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I was diagnosed with gastritis a couple of months ago, I had symptoms of left upper abdominal pain (like a tight sqeezing sensation where my actual stomach is) I also was suffering with very bad nausea which has calmed down this past week or so. I had burning in the stomach, hunger pains and generally just feeling weak and unwell. This morning I woke up to very bad cramps in the stomach, and felt like I needed a number two. I have been constipated since Monday though I think that is due to the ranitidine I've been taking to calm acid reflux down while I wait for an ultra sound. I went to the toilet and had a number two which was like small dark little black balls, which didn't relive my pain. I wiped and looked and there was blood on the tissue which resulted in to me panicking thinking I was bleeding from the bottom but turns out it is my period. This period is very strange to my others (awful lower abdomen plain, plus my gastritis stomach pain) pooping more. (The constipation is gone) feeling so nauseas and I was cooking at night and got really hot and dizzy I had to sit down and breathe heavily my head felt very pressured and hearing went weird. I don't know if this is down to me losing a lot of blood as it is a very heavy period! I've read online that gastritis and the time of the month don't go to well together. I just please need advice on how to soothe these feelings and feel better so that I can sleep! It's 5am I woke up from my sleep at 3:30am haven't been able to get back to sleep. I'm in a lot of pain, I live on my own I'm a 20 year old female.. I can't take this pain! VERY VERY bad backache to.

Is this defiantly my period? I'm not bleeding dangerously am I? Nothing to worry about? I worry and stress about being poorly, no idea why. I suffer with anxiety which I don't take meds for as I can usually control it (unless I turn VERY poorly then all I do is over think, cry and feel sorry for myself) which I hate doing!

Thank you for taking your time to read and reply to me.

Jade :-)

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    Would also like to add that I used to weight ten stone about 2 months ago, I have dropped two stone since then as I now weight 8 stone. I'm very worried :-(

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    Hello Jade,

    First please stop stressing. I know it is easier said than done, but that is the first step to controlling your symptoms.

    Stress will make it worse and the negative thoughts will not help you either.

    Go to the doctor. Regarding your pain and or ob gyn.regarding your symptoms.

    Have some test done to see what is going on with your body. But please think positive and say to yourself I am thankful, grateful, happy, healthy and blessed.

    Believe me your mind is the key to you feeling better. Please stop stressing for nothing until you know what your diagnosis is. Your body is responding to your stress and anxiety level.

    I wish you good health on your health journey.😇?. You will be ok believe that.

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      Hello sonji16627..

      I have sent a stool sample off waiting for results of h.ployri and also I have an ultrasound booked for the 7th November. I do suffer with healthy anxiety.. I know stress makes symptoms worse my mum tells me off all the time for stressing! It is so hard not to stress and become depressed because I have been poorly for over 6 months now and the doctors don't really seem to care! I don't really like taking over the counter medications such as paracetamol, ibuprofen etc etc unless I really need to and still sometimes I won't take them!

      Thank you for your reply I very much appreciate it!

      Jade :-)

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    Hello there I too was diagnosed with gastritis a couple months ago and yes periods and gastritis do not work well together I have excruciating cramps and it is unbearable so I feel ur pain. So for the gastritis I am on some meds can't pantaprazole generic for protonix works great relieves pain and I'm usually able to eat regularly now maybe you should see GI and talk about it this could be an option for you as well only side effect is a Lil drowsiness. Now the burning in ur stomach could be GERD same as me I take nexium works great also calms my stomach right down immediate relief. As far as ur period goes yes heavy flow is normal and the blood ur losing is not of that running through ur veins it's specifically from the lining of ur uterus, so no worries there. Hope this has helped if you have any questions feel free to ask I am a 34 yr old female and I well educated in the medical field that's how I make my living so you can trust what I tell you my suggestions are just that but what I said about ur period and the burning in ur stomach I'm 100% certain on that. Good luck I know what ur going through.

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      Also I meant to tell you google home remedies to ease menstrual cramps and try some of them I did and found some that works for me not a cure all but helps with nausea and most of all eases the cramps enough so it doesn't effect t everyday living here a couple things I do first don't eat or drink anything extremely cold just cool and also hot beverage is best and what helps me most is a heating pad and a bath as hot as I can possibly stand it and that brings me the most relief

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