Please help- Ovarian Cyst? Chron's? IBS?

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Hi everyone

Sorry to bother you all I have been suffering with the following symptoms which have worsened over the past three weeks I've been in and out of a&e,GP and urgent care no one knows what the problem is I'm currently waiting for an endoscopy and scan but I'm scared feel so unwell and in pain. I would be grateful for any advice please I keep missing time of work and feel fed up sad here's my symptoms

* very swollen stomach

* stabbing sore pain in left side of tummy and back

* vomiting


*no periods for 6 weeks plus

*get full very quick after eating

* very painful during intercourse but never thought anything of it

*according to my abdo X-ray I'm very constipated even though I pass normal stools daily so had no idea

*some black stools not many though a couple

*some pale stools

*some mucus

Sorry for the grim details all my blood tests have been normal other than vitamin d deficiency I also have an underactive thyroid but had it for years and being treated with thyroxine

Thanks for listening xxx

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    Hi please don't be scared it may very well not be but those symptoms sound very much like ovarian cancer symptoms ...i have a Facebook page wombles small cell or fight and awareness.... My story is on there in full ..I was told IBS then possible dermoid cyst but wasn't that it was a rare ovarian cancer I'm in remission now only I think coz I wouldn't take no ...i was In alot of pain x
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    Hi Laureate

    Please don't think the worst.

    I'm no doctor or expert on these matters but if you've not been scanned for ovarian cysts this is probably the best place to start. Is that what you're waiting for already?

    Perhaps there's a cyst which has twisted - these can be extremely painful, even to the degree that they feel as bad as labour contractions.  I had this a month ago, been scanned, and my gynaecologist appt is next week, so I'm feeling optimistic now.

    Your symptoms do very much point towards ovarian cysts. Can't say I've had many bowel issues but it is known to happen to other ladies.

    I hope you get scanned soon and that finds a simple and benign cause.

    Good luck.

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    Hi. I just had my ovaries and tubes removed as I had similar problems. My biopsy results came today and all were Normal! No cancer just one large cyst which sat on bowel and bladder. I was scared too as my mother had OC so I asked for everything removed. (I'm 73 almost). Get your GP to send you for CA 125 and an ultrasound, inside and abdominal. Try not to worry. you'll feel better for dealing with it. Best wishes, Pollyanna UK
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    Hi I have been in constant pain a month had scan two weeks ago told me I had three cyst within hours doctor rang n told me I needed to go to surgery asap I got there to be told I had multiple cysts and that I needed ca125 test for ovarian cancer since had a negative result but having trouble with my bowel as my pain worsen when I need to go and also I also feel full quickly had hysterectomy years ago but left one ovary in 18 yes since my op had 13 cysts going to see a specialist I hope I get some answers was I to feel nausea when my pain is bad it's also gives me terrible backache some days it feels like my stomach is dragging if u can understand what I mean it's really affecting my life atm so I no were u coming from hope u get sorted soon xx
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    Thanks everyone for the helpful messages I've been so down and it's nice to share with others. I'll keep battling on and will let you know when I finally get something confirmed thanks for your support best wishes to you all xxxx
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    I've had similar issues for the past two years. They've been progressively getting worse. Was told by my Gyno to go to a gastro dr, and vice versa. No one knows what it is. I have constant dull pain on my lower right side, sometime overly active bowel movements, sometimes nothing for days. When the latter occurs, and I finally do go, it's as if my body releases everything with such force, that my body goes into a toxic shock. I have a low grade fever, shaking, nausea, vomiting, very rapid pulse, high white blood cell count, etc. All of my tests on my intestines come back as normal function. They told me I have a cyst on my ovary. I find it a little hard to believe that a small cyst can cause all of these major bowel issues. I am going back to my Gyno again today. I feel like I am just running in circles and getting nowhere. I am tired of feeling sick all the time. If anyone else could provide some insight, I would greatly appreciate it!!
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    Hi. Was wondering if you've found out yet what is causing your symptoms? I have EXACTLY the same symptoms as you, and have also been to the hospital several times with no resolution. They've done CT scans, MRIs, colonoscopy, endoscopy, barium tests, etc., and still no diagnosis. I suffer daily from abdominal pain on my lower right side (feels like a constant dull/throbbing pain). Sometimes worsens, where it feels as though your intestines are twisting. When this pain occurs, I get completely blocked up; cannot pass gas or stool for days. When the spasm goes away, it is as if the flood gates open, and everything gets purged all at once. This is what landed me in the hospital 2 weeks ago. My heart rate sky rocketed to 140+, blood pressure went up, fever, dizziness, neasea, vommiting, etc. They told me that I was just dehydrated!! They did yet another CT scan, and saw that I had a 1.6 cm cyst "probably" on/in my ovary. The results all stated "probably" in the diagnosis. I have been to 3 gastro doctors and my OBGYN countless times, and each time I go to one, they blame it on the other. They gyno says it is a gastro issue, and the gastro says it is a gyno issue. So frustrated at this point, I don't know where to turn. I have been on several anti-spasm medications, prilosec for acid reflux, probiotics, IBS diet, gluten free diet, etc., and NOTHING has changed. I cannot find a doctor who can figure out what is wrong with me and I am so tired of feeling horrible.
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