PLEASE HELP my two year old daughter

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Please help me! My daughter is 2 years old and having what I believe to be as digestive issues. Once a month, for a little over a year now, she gets a specific diarrhea that burns her terrible. When I say terrible I mean devastating.

Whatever it is coming out of her is so acidic I smell it from across the room as its coming out. As soon as she lets out her first scream I throw her on the ground and rip off her diaper as fast as I can while someone else runs a baking soda bath. Its too late. Instantly she has horrible burns that are beginning to blister. Often, it happens again an hour later and it burns her already blistered bottom until she bleeds. Getting her clean and getting diaper rash cream and burn ointments on her is a challenge.. a 2 man job at least.

The pain is so unbearable every person in the house cries with her. She has almost lost consciousness. Her screaming woke the neighbors last night. Her doctor says its typical diaper rash. Excuse me but NO.

Before you ask, I do NOT believe it is her diet. She is very routine she eats almost the same things everyday. Fruits, grilled chicken, loves tomatoes, pork, pasta, maybe French fries, and of course some chips and cookies for snacks. She is a very well rounded good eater, and I have documented what shes eaten the days this happen its always the things she eats almost everyday.

The only things I can possibly tie it to is maybe she has more juice on these days? When I fix her a sippy cup, it is 85% water 15% juice. So how much juice could she possibly be consuming I only give her a splash at a time to make like flavored water...

Ive given up on the doctors in hopes that when she gets potty trained this wont happen anymore because it wont make contact with her skin (even though I'm sure it will still burn). Unfortunately, it looks like she has some developmental issues that will prevent us from getting her fully potty trained anytime soon.

IM DESPERATE PLEASE HELP. keep in mind it only happens about once a month, and I do not believe it is her diet. or maybe? and it is not diaper rash, no way. My baby has a bowel movement of pure acid and it kills us everytime. Thank you for reading any advice is appreciated.

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    Sorry to hear this do you live in the UK or US. You say developmental issues can you please elaborate, sometimes if you read deeper into those developmental issues they can have ties to certain abnormalities. Sounds like you're on top of things but you do have to consider diet at least eliminate acidic foods, the tomatoes etc. even fruit juice even though you dilute it, delete everything acidic for a month. Also the doctors would have had to at least have done a CT with contrast on your child at this point I would hope just to rule any abnormality out. Lookup candida yeast overgrowth it will burn you badly and I'm sure they ruled out C-Diff. If it were my child I would switch doctors go to a specialist save that next Bal movement that you say smells and is acidic and have it immediately ran for analysis and check for bacterial overgrowth of any kind amongst other things.
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    Hi memil897

    I agree with 4fireid you must have your daughters stool analysed! Also does she have any anal fissures that can be very sore and burny if not treated. She has to be checked in the anal area to see if she has them. Diahorrea will really burn and sting if she has anal fissures....hope this helps and you get a speedy wishes...

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    Awww,poor little thing.I'm sure this kills you seeing her in pain.I would for sure have her stool tested.If you are not happy with answers get another doctor.I can't imagine a 2 year old having yeast over growth ,but I guess anything is possible.An over abundance of yeast can cause alot of upset.Burning as well and loose stool.How is her stool other wise on a regular day?
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    l had a simular problem with my son from being a baby to a toddler, maybe not quite as bad as your little girls, as he didnt get burns or blisters, but did get runs and bad nappy rash, that did become inflamed. l used the usual barrier creams, prescribed ones also, changed him regular, but he was slow becoming potty trained. l found that he couldnt tolerate any acid type foods, fruit veg juice,made it worse, so avoided them, which many people didnt understand, thinking they need fruit and juice to be healthy, but he was fine without it and had vits mins in other things. l th9ought he,d never become potty trained, but once l,d got the runs under come control l could let him spend time without a nappy to help the soreness and potty at hand, which he started to use in time, when a bit older he could tolerate fruit veg and juices.

    It might be different reasons for your l ittle girl, and very distressing for her and you seeing her with burns and pain. Take a sample in and ask doc to test it, or if a very bad bout and your concerned and distressed you could always take her into a and e, where she should get thorough testing and best treatment.  Best wishes. 

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    Poor baby!!!  Poor you...and family witnessing this..  I agree that baby's bowl movement does need to be analysised !!   Save it and take it to a Specialist.  I'd be making arrangements for a referral to the specialist now.  Give the specialist the low down on the issues and so they can begin testing for fissures to.  And be ready for a bowl movement if needed.

    I have an issue only once in a blue moon when I eat Weetbix.  It can scour me something terrible, and also smells like acid!  It can come on all of a sudden and it burns!   I also can sometimes bleed.  

    Again my doctor isn't interested in the fact that I have a polyp (up there), I know this because I was checked once before for bleeding and a locum did the 'finger check' and found it.  No nothing was done about it. Now that there is more 'urgency out there' about following up about such bleeding, I have mentioned it to my doctor and he had the audacity to tell me, 'no such thing as polyps in that area'... What a big fat liar!!   Totally totally irresponsible.  

    I am thinking of laying some complaints about his arrogant and irresponsible attitude.  I am not the only local here with issues with him.  Plus his colleague who is now falling into the very same mould...  We have no other doctors here in this area.. (shame aye!)

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    Also agree with lynne, next bout you could take her A & E dept... insist on full and proper assessments and tests.. Dont leave till they follow through...

    All the very best for the future and I hope you get answers for your baby!! x

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    Hi memil. Has your little girl been tested for celiac disease?  (Gluten allergy.) Gluten is in all sorts of foods besides bread, cakes, biscuits etc!  Wheat pasta, sauce thickeners for instance. Would be a good idea as this presents with those sort of symptoms and could possibly hinder develpment too. She won't be getting the necessary vits and minerals to develope properly as they don't absorb with this illness. Milk /beef protein, lactose intolerance plus others are possible also. You should get the necessary tests for all these things, soon as! Celiac can also cause nasty skin rashes like this. It's a simple blood test initially then progress from there. All best wishes, keep in touch on here. Ellie UK
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    Hi memil897

    I have read thro your text again and would like to ask is the nappy rash permanently there? If so your little girl may have nappy thrush on her bottom caused by candida and this can be very sore for her and can cause blistering this can be dealt with by using anti fungal cream on her bottom....Also it would be a good idea if you kept a note of what she eats and drinks each day and if she gets a bout of diahorrea you will know what she has eaten or drank on that particular day......poor little wishes.....

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