Please help! I have googled myself out lol

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Of course I have googled and now have diagnosed myself with 3 types of cancer. 😦 I am concerned my symptoms are gallbladder related.

This first happened about a month ago. I was eating pizza (a high fat food obviously) and about 30 mins or so later I had this pain that felt like it was in the center between my ribs. Honestly it felt like really bad indigestion at first. I took Tums and nothing helped. It kept getting worse. I ended up forcing myself to sleep with some Benadryl. I woke up and pain was gone. However the next day I had pale stools and dark urine and itchy skin. But my eyes didn't seem yellow. Which only lasted for a day and then all returned to normal. Well I've ate fatty stuff since then but it doesn't happen every time. But I had it happen again yesterday. I ate a fatty meal (I should stop being a fatty lol) and again had the gnawing burning pain between my ribs (maybe slightly right side more ) and nothing relieved it so I went to bed. Woke up and again I have dark urine and pale stools but no more pain. What gives ?? Am I dying of liver cancer ? Do I have gallstones that are getting "stuck" after I eat a fatty meal? But it doesn't happen after every fatty meal. Why just some ? Any insight would be so wonderful. Or if someone has had a similar experience

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    Your symptoms may be gallbladder related.  However, some symptoms that you're using as a means of self-diagnosis, such as yellowing of the whites of your eyes don't happen unless the liver is significantly distressed.  Also, though you may be eating fats, you may not be eating the same types of fats.  

    Though others on this site could tell you that their symptoms of gallbladder disease were similar to yours, the best thing to do would be to go to a doctor--a gastroenterologist would be well able to diagnose and treat you.

    Best of luck, and let me know how you get on!

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    So sorry to hear about your pain-it's never nice...

    Was the pain radiating to your right shoulder blade? If it was then this is a sure sign of it being gallbladder-related.

    The symptoms seem to point towards gallstones but the pain is usually more on the right side.

    I too had the same and it was at random times and no predicting exactly what would set it off-I didn't have the urine and stools problem but I believe this can also be a symptom.

    Whatever it is though it needs looking at do definitely go and get it checked out and insist on having a scan as soon as they can fit you in as this is the only 100% method of diagnosing gallstones.

    I'm not a doctor, just someone who has recently had their painful gallbladder taken out!

    Good luck with everything and step away from google - lol!


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    The best thing about gallstones is that it isn't cancer... and that it is easily fixed once you get past the hurdles of getting a diagnosis and then getting the surgery.

    It's not necessarily tied to a fatty meal, just that fat causes the duct to deliver more bile, in turn causing the gallbladder to add to the flow. Gallstones may go down, get stuck, go through, come up again, all sorts of variations. And they don't have to be big to cause massive pain.

    My very first attack in 2000 was after a large pizza.. for 16 years I thought I had had food poisoning. I didn't have another attack until a couple of years ago, then one eyar and then more frequently after being told it was IBS, until finally getting diagnosed with gallstones and having the surgery a couple of months ago.

    Yes, your symptoms sounds like gallstones.. yes, do whatever you can to get an official diagnosis, and then do whatever you can to get it sorted. Save yourself a lot of pain and get onto it as soon as you have another attack. Don't sit around home suffering. Get into A&E and get tested right then and there. It's no use going to a GP after the fact when the tests won't be positive anyway. I'm banging on drums here to save you a lot of terrible pain.

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    Hello, you have stressed yourself out. Firstly you should make an appointment with your doctor and ask for an ultra sound. Secondly DO cut down on fatty foods as this appears to be irritating your gallbladder. I noticed that you said that it didn't give you pain after every fatty meal. That was the case with my husband,he would eat something and it would give him pain and then on another occasion after eating same thing it wouldn't.However,you need to have confirmation via ultrasound for your own piece of mind. The thing about googling or looking in medical books you can convince yourself that you are seriously ill, when infact after a simple op to whip out the gallbladder will get you back to normal in no time.Stop googlingbiggrin

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    Thank you guys for your responses! I know I need to get to the doc or go to the ER next time it happens. I was just kind of looking for some peace of mind for the time being. THanks!smile

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    Just go to the gp and tell him your symptoms and ask for a gb scan if your gal bladder has stones they should show up . You don't have to wait fir the next attack .

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    Google is terrible for scaring yourself .

    Whilst some people say fatty food doesn't effect them it does have an effect on a lot of others so to give yourself a bit of a break just ease up the fatty food dairy more so.

    Get to your GP or A&E if you need to as the tests will show something more than likely GB related everybody is different so everyone has slightly different things about them that have the symptoms effecting them differently even if only slightly in some variants.

    Don't panic yourself but one thing with the GB once it starts playing up it rarely stops on its own!!

    Get peace of mind from your GP & get better soon x

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