctuate between being soft and hard however I cannot no matter how much I strain pass them untill I physically pull it out (sorry😁) I was going 5/6/7 times a day and my rectal passage was compacted with stools every time I went however now I go sometimes 3,4/5 sometimes not at all for days!😩 but I constinatly feel the need to go!

along with loss of appetite, stomach pains after eating ect I now eat food and 9/10 it causes wind and then for it to come back up into my mouth😷.

As well as this I am also getting abdominal pains on my left side mostly bottom but can move upwards but I also get it on my right lower side and can get it near my navel, it's so hard to describe because it doesn't feel like anything I have felt before, so I'm going to refer it to like a fireball like a burning but also feel like it's expanding if that makes sense. I have been to my doctors and my stomach was tender he said it was swollen and put me on omeprazole and sominax but anything that makes the stool softer makes it harder to pass because it's to soft for me to pull out so I stopped he then put me on microlax and when I push that out it's with blood and lots of mucas always. Some days I can be ok, other days I really struggle, especially from fatigue.

Can anyone help with just a clinch at what this could be? I am awaiting bloods and then should be being referred to a specialist but I feel like this is a long painful road for someone who sometimes can't eat or pass stools and really would like to know what I'm looking at.

Also I have had lower back pain usually on the right which was persistent for 3 weeks and now is on/ off could this be related or separate issue?

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    Have you told your doctor that you have blood and mucus in your poo cos that cannot be normal,if you can't go to the toilet and have stomach pains maybe you could have a blockage somewhere,I think you will find your answers when you go see the specialist
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      Yes my doctor knows that, I have bowel movements as when I go to the toilet I can feel stools in my rectum but can't push them out, also when I pull them out (I don't have a choice) I can feel more there but can't move them down, also last time I went to my doctor he said it sound as if my muscles are not working properly? Anybody any ideas to this? Hopefully I will get my answers it's just distressing on days like today
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    Hi Jessica - has your doctor referred you to a specialist as it seems to be dragging on too long. Not sure what it is. I had lower abdominal pain, a very tender tummy, stomach cramps behind my naval, bloating within a few minutes of eating, retching and alternative diarrehea and constipation but NO bleeding. Had Gastroscopy last week and diagnosed with a Hiatus Hernia and gastritis - now waiting for biopsy and CT scan results. I was advised by my specialist to have a very light, soft diet until my results. Also have always eaten a high fibre diet but advised to alternate between a low/high fibre diet to see which settles my tummy. Good luck
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      Hi, I have not been referred yet but do have a doct appointment Thursday which I should get blood results but it has been suggested that I be referred especially for scans but has not gone that far as of yet as apparently I have to be referred to a specialised who decides whether to have scans done, my diet mainly consistes of Special K or a quassont for bfast, I work in a nursery so usually have one of their dinners depend on what on so it is always healthy, fruit when I can and then little bits at night whatever I can stomach my that time, not had 3 full meals in around 3/4 weeks, if I have a full meal I can't finish it and I can't eat for the pain the rest of the day. So I'm unsure if this is my stomach or my bowels which is the problem or if they are separate or linked issues. Feel as if the doctors are being a little laid back about it tbh.
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      Yes agree - chase your doctor to see a specialist once you get blood results - good luck - yes small meals are good as I get full and bloated so easily and then start retching. Love to hear how you get on.
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      l also agree it sounds a bit drastic whats happening with you, particularly the bowel problems, l had debilitating nausea and loss of appetite, along with bloating, discomfort, twinges of pain, and usual ibs symptoms, got referral and scope showed gastritus.  Yours sounds more like a bowel problem, with inflammation, which could be a few things that affect the bowel, and l agree that it sounds like your gp is being a bit laid back, hopefully your blood results will prompt them to refer you for appt asap,

      but sometimes there is a waiting list for weeks, you could rush it along by paying to go private for initial consultation, its not cheap, think about 25o, but worth it if your distressed and ill with it, just  to get to see specialist within a week or so, get diagnoses and treatment. l also have light diet, eat little day time, drink plenty and small snack, light meal early evening

      pots, veg, fish or chicken, never eat till getting full feeling, Good luck

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      Hi, Thankyou for your reply

      Annoyingly my bloods have come back normal and my doctor put at note saying ( no action required) which has infuriated me as if she is applying that I am fine, when I know in myself im not!

      I have all those symptoms as well as my bowels and over the past two days heaving and sometimes vomiting after food.

      I have my doctor Thursday however so I'm just going to have to wait till then

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    Hi, I've been suffering the same for at least two months! I've seen different doctors in my practice and the most recent visit resulted in yet another CT scan and a two day stay in hospital! Scans are negative, bloods fine so the next thing is a colonoscopy and I think they are starting at the wrong end! I have no problem with BM but I have to be careful not to push or strain because I gave myself Diverticular disease and that is very unpleasant when it becomes diverticulitis. Please look it up on Google. I had to relearn how to pass a BM all over again, ie stop straining, sit on the loo with your legs up on tiptoe and lean right back against the cistern. This is apparently the best and most natural way and it has worked for me. They are even designing toilets to put you in that position.

    Do a lot of research and try to help yourself, most doctors seem to lose interest eventually. My next step will be private and I don't mind having to pay, shove it on the credit card lol. Hope you feel better soon.

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      Hi, thankyou for your reply

      My bloods have also come back normal, doctor added a not saying (no action needed) I'm not sure what that's ment to mean but I'm not fine so I will be going back, obviously much to her annoyance!

      I currently cannot afford private as an option😞 I have done lots of research but am litrally at a loss.

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      I had blood tests first to check for anything sinister but like yours came back negative. Keep badgering your doctor as you are not feeling any better but worse and if they say no, ask for a second opinion -- you are entitled to. Alternatively if you feel really ill and are getting worse by the day - go to A & E - they can't turn you away and you will see a triage nurse who will assess you and pass you on to the best person to see you. Hope this is of help
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      Hi Jess,

      You had bloodworks and stool sample (hemoccult) all came back negative? Yeah, you should ask for a specialist right away, for colonoscopy. I had abdominal issues too but not to that extent. I have bm 1-3times per day, sometimes the 3rd bm will have some kind of loose yellow mucus but not attach to a stool. My bm size and color varies from day to day, most often in a soft side from light brown to dark brown. I don't really strain unless i'm having a bad bm like a diarrhea. Please Keep us posted here for results smile would love to read your experiences.

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    It means they've given up, same as mine. You need a referral to a Gastroenterologist at your local hospital. If doctor doesn't want to see you, ask for a phone appointment and ask her to arrange the referral. Also, you could try a different doctor if your surgery has more than one. That's what I did. Fingers crossed 
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    I also have a very slow bowel because I have suffered with constipation for several years.I was given drugs called prucalopride for this problem maybe you could ask your doctor for his opinion on this.Hope this helps
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    So I went back to the doctors today had to see a different doctor because of work. Had to re go through everything and she looked at me as if she didn't belive me, she tried to give me fibre sachets which were to loosen my stool even after me telling her anything that loosens my stool makes it worse so I refused these. I have one doctor saying one thing, 3 saying I need a referral but because my bloods came back clear she didn't seem to think there was a need and she was happy to put it down to IBS. I have however made her give me a referal to get a more specalised opinion due to the different opinions on what it may be that I have. So no closer to answers,have I done the right thing arguing for a referal? anyone opinions on this being ibs? I have a couple of friend with it and they have never experienced half of what I am getting, could I just have a bad case or is this more.
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      l think you did the right thing in insisting on seeing a specialist, hope you get appt soon.  lve had ibs for years, and know were all different in severity of it, and dont think mines bad up to others, for me its more just not going for a few days, then a sense of urgency and maybe going 2 or 3 times in a day, guess when the bowel goes into spasm.

      Yours sounds quite drastic, there are other bowel conditions that can cause bad symptoms, like colitus, crohns, ceoliac, but there might be others reply who have symptoms as bad with ibs. But if definetly needs looking at by a specialist and scope.  Hope youve not to wait long. 

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      I would be happy if it was simply IBS but I feel it may be a little more, time will tell, I don't think it would be chrones as I would assume inflammation would show up on blood tests? Thankyou!
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      Hi Lynne,

      Have you had it checked out? What are your symptoms?

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