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Hi Everyone

I wanted someone elses opinion

I have been back and forth to the doctors for well over a year now and no one can tell me what's wrong ive been in pain and so ill for all that time.

Ive just been talking to my family to ask about all their medical history and my great Auntie has said that she had the exact same symptoms as me and was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. The doctors are baffled as i have a weird set of symptoms:

Tiredness (8hours a night of sleep or more and i still fall asleep in the meetings etc), Slurring of words, fuzzy brain, lack of concentration, foregtfullness, inability to pay attention or take in what a person is saying, extreme clumsiness and not being able to control the coordination of my hands, pins and needles in my hands and feet, Dizziness, feeling that im not in control of my body, intolerance to cold, either feeling like im burning up or freezing, Poor focusing, sore throats, choaking fits, dry mouth and skin (i.e psorasis), hair has become lank and lifeless, bad skin...spotty, weakness in my limbs, bad balance, immense pain in my joints especially my neck and back, headaches so bad i think my head is going to explode, panic attacks, depression, mood swings and i just about cry at anything on the telly.

I know this is a long list but iv got to a point now where im ready to stand in the middle of the doctors surgery and refuse to move until i have had every test done in the world and its affecting my day to day life.

I was just wondering if anyone thought this would suggest a problem with my thyroid and whether the doctor will think im too young at 22 to be suffering with it and what i should do if it does point towards a thyroid problem.

My great aunt suffered from it at 26.

Would appreciate feedback


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    Hi Lildudette, smile

    I am by no means an expert regarding hypothyroidism, but most of the symptoms you are describing could be linked. I was only diagnosed myself two months ago, after suffering from dizzyness, Extreme tiredness no matter how long I slept, Memory loss and lack of concentration, numbness to arm face and leg, thinning hair, I also have pain in my neck and muscle aches, panic attacks and mood swings( even cried watching Eastenders!!) :oops: and to top it all skin like a brillo pad!

    I ignored all of my symptoms for months as thought it was all down to stress, but after finally going to the Dr found out my thyroid was the problem. Hasn't your Dr tested your thyroid? If not I would suggest you ask for it to be done, doesn't matter what age you are from things I have read children can suffer from hypothyroidism. Hope you get an answer to all your problems soon. :wink:

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    yes each and every one of those i have suffered and im hypothyroid!
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    You are NOT MAD! is the first thing i need to tell you, i have had the same symptoms for over 12 months and been getting worse and worse. My doctor said i was depressed and that is it. I went back and back the doctors said my levels were \"normal\". In the end i refused to leave without anything so he humoured me with 25mg of thyroxine. I went back and asked for a higher dose and he said no so i asked to be referred to Dr xxxx in Birmingham as i had heard he is the best.

    Dr xxxx is brilliant, he spent one and half hours going through my symptons, blood test results and said i have a classic case. I am also anemic, lacking in B12 and wants me tested for diabetes and cortisol levels.

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    I can totally relate to what u r going through. I have had an underactive thyroid for 5 years, I was 37 when it was detected. I had been really ill and ended up in hospital before it was discovered that the thyroid was the cause.

    I took 125mg per day which was decreased 8 months ago due to overactive symptons appearing. For the last 2-3 months I have had similar symptons to u,...........some days felt I was going mad!

    I was always slim, outgoing and full of confidence, but now I have gained weight and have no energy. Most of the symptons u have I suffer too. Unfortunately underactive thyroid can affect the mental and nervous system hence causing the symptons u have described,

    However if ur thyroid is stabilised with proper medication these symptons should subside so I tend to think urs is not under control.

    I have been told that mine is difficult to control as thyroxine increases in doses of 25mg, 125mg makes me slightly overactive yet 100mg makes me underactive.

    Unfortunately in the last 5 years I really havent felt 'normal' or healthy.

    I think its terrible that people with this condition suffer so much from these awful symptons and hope soon that there is better treatment for it.

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    I can really relate to what you are saying and experiencing, I have been ill for 3 years now. I have had all your symptoms, my weight soared from 11 to 16 stone, always tired, never felt like going out, spaced out, depressed, anxiety attacks. Over the last 3 years real bad muscular/skeletal type pains. Different doctors giving different diagnosis, ranging from Chostochondritis to depression, mental disorder making me feel pain when there is nothing wrong. They ended up making my husband feel that I was imagining it all, and suffering from anxiety only.

    I moved house then and went from one health trust to another, and with my records taking so long to cross over, the new doctor did a new set of tests for himself, thinking that I may be suffering from Fibroneuralgia.

    He has now called me back to say that I am suffering from an under active thyroid, and I have been started on medication to right it. It took me a move of home to get this answer, but at last I feel that maybe I can get back the life that I had 3 years ago and start living again.

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    I share all of those symptoms and will be having blood tests soon to find out.

    My family (well my mum) has just decided I am a hypichondriac and there is nothign wrong with me (always good to get support from the nearest and dearest). Hubby is very supportive.

    Best of luck,

    lelly xx

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    Poor you, and I can't understand why it seems to difficult to get this condition diagnosed, it's not as if it's rare. I was lucky - when I went to my GP, all I could say was I felt so ill all the time, it was like the sick feelilng of pregnancy. My mood swings were dramatic, on one occasion I was driving to work and had to turn back because I was overwhelmed with misery, utterly distraught for no reason. Just to make things complicated, I was losing weight because I felt too sick to eat. In spite of this, my GP, saying 'this isn't like you', had me diagnosed with hypothyroidism and on starter dose thyroxine in 3 weeks. That was 8 years ago and I've settled on 125 mcg. daily. My daughter is now going through the same process and I would say to you what I have said to her - persevere until someone in the medical practice identifies the problem, you aren't imagining it and not everyone's symptoms are the same.

    Sandra, Milton Keynes


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