Please help me about my blood result low mcv mch

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Hi guys please help me to understand my blood result came 2 days before and i have high eritrocytes 6.12

Low mcv

Low mch

Normal hemoglobin

Please tell me that its iron problem or what?

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    Low MCV and MCH can indicate iron deficiency. Did you test your iron and/or Feritin? What other tests did you do? Is there any chance you were dehydrated when you took the test?

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      I actually finised my palmunary tuberculosis therapy 4 months ago which i did for 9 months after that just 1 month ago i did CT scan also and it was fine but when i did blood test all other things are ok but i have slightly low mcv mch and hemoglobin is in normal range but slightly high eritrocytes.

      I didnt feritin or other iron binding tests. Can i start low iron supplements or its not safe?

      I also have bit yellow urine.

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    Hello....your blood work doesn't make much sense because low mcv and muh are part of the CBC which is a complete blood count and that usually indicates you have low iron. The strange thing is your hemoglobin level is fine and it really shouldn't be with mcv and muh being low. However, have your ferritin levels done as often times hemoglobin will indicate good levels but ferritin, which is stored iron will be depleted. Newly graduated doctors don't check ferritin because they think that all long as hemoglobin levels are good there is no concern but that is not correct. 

    Your erythrocyte number is fine you are in range. It appears that you may be anemic due to low ferritin levels.

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      Thnx alot jace81824. I actually talkd with my dr about it but he is not considering it anything wrong but for myself m not feeling well because i cant sleep more than 6 hours now in the night and also my hair are thinning from the time when i started TB treatment nd still now its too much thin but before TB i had nice thick hair and m male 22. I asked dr that i want to do feritin or other iron test but he said no m not anemic cause my hemoglobin is normal. I dont knw that what is actuall problem
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      I've had normal haemogloblin but my iron was low. Jace is right the best way to know is to get your iron and ferritin levels tested. I don't pay much attention to low, normal or high as some people will feel better at the higher end of normal and ill at the lower end of normal. My haemogloblin was always right on the border of normal. 

      For your hair to grow b12, iron, l lysine, vitamin c and zinc are all needed. However hair grows in cycles and depending how long ago your treatment was might be correcting itself. 

      Insist on an iron and ferritin blood test as you have concerns that there is blood in your urine. Dark urine can be a sign of dehydration. It's not safe to just start taking iron without knowing your current iron levels as if your normal you can make yourself ill. 

      Don't worry. 

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      Thnxx jenny19687. I dont have blood in urine but its clr is yellow type nd i also did stools test as well nd it was also normal now i will insist for more iron test as u said feritin nd other.thnk u so much for replying me nd i found all this info very usefull.
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      everybody i need help again please.

      As i was suggested by the members here that i should do ferritin and iron binding test so i did 3 days before and my result came as below

      Iron non homoglubin is 85 and normal range is 59 to 158

      And my ferritin is 41.6 while normal range is 29 to 250

      Please help me that is it ok or low

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    You have a microcytosis, but not a hypochrome microcytosis given info.

    Your amount (many) red blood cells in numbers make up for their small size regarding supply with total hemoglobin per blood volume, oxygen supply.

    The measured total hemoglobin per some volume unit is normal, good.

    (info not provided, I highly suggest everyone not only providing absolute numbers, it needs units and  normal range per lab. 

    A normal range does vary per lab due to test method and location. A normal range is a statistic only, 95% of normal population measured with this test method have a vaule in this range, 5% are slightly above or under and still normal. Since women have menstruation, the normal range is given lower for red blood cells than for men, even a men's normal range would cause no harm to have for a woman, it's just physiologically not happening easily unless providing iron and vitamins well.

    Going in high altitudes with less oxygen forcing the body to produce more red cells, is one of the things sport people do, to raise the red cell numbers much higher than yours on purpose btw; normal is relative.)

    Your mch would only be 'normal', if they were overfilled given their small size (mcv).

    A low mcv goes hand in hand with a low mch usually,

    but depends of course how small and how well filled.

    They can though be underfilled (hypochrome), but since your total hemoglobin is normal, they seem to be not hypochrome because also your red cell number is not really high.

    A VitB12 deficiency shows up as larger cells since cell division is disturbed when red cells are formed and should devide since they devide less then. It needed a huge iron deficiency to show microcytosis and masking a VitB12 deficiency. But it is possible of course.

    Of course you can have a normal total hemoglobin with low mean corpuscular hemoglobin (mch), depends how well cells are filled even small and how many cells per volume are present. 

    You have slightly many slightly small red cells, many small make a normal total hemoglobin presence per blood volume, good! 

    In your case, there could be an iron deficiency behind microcytosis,

    but it is not said or confirmed with these few parameters, that are not badly out of range at all.

    It seems a coincidental finding though, but your doc has your symptoms, your previous values to compare (that would say a lot than a one-off full blood count)  and other lab results now, to interpret.

    I would do a ferritin.

    If this was low, an iron study (iron, transferrin, iron binding capacity),

    from those results further conclusions can be drawn, if no deficiency was present, if this was simply your individual red blood make-up and normal (which is also possible), or if deficiency was present: if it was nutritional, lifestyle caused or due to some gastrointestinal occult bleeding or lead exposure whatever.

    It needs further testing before knowing,

    if this was iron related and if yes, why.

    But overall this composition of 4 red blood count parameters did not suprise at all, not uncommon since not highly abnormal, just slightly below and above so called normal ranges. I

    t can be much higher differing from ranges than that.

    In plausibility control in lab these 4 parameters (without knowning exact numbers, units and range for me here now) would not even have caused raising an eye brow for lab since common finding and fitting together within beautifully.

    Your doc though can do the interpretation and take further steps.

    All the best!



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      Thnx alot sanya11314 for ur detaild comment. And please have a look at my result as i write below.

      Normal range

      Eritrocytes 6,12 high 4.50 to 5.80

      Hemoglobin 15,0 ok 13.5 to 17.5

      Mcv 79,2 low 80.0 to 98.0

      Mch 25.5 low 27.0 to 32.0

      And also have low neutrifili 2.07 but normal is 2.50 to 7.50

      I actually start premature grey hair in my beard and head also. I am male just 22 years so bit worry that whts going on. And i always have normal blood but it changed after tuberculosis which i finished recently just 3 months before and i was on treatment for 9 months.

      I apreciate all helpful comments thans alot once again

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      Hi Wasiq, hello, how are you?

      For a young male

      6.1 million erythrocytes/µl do not bother me too much,

      but your doc should see it in relation to symptoms, post medication and current status of your lung function.

      (due to normal hemoglobin, -hematocrit not there-, it seems not to classify being called polycythemia even. But you can call it  'mild erythrocytosis'.)

      The erythrocytes carry oxygen.

      If the number of red cells went up,

      because your body wants to have same hemoglobin with the small size

      (as you have good hemoglobin per volume, but since they are small, they need to be more to keep that level) as a compensation


      if your oxygen supply is not too good (polluted air, breathing, smoking, snore-apnea, scarring of lungs) and compensates with more red cells,


      if a condition directly increases the cell production (taking anabolic sterioids, meds given to increase your red cell production, rare kidney higher erythropoitin hormone release disease)

      is unclear with those few parameters.

      But your doc should know since he/she has your history.

      Do you have a red blood count prior tuberculosis?

      (During therapy you can't compare those values as your healthy values since medication for tuberculosis alters blood cell making.)

      Also if you manage to have dehydration (be it drinking too little, sweating, severe vomiting, diarrhea or even hard working) your red cells are in too little liquid/plasma and appear more to be in absolute number than they actually are when more plasma was present.

      You see there is so much in it from nothing to much.

      First things first:

      you need your blood re-drawn

      also to rule out possible laboratory or even drawing errors (or yourself being dehydrated).

      With that re-check the ferritin could be ordered in one go.

      Don't be disappointed that not everything will be done at once like a whole iron status or erythropoitin parameter or vitamine status already.

      Then go from there.

      Once things are confirmed, other tests will be done. Also to exclude reasons since as said, it could be simply your normal blood make up. But you don't want to be brushed off yet at all of course.

      You need to be repeated in red blood count

      and possibly getting the first step like a ferritin tested.

      The differentiated white blood cell count has to be seen again in a total picture. You seem to have a lower end but normal total white cell count and the percentages of differentiated white cells normal (e.g. neutrophils around 20-40% of all white blood cells), but if your total count is lower, a normal percentage can show up as a low absolute number count purely mathematically.

      Actually adult neutrophil count varies between 2.0 and 7.5 x 10^9/L.

      So this looks really ok, too.

      You had a tuberculosis infection and treatment to deal with.

      Oooff, that must have been a rocky ride.

      This is highly stressful for you emotionally and for your body.

      It is very well known, that that medication messes up with the blood (red and white and platelets) production.

      Since it takes 3-4 months for red blood to be fully exchanged,

      I would not worry at this point at all.

      It is still early days for your system to recover and to exchange the cells, that were influenced during therapy.

      If your lungs are not as good in getting oxygen in and therefore compensatory red blood cell production is raised, is a possibility.

      What is your doc saying?

      I am sure you will be retested, stay well hydrated, supply your body with all vitamins and nutrients needed.

      I have heard many people developing grey hairs after stressful events.

      All all the best!!!!


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      Thnxx alot sanya11314. Yeh as i finished my therapy i did CT scan and everything look fine and normal . And one thing that i still have very small scare in my lung and my dr said that its ok nothing to worry about it. And my white cells overall are in normal range and before TB my blood make up was normal not like this i have now. I actually paased through very sad and bad mentall condition as well as physical because 5 months before TB my mom died with cancer in just age of 43 and after that i had TB and i was on therapy for 9 months as i said which i finished 4 months before . Also i am underweight my hight is 170 and weight is just 48kg its not because that i dnt have food or cant afford and also i am from belgium where there is no more TB but i got it dnt knw how. Ur detailed information help me alot thnx so much
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      everybody i need help again please.

      As i was suggested by the members here that i should do ferritin and iron binding test so i did 3 days before and my result came as below

      Iron non homoglubin is 85 and normal range is 59 to 158

      And my ferritin is 41.6 while normal range is 29 to 250

      Please help me that is it ok or low

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      From number values looks absolutely fine.

      Your doc should get the whole pic or if previous ferritin existed (if you had e.g. 230ng/ml and dropped down to 42ng/ml, if this was due to nutrition or loosing blood),

      the absolute numbers are ok.

      You can throw in a bit more iron when eating now to not deplete the storage (ferritin), which is still fine (and far better than my levels, envy a 42ng/ml level ;-) )).


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      Thnx alot sanya11314 for ur good reply. I actually never did ferritin before in life so dnt knw wht the value was before. But in internet i searched and found some posts in which they say that optimal ferritin level must be 70 for good hair and thyroid functions. So i was thinking to take 14mg iron supplement on my own for some time. So is it ok? Coz my dr isnt doing any attention of my bad hair loss. Please any suggestion.
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      The '85' value (no units, unfamiliar with parameter name) is it normal iron and µg/dL, right?

      But at this point with this current ferritin level

      bit of iron seems not harmful.

      Be aware though that iron supplement can make you feel sick (take it with a meal), dark stool, constipation and so on, and that males usually have more problems loosing iron, a too much is bad, too.

      Note no male should ever take iron supplements without ferritin test as hemochromatosis is more the problem for males than iron deficiency.

      (Hence we send healthy guys for blood donations regularly with big thanks.)

      It depends where you look at regarding normal ranges,

      I have never read of ferritin having to be 70ng/ml plus to have good hair growth.

      But I have heard, that the upper level is given too high and you should not get over a 80ng/ml ferritin level if possible.

      This is storage iron enough. Ferritin is suprlus stored iron....

      Note that iron is actually damaging to cells if too much.

      But at this point with current measured ferritin level, you can add some iron for few weeks,

      but I would let your doc know, that you have a ferritin level of 42ng/ml and would like to push it a bit higher as there is space for at currently.

      Which dose and duration he/she recommended as you were going to do so anyway.

      He might shake his head, be prepared,

      because nothing of your red blood parameters points into any iron anemia direction.

      Your symptoms might well come from something else.

      Don't glue yourself too much on the red blood counts please and think iron only.

      (I have less ferritin than you and I have extremely thick,...and my thyroid is normal and when it was hyperthyroid didn't loose hair either.

      Just personal experience, not a gold standard, but just saying)

      Apparently 8mg/d is enough for a male older than 19, IF you have no blood/iron loss. This is not the dosage for supplement, it is your total iron (via food, too) that is recommended to get in daily. With your 14mg as additional iron supplement you shall get more in than out and push ferritin up, but please under supervision and not for months since your base level is not a depleted ferritin/iron supply at all.

      After few weeks of iron supplement of 14mg I would stop and ask for a ferritin check.

      Iron is toxic, too, not only just good. 

      I personally would rather go carbonyl iron than Ferrous sulfate, as carbonyl iron is saver re overdosing if taking iron supplements.

      Please talk to your doc!

      The iron seems not to be blameable for your symptoms seeing this from a distance.

      Best of luck finding the cause and getting better soon!!!

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      Thnx again sanya11314. Its iron non hemoglobin and its value is 85 mcg/dl . And you r right that iron is very toxic when overloaded. I did all other tests also and everything is fine . But my dr is not considring iron supplement for me .anyhow i just want to take 14mg for 2 weeks and then will do ferritin controle again. Thnk u so much for detaild information

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