Please help me:(

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Guys please let me know how long the new spots spread during this awful deases ? 

I should expect a few new spots every day for 4-6 weeks? I can not order prreze due to my location sad 

The heraled was appeared 1 month before the spots!  

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    And I got a fresh patch of spots everyday when they began coming out for about a week-10 days so I don’t think you will get new spots for 6 weeks. It’s more that the rash takes about 6 weeks to fully clear. It is very uncomfortable and doesn’t look nice but I forget I had mine now! You will be fine xx
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      Thank you for the response 

      I got the herald spot 23 days befor the rest of spots , 

      It is about 8 days from the day that new spots began coming out and I still see a few spots every day, Im afraid they never stop comin out😩 I have a beach trip ahead o Im totaly disappinted 

      Also Im freaking out when I red some posta which had mentiond that the spots will leave white scar after gone! 

      What the heal it is! If it happens to me I would definitely get heartattack 😞

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      New spots kept appearing for about 10 days in total. Then the rash took another week or so to start drying out and then it gradually healed and faded to dark brown marks which then took a few more weeks to fade. It’s just something you have to put up with and wait until it goes I am afraid xxx
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      Hope mine goes soon

      There is no way out And I just have to be patient,  I took aciclovire for 4 days and it had side effects to me alot 

      I stopped taking and no any other treatment

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    I am sorry to hear that. My daughter got it and it started with an elongated spots which I found it suspect then gradually more and then it was looking like a tree branch. I went to see the pediatrician and he confirmed that it was pityriasis. I gave my daughter aveeno oatmeal bath and it really helped with kind of cool water which made it more harder for me to look at it. It was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It took 2 months to totally clear. Hang in there. The one that she got was spreading to the arms and legs but it is different with each individual. It will go away just the way it came. I ordered preeze for my daughter but knowing her she is very specific so, I only did the oatmeal bath and it calmed the skin. I hope this message brings you some comfort being in the midst of it. 

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      Hi and Thanks a lot for your advise, 

      Pleas let me know how long did new spots appear  during disease? And when did they stop spreading ? 

      After disappeared they left scar or not? 

      I know it takes time to go I know that 

      But I cannot wait to not see them 😞 

      Im afraid they last over 6 weeks                  in additon I dont have access to many brands becuase of embargo against my country

      I feel awful 😭   

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      I am sorry to hear that you feel awful. I felt that way for two months while my daughter had it as I felt helpless and seeing in my great distress more spots appearing.

      I will try to answer your questions the best I can>

      Pleas let me know how long did new spots appear  during disease? 

      It is hard to tell. Each individual is unique. For my daughter, it all started with the suspicious elongated spots and then more appeared the next week then more the following week, then along the arms, then below the bikini lines and legs. I thought I would cry and giving her kind of cold water made the redness of the spots more prominent. After a month and a half, the intensity of the redness of the spots started to become more pink and I started seeing the spots receding. My daughter went to the pool but she wore head to toe swim cover up. Have you seen your dermatologist? The only thing that calmed her body was the oatmeal bath.

      And when did they stop spreading ? It is hard to tell as there were spots everywhere and our dermatologist told us that she had a bad case. I can say that once you start seeing the intensity of the redness becoming more pink; it is a sign of recovery

      After disappeared they left scar or not? no, no scars at all. If it is itching ask your doctor to prescribe a cream that will help you against wanting to scratch yourself to relieve the itch. The key to an easier recovery our dermatologist said is try not to scratch yourself when it is itching.

      Good luck with your recovery!

      I know from experience that it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you are in the midst of it but you will see the light. They also say that getting some sun exposure can help the healling.

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      Could you please tell me how long it took to disappear the scars and what treatment you had for scar removal.


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    I've had them for about 5 weeks since the very first spot and I kept getting new ones right up till they started fading. I've not done anything the last 2 and a half weeks is when I've started to see a difference and all I've changed and been doing is literally

    Drinking more water

    Sunbedding for 9min everyday mon-fri for 2.5 weeks and theyve gone from bright red angry blistry and scabby spots to now faded whitish pinky brown patches and they're fading more every day

    I found on sunbeds though they went really red straight after the sunbed then it was the next morning it was faded so you need to be paitent

    I've also tried not sweating or anything used cool or cold water for showers and I haven't put any kind of creams on them and tried to not have anything rubbing on them so I've had my work trousers undone the last week or so to stop the area getting warm

    I also started taking vitamin c and zinc supplements every morning for the last 2 weeks Aswel

    Those few things have helped more and quicker than any creams I've been using

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      Thanks for the reply

      I wanna know you had pr for 5 weeks since heraled appeared or it took 5 weeks to fade since the rest of  spots appeared ?  


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      No I've had it all in all for 5 weeks first spot came out 5 weeks ago and it's slowly fading still the spots are still there but the texture of my skin isn't raised its just red dry patches at the moment

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    Hey, dont worry, and don't panic!!! i know i sound stupid, but trust me, stressing over this, doesn't help at herald came out in april this year, and it was very small red spot, maybe for 3 weeks. Over night it became hugeee, and with a blink of an eye, my body was coverred 90%, and my face to. DEVASTATING!  Someone on this forum said suntaning helps a lot, and trust me, it does. In my country is summer now, and because i was all coverded with rashes, i wore long sleeve clothes. WRONG ! why? Because my neck and face were the only places in contact with a strong sun, and guess what, magicaly they disapeard within  3 days. So, expose your patches on the sun, as much as you can. I ordered the preeze relief cream, but it hasnt arrived yet, and i have only 10-15 patches left, half dead. I really wish you fast recovery, and trust me, you are not alone smile

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      Mine after 5 weeks hasn't got well yet!

      I have new spots every day and those which have been disappeared , left a light brown scar on my skin! 

      And new ones coming out!

      Im gonna see my boyfriend after 7 months! And I am completely  depressed! 

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      The good news is those brown spots are not scars, they are just skin discolorations, they will fade to skin color within a few weeks. PR will just be a miserable memory!
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      It's bloody annoying I'll tell you that on my inner thighs where I get warm at work they're still red I can't seem to get them to go my tummy still has pinky brown patches on all over aswel. 6 weeks it's been and it's a bloody pain I'll tell you that sadsad

      I miss going to the gym it's getting me depressed now it's just lingering now sadsad

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