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okay, so. hello everyone.

i am a 21 year old girl and i need help.

to start from the beginning I'm just gonna say, 3 years ago my grandfather died and that took a huge toll on my life. he was my best friend. i was in high school at the time and that was when i started to develop anxiety. not a day passed when i didn't have panic attacks almost constantly. i drove my mother crazy asking her to take me to the hospital and to my doctor because i was convinced i had heart problems because i wasn't able to breath correctly and because i felt like my heart was beating a thousand time per second. thankfully its been three years and i have calmed down a whole lot up until 2 months ago...

2 months ago i started having really bad chronic headaches and neck pains that worried me. so, i started self diagnosing myself on webmd (something i am fully aware i should not do) and i had convinced myself i had a brain tumor or some sort of cancer. so i had my mom rush me to the ER because i wanted to make sure ( and she just about had enough of my crying and whining) at the ER the doctor came in and asked me a whole bunch of questions about symptoms that i might have been having apart from the headaches to see if i had something serious, i answered no to all of the questions. no nausea, no dizziness, no sensitivity to light or noise, no vomiting, or fainting. nothing apart from the constant headaches. the doctor looked at me with humor in his eyes and told me that he wasn't even going to do a CAT scan because he was 100% positive that all i had was a tension headache. so, i went home that night feeling slightly better. the doctor had recommended that i go see a psychologist, so i made an appointment with one! in the week that i was going to see the psychologist i got a whole lot worse, i started feeling dizzy and nauseous and i wouldn't eat, i barely slept, i didn't want to take a shower, or go anywhere. i was constantly panicking and begging my mother to take me to the hospital because i was sure i was going to die but she never gave in. once my appointment to see my psychologist came, i was relieved. i went to go see her and she diagnosed me with severe depression and anxiety, something that she told me she could see as soon as i walked through the door, you can only imagine how terrible i must have looked physically.

i told her about all of my pains and what i was feeling and she has been helping me. its been about a month since I've been going to see her and i have never felt so great! I've been feeling happy and I've wanted to go out and do my hair and get all dolled up and I've been laughing and just having so much fun with my life lately and most importantly..NO PAINS!! ...up until yesterday...i started with my tension headaches again and my whole body just hurts...i feel like crying...i don't understand how i can feel this way if I've been feeling perfectly fine and having fun..

so, my question is. 1: is it possible to be subconsciously depressed and stressed? (is it possible to be stressed and depressed and not even know it?) and 2: are tension headaches a normal thing with depression? Have any of you felt this way?

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles, I haven't had tension headaches with my depression and anxiety. But from what i know about them is there caused by stress as well as over things. For me i can feel fine then all of a sudden depression hits me, maybe this happened to you?

    Keep going you will get there, everyone has moments that it all comes back.

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    Hi the answers to your questions are 1.  Yes and 2.  Yes.   I rarely get headaches but I kept being asked this by the doctor who said they can be a symptom of depression. 

    I often find I am fine for ages then some little thing can set me off and I feel ill again.   I think this is normal but it will pass so hold on. Good on you for seeking treatment and it does sound like it is helping you.  Keep up the good work.  Take care.  Bev x 


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    Hi, a person who you felt emotionally close too has gone, It;s inevetable that you are going to be deeply affected by that event, The anxiety comes from your brain as its acknowledges that that person is no longer there and it feels insecure at that absence, Hence anxiety is part of grief. As your brain accepts the reality of that then you start to heal. Talkng about that person helps and crying. If the axiety prevents you from moving on with your life then you may need the help of meds. Stress is also part of grief and you will get tension headaches. Try and minimise stressful situations. Warm showers on the back of the neck might help. Go ack and see the psychologist
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      The problem is that I don't know when I'm in stressful situations! sad currently i don't have a job and I don't go to school simply because I have no motivation for it so I'm at home with an unemployed father who constantly is whining about not having a job. Apart from that I'm going on vacation to New York in a week and I'm absolutely terrified about going because I hate airplanes and I hate sleeping in places that's not my room. I don't know if that is what is stressing me out or what the heck it is because I was perfectly fine a couple of days ago and now it's just come back all over again and i hate it so much.
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    i think anxiety and depression causes many physical symptoms but the important thing is is not to react to them because it feeds your anxiety and causes a vicious circle. I know this is easier said than done but ask yourself how many times you've had a headache and how many times it's turned out to be serious. You've got to dispel your anxious thoughts by weighing up the evidence xx

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