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I'm Male 33,

since November Last year Ive been getting these symptoms in 30 minute to 2 hour periods , usually in the Afternoon but not restricted to.

I'm going for an endoscopy next week but fear it may not just be acid reflux related.

I go to the gym 3 times and weight train with cardio. ( no steroids etc )

1)       Pressure sensation in middle of chest ( not intense pain )

2)       Pressure in Neck and throat and under ears.  ( constant during episode )

3)       Constricting wave feels like a huge lump moving up throat. ( frequently during episode )

4)       Losing feeling in Arms and hands ( Arms feel light and lose control in fingers )

5)       Pains in chest. ( not intense , more of an ache )

6)       Shortness of breath

7)       Cannot talk for prolonged periods. ( husky voice )

8)       Ranges from 30 ins to 1.5 hours ( sometimes stops then starts again )

9)       Heart felt like it had slowed in pace then stabbing pain and rushing feeling.

10)   Missing heart beat sensation / flop.

11)   Light headed

12)   Faint.

13)   Total loss of concentration and ability to think ( short term memory loss )

14)   Cramp and spasm in hands / arms , fingers curl in ( mainly left arm & hand )

15)   Feels worse when I’m Sat down. Gets a bit better if I stand

16)   Sensation in left wrist

17)   flashes of light in vision.

18)   Feels like I’m going to stop breathing.

19)   Have to take a deep breath.

20)   Tongue swallowing sensation ( Very mild more tightening of throat )

21)   Sometimes feel a cold rush from center of chest ( relief )

22)   Pins and needles left hand / arm

Im going out of my mind any help would be much apreciated.


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    oh my goodness what a lot of symptoms.

    is this related to your blood pressure? or carrying heavy weights/trapped nerve? 

    if you are going for an endoscopy then presumably you have seen your GP about this. good luck with it all and if the results come back 'normal' don't just eb fobbed off by the receptionist - ask to see the GP again to request further tests.

    please let us know how you get on, and wishing you better soon.

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    Thanks for the response

    Will come back and post an update after the endoscopy etc.

    Was just wondering if these symptoms sounded familiar to anyone.

    Thanks in advance

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      I'd say most of those symptoms are common symptoms of anxiety mate, I myself made a list symptoms i was having at the start of my anxiety. Made it on my notes on my phone, once i realised it was anxiety and stopped caring about it, it all went away. I had a look back at my list i made about 2 months later all of the symptoms were gone. Im sure the endosocpy will come back fine, once you get them back, just relax for a week or two, accept its anxiety and watch all your symptoms dissapear within a couple of days smile
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    Surprised if you told you doctor  ALL this he has not done a ECG. Having said that nothing showed up when the doctor ordered an ECG for me. Insist that you are sent for an angigram its painless takes about 25 minutes, that WILL diagnose if there is anything with your heart/arteries around it.

    Good luck


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      david if you are asleep maybe angios are painless when awake they hurt like a bitch especially if they damage your artery after four attempts to get the catheter in dont gild the lily and it takes over 40 minutes or thirteen hours in my case waitng with my groin open on a bloody machine unable to move !!!!!
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    Hiya there poor you that is awful defiantly sounds like a heart thing & possible reflux & anxiety can cause some pretty horrible symptoms too.has your doctor done a ecg on you or sent you to a heart specialist? X
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    iya i have had acid reflux for years and i have also had a heart attack,the two are so similar its crazy the neck and throaght the tongue swallowing sensation and the pins and needles are you getting yourself into a state over the worry classic panic attack again you feel like you are having a heart attack does your mouth go dry and do you feel sick ,if you indulge me and i am no expert next time get a paper bag cover your mouth and nose with it and breathe in and out slowly i think your heart may be strong as you weight train and are healthy apart from this,also a trapped nerve could be the problem,but when you are having a doozy panic attack everything goes tits up on you honestly,also i thought i was having a stroke when i went shopping one day as i could not see and my mouth went numb could not make sense at all i was having a c

    lassic migraine  good luck my love and remember the paper bag please xxxx

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    Well , last 2 days have been better . I cant see it being heart attacks or i wouldn't be able to do the gym but i do have a condition known as sarcoidosis which can effect any part of the body. i go for my final checkup on this next Wednesday and then the camera down on Thursday. im going to mention all the symptoms to the sarcoiosis specialist and ask him

    for a few tests on my heart just to make sure.

    The worrying part was the curling of the fingers and the loss of control over my left hand.

    i dont frighten easily and im no stranger to pain.

    its not knowing that hurts the most.

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      That is the scary part not knowing you just have to keep pushing the doctors unroll you get the answers I would definitely push for a heart monitor too hope your appointment goes ok & hope you can get some answers x
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