Please help me with my symptoms. I’m miserable.

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I have an extensive list of symptoms but the list wont fit in 100 characters. how do I post a longer description?

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    OK, here is my complete history and ongoing issues. please help!

    Symptoms October 13, 2019

    38 yo female

    Weight: 165lbs

    Height: 63”

    New onset Headache-2.5 weeks so far. left side from ear into the top of the neck. Constant. Any change in position increases intensity, throbbing, dizziness, silver star aura in vision. Ears hurt, teeth on left side. Very sensitive to sound, sometimes photosensitive. Tylenol and caffeine do not help.

    Migraine-onset 2007. Always right side stabbing pain behind right eye. Pain into face and teeth. Photosensitive and sound sensitive.

    Nausea-nausea throughout the day. Worse on an empty stomach and when changing positions r/t the headaches. Infrequent vomiting.

    Abdominal pain. Epigastric, burning, gnawing pain radiates to RUQ with sharp pain. Occasional LLQ sharp pain.

    Pelvic pain-left side and middle. No pain on the right side. Pain in bladder region with urination but no burning.

    Recurrent Left ovarian cysts. 3-5 cm

    Intermittent low grade fevers. 99.5-101

    Pain with intercourse. Received 3 steroid injections to left side vaginal cuff with no relief. Increased estrogen. Divigel 0.5% daily

    Hemorrhoids with bleeding. History of hemorrhoidectomy in 2018

    Right arm-dx tennis elbow 2018 with known micro tear. Two steroid injections done. Last done in September 2019, pain has increased. Pain goes into hand, throbbing and tight feeling. No swelling or discoloration. Very weak grip strength. “Empty can” pain. Painful to touch. Unable to use entire arm frequently. Extremely painful. Ice, heat, Tylenol ineffective. Sling periodically and temporarily relieves severe pain.

    Right shoulder- pain in right shoulder, into collar bone and down scapula. Pain improved with physical therapy. Now occasional pain with lifting and certain movements.

    Left hand- pain similar to right. New. Began in September. No physical limitations.

    Left hip flexor-sharp pain when standing and beginning to walk. Leg often “gives out”. Takes about five minutes to resolve with walking, occurs every time i get up and begin moving. Seems to improve slightly with regular exercise, but do not exercise regularly at this time.

    Left hip pain-worse with laying and sitting. Causes numbness and tingling down LLE. May last all day.

    Bilateral knees-intermittent pain with no movement or exertion. Throbbing and sharp. Sometimes interferes with walking and causes a temporary limp.

    Seizure- new onset February 1, 2019. Diagnosed as medication induced. EEG demonstrates no further seizure activity with med discontinuation. Tramadol and well-butrin. Family hx of seizures and epilepsy-dad, half brother (paternal), paternal grandmother.

    Known “spiral shaped” lipoma in brain identifies incidentally on CT and MRI. First identified in 2007 with migraine onset. Confirmed presence with CT in Feb 2019.

    Memory problems-short and long term. Daily. Difficulty “finding” words regularly.

    Crohn’s disease-in remission with imuran 100mg QD. Dx IBS with diarrhea and constipation.

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder and depression-treatment with Prozac 80mg QD. Lamotrigine 100mg QD for mood stabilizer. Trazadone for sleep. Concurrent psychotherapy one hour long session, Q 1-2 weeks

    Fatigue most days of the week. Feeling of full body weakness and must lay down. Unable to perform normal activities on these days. Unable to think clearly. May last one day to a week or more.

    Palpitations-known PVC and PACs on ECG. Can feel it when it happens, almost daily.

    Resting HR 45-60.

    BP range 84-120 systolic, 40-80 diastolic

    Last BP taken in September. 90/48. Within an hour of two coffees with double espresso shots. Not typical amount of coffee.

    Surgical hx:

    Appendectomy 2005

    Cholecystectomy 2013

    C-section x2 2014, 2017

    Hemorrhoidectomy 2018

    Oral surgery 1996

    Wisdom teeth x4 2005

    Left foot 1994

    Trigger finger release, right pinky, 2016

    Dec 2018:

    Right oopherectomy d/t “wrapped” in adhesions. Also noted significant adhesions d/t c-sections

    Total vaginal lap assisted hysterectomy

    Bladder sling

    Current medications:

    Lamotrigine 200mg QHS

    Gabapentin 600mg TID

    Azithioprine 100mg QHS

    Prozac 80mg QAM

    Prilosec 20mg QAM

    Magnesium 400mg QHS

    Divigel .05% QHS

    Zofran 8mg prn

    Tylenol 1gram prn

    Docusate sodium prn

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      Hi when you said your list of symptoms was extensive I didn't realise that it would be this long, reading in between the lines I would imagine that you have done high levels of research on Dr Google

      I could be wrong.

      Have you seen your GP recently and if so what is there opinion?

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      I'm a RN-BSN In grad school for my DNP, so google, no. I am a VA patient and have numerous specialists: GI, NEURO, GYN, ORTHO, PSYCH, and of course, a PCM medical home. I am not a hypochondriac, I am in pain, exhausted, can barely focus on school work, and it takes everything I have to care for my two young children, 5 and 2.5. I've written here because I am desperate. Trust me I did not want to, but my husband is as desperate as I am. So, do you have any advice or knowledge that may help me? I do not have a WebMd degree! Thanks.


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      Hi after reading both your posts I'm sorry if you took offence at my comments it was not intended to come across that way, you have obviously taken many tests under a lot of consultants but what have they decided is the problem.

      Has fibromyalgia been discussed?

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      No offense, hun. I'm sure you come across that frequently in these forums. It has come up from my GI doc, but as a diagnosis of exclusion, I refuse to accept that. it simply means they have no idea whats wrong, so they give me a dx and more pills to shut me up.

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