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I have been having anxiety with my vision as i started seeing trails and afterimages ever since i had a serious 3 weeks headache and eye strain few months ago. Ever since it stopped,i gained vision problems 😦 at first i was obsessed with my floaters,and after the headache came and went,i was obsessed with afterimages then i googled about it and found out about palinopsia/hppd/visual snow/blue entopthic vision and so on which scared me with all the posibilities I found. I then suddenly started seeing trails and then positive afterimages which im convinced i have palinopsia and now,i am obssessed with my mild static vision (which now i dont care about my trails and afterimages) I dont think its visual snow cuz visual snow you'll see white and black dots all over ur vision 24/7 or even colored ones. On my case,i see vibrating dots? that seem like static in a way? Its like very mild at first but it went away during my time obsessing over my afterimages and trails,it came back recently when i stopped obsessing over it and now its stronger than ever as i somehow see it when i sleep and at daylight UNLESS i focus VERY hard or im very busy,then i barely notice it. Please help me? I cant see the doc cuz my parents wont believe me as i tend to obssess over small things until i developed anxiety 😕 Is it really all anxiety? I really want my old vision back where i dont get bothered by it. I cry everyday knowing it wont get better or i might even go blind or something. I dont wanna live on like this. Please help me. (btw i also see very tiny dots like clusters when i look at a bright screen but it happens rarely) before all this happened i obsessed over my tinnitus for about a year too until it went away/become very silent.

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    Dear Caroline,

    It is understandable that you are going through anxiety when faced with vision problems. It can be a scary feeling when you think that you may need to live with these forever or it may even get worse. I have had eye problems myself for the last 3 months and is slowly coming to terms with it and dealing with it. I have a lot of floaters that I see all the time and sometimes after images as well.

    I also realized that anxiety also plays a part in it. You must find the calm in the storm and control what you can and learn to deal with what you cannot... It is important that you see a doctor (eye surgeon) to ensure you rule out any possible medical conditions and treat what can be treated.

    If there is nothing wrong... your body and mind will slowly adjust to what you must face...

    Us feeling anxious over something does not change the outcome but only rob us of the present moment where we can spend in peace and happiness.

    This may all seem very philosophical but I truly hope that it will help you cope better as I am also a person who worry over little things and google all possible scenarios. But I have come to realize that it is futile...

    Once you come to accept it, things become much more better and even the mind will have more time to help the body to find remedies to make things back to normal.

    All the best and please see an eye surgeon - (they will recommend if you need to see a retina surgeon)

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    Hi Caroline,

    I just want to tell you, I hear you one hundred percent.

    I have suffered from so many weird symptoms over the many... and i have found that , like you, when a "more serious" concern comes along, the thing that was bothering me before tends to lessen or go away. After years of experiencing this, the logical side of me tells me this simply can not be possible. i can not be "dying" of something and then a year later be somehow better but dying of something else.....over and over. Its not that i don't believe my symptoms aren't really happening, its just the pattern... It proves that, as real as it feels, sometimes its me being hyper observant . I have to tell myself that, as real as the symptoms are, I need to focus on not focusing on them. It feels impossible most of the time. But I have had times where I'm so tired of worrying and keeping track of my symptoms that its like something inside of me just snaps and refuses to continue worrying any more. Those times are rare but quite a relief when they come.

    Anyways, try to not Google can be misleading when you are a worrier. I stopped doing that when i realized nine times out of ten i would feel worse after reading stuff rather than reassured. (I can read just about anything and I either have it, or eventually, at some point later in life , be convinced I'm coming down with it). I'm just happier if i don't Google medical stuff...i don't think its making me die any quicker by not looking.

    I'm sorry I don't have any real medical advice for you in this message but I thought it might make you feel a little better to know that I (and probably a lot of other people) have noticed a lot of these weird symptoms that you've mentioned at some point or another, and that it IS possible for it to be something not serious that will go away if you can calm yourself and put your focus elsewhere.

    That being said,

    I don't think your mom and dad would want you this worried, so if you haven't talked to them about your eyes , maybe you should. An eye Dr appointment is pretty simple and could maybe answer some of your questions.

    I hope you feel better about this soon.. My heart goes out to you because i know how it feels to be so worried about something you cant escape.

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      Thank you for the advice sarah 😃 it means alot really ;-;,I shall try not to worry about it anymore and im pretty sure i will get tired of it soon like how i always do you know? I just hope one day I would stop seeing all this and realize i was just being paranoid all along 😃

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    I had similar a while back.

    It turned out it was TMS, if you google TMS Wiki you will get all the answers you need.

    Their TMS Recovery program really helped. Along with reading work by Dr. Sarno and Steve O

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    I know this post is old, but I see that you post a lot about your vision. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I started experiencing many of the things you are complaining about after my first migraine with aura three months ago. Hang in there!

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