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Hello there, im an 18 year-old male, kind of athletic, i have been experiencing some abdominal problems since May, it first started with nausea and slightly turned into loss of appetite after a couple of days, although i had had h pylori 2 times back in 2017

So i first went to a doctor which indicated that this is stress related issue, and he didnt convince me so i went to the lab and i made blood tests, ultrasound, urine tests, everything came back as normal. i also got stool test for h pylori, came out negative.

i had final exams so i had no time to see doctors and this continued, after finishing exams i waited 2 weeks and on 18th of July i made another stool test which came back positive, im not sure whether it was a false negative or a false positive.

i took the triple therapy and slightly improved but not completely, thought it is still h pylori, after a month on August 18th i made another test and came back negative.

all my symptoms have come better expcept for loss of appetite.

last week, saw a new doctor and said this might be GERD and prescribed nexium and waiting to see if gonna be better, although it has been a week but still same.

i have no blood in stool, i dont feel full easily (i eat normal), i had no vomit, no fever, i dont smoke, i drink.

i also want to mention that i had been vaping in that period of time before i got the problems.

I also lost weight but it was intentional because most of days i used to literally eat one sandwich and sometimes i stay 24 hours without eating anything at all, now i am eating normally and my weight is now stable ( i even got it up about 2 pounds).

So now, if not h pylori, not GERD, if not some bacterial issue, what could that be? im really really nervous and my anxiety is off the roof! im so worried! what should i do?

sorry for the so long story but im really tired of being sick, it has been 3 and a half months 😦

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    i am going to be straight here..and say it loud and clear

    1. give up vaping
    2. relax and try to focus on poisitve things in life
    3. adjust your diet you have to supply the body with nutritions.

    it will improve.

    keep it up and stay relaxed. do not rush things....digestive system is complicated and it needs time to recover


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    and in the case i didnt say it.... smile and be positive...anxiety and stress are the major factors in almost all basic digestive terms of creating or even making things long story short.... helicobacter pylori could cause some minor damage in your tummy and your stress and anxiety are not helping in recovery.

    again smile and be positive

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    Thank you so much for replying, but honestly i cant stop thinking ☹

    i dont think this is h pylori, if it was, i would at least gained my appetite back.

    so worried!!

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      this is not h pylori but may be aftermath of it and your worries make it worse...

      its hard....but you must just relax bro and dont think too much

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    Hi Martinsamus

    The three course antibiotic can really mess up your stomach and HPylori can ravage your gut. Try taking probiotics to put good bacteria back into your gut as the antibiotics and HPylori would have killed off most of your good bacteria. Eat yogurt with bacterial cultures. Leave off the drink, i take it it is alcohol? 😝 try and eat small meals of healthy food three times a day. Leave off fizzy drinks and spicey foods. I read on the forum that a member drank a drink containing fresh ginger which really helped his gut problems. your gut can take quite a while to heal and get back to normal after HPylori and the antibiotics, it has suffered a double whammy! STOP worrying, anxiety and stress are horrendous for causing gut problems. Just relax and look for some anti anxiety therapy online or near where you live...

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    Could be stress related after your exams. I got GERD after exams and it never fully cleared up and left me with reactions to fatty and spicy foods. H pylori can also ravage the gut as well as the antibiotics. Try some yoghurt to replace good gut bacteria lost due to the antibiotics. Stay as calm as possible, stress and anxiety irritate the gut. Give your PPI a month to see if it works, A week is not enough to judge whether it is helping or not. Ask for an endoscopy to look for gastritis which can be caused by h pylori if you are no better after a month. Try milk to soothe your stomach and try a food diary to see if a food is the culprit.Avoid vaping.

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      sorry you might have got me wrong

      it has been a month and a half since the PPI, the week was the time i am taking nexium since.

      Anyway, i am worried because it has been 4 months already and still same!

      i am drinking milk daily since weeks though!

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      In that case , see your doctor again who will relieve your worries and give you a diagnosis and treatment.

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