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So for the past few weeks I had experienced some itching which normally got more severe at night. I did my research and self diagnosed as scabies, (I was on vacation at the time.) When I went to my doctor I pretty much said that I was almost sure I had scabies, yet he said it didn't look like it. Well he prescribed me Permethrin 5% so apply to the area which I did. And now I have medium sized bumps/nodules on my genital area (I'm a male) A few on my testicles and a few on the shaft and head of my penis. I wouldn't be worried but they are scabbing over and that worries me, I'm no longer comfortable being seen naked by my partner and I'm having serious worries about them being here to stay, if ANYONE has any experience in what I'm going through it would help me loads. I hope everyone the best of luck in getting rid of this nightmare. 


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    So I took a shower and it didn't really seem to be scabs, because they washed off with ease however there is a nodule on my shaft that has grown in size, I suppose it would be about the size of a dime or a little smaller, I'm very VERY worried about this. Please, if anyone can help....

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    Hi Zach

    Firstly the cream that you were prescribed should be applied all over your body, not just the noticeable affected areas, left on for 12 hours then shower off.

    Change all bed linen, towels etc wash on a temp of 60o and repeat in a week.

    You will still experience itching for a few weeks after but it will go.

    The scabs have an indentation on the top if it is scabies.

    With regards to the scab that your concerned about, you should return to the doctor just to be on the safe side.

    Hope this helps

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      Hi Black Widow, thanks for the advice. Turns out it wasn't even really scabs. I suppose it was just lint left over from my boxers (tends to happen) however it was sort of stuck to the bumps thus making me think it was scabs, I put on more Permethrin, ALOT of it, everywhere. And the larger bump has basically subsided completely. Thank you for the advice!

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    This sounds like exactly what I had man I know your struggle. The nights were terrible for me I had the exact same symptoms as you so did my brother, as this bug usually spreads within the household for some reason.

    There is only one way of getting rid of this damn big once and for all here it is and that's declaring all out WAR on it.

    1. You'll need permetherin and a lot of it

    When I first got scabies the Internet had me worried sick about permetherin and wrongfully so. Permetherin is actually a synthetic chemical that resembles the effects of the chrysanthemum flower as it

    Poisonous to insects, and does NOT have the same effect on humans. The most it will usually do if used properly is mild itching just like any other lotion out there. The reason people think permetherin is bad for your skin is when it kills the bugs, you now have a bunch of dead scabies bugs under your skin and your body is itching even more trying to break them down and flush them out once and for all, so if you start using and treatment and notice more or the same amount of itching, don't panic it's actually a good thing as crazy as it sounds.

    2. You'll need surfer soap- you can get that at any harvest health store or any organic store wherever you live. They're also pretty cheap online on Amazon as is permetherin. Shower with that every day and mid shower cut your water off and cover your body in it nicely and let it sit for a few minutes. It will dry your skin up, but we'll solve that problem later. Sulfur soap is a super disinfectant to the skin and also kills ringworms, and any other kind of fungus on skin also, FYI.

    3. Lotion- you'll need some Jergens un tra healing lotion cuzz you will have dry skin from the sulfur soap. Use it as needed.

    4. Neem oil- AKA clove oil you can find this at any organic - harvest health store in your city , they should have it. It's around 10 bucks. Be careful with this as it is super powerful and can give u a burning sensation on your skin if not diluted. I recommend you mix it with half of the Jergens bottle and put it on every night except for the nights when your using permetherin. It's a super powerful antiseptic and can be used for many other things also.

    5. A washing machine- wash all your clothes and sheets you were using during the time of your infection. The bug only lasts for 2-3 days without human contact but better safe then sorry. Also buy some nix lice killer and spray your car, couches , desk etc.

    6. Make sure your family or roommates are also doing this treatment or it will just keep jumping back and forth and that's the last thing anyone with scabies wants is having it again!! That being said you also don't have to freak out about it as the bug can only spread to others successfully if a pregnant female gets passed on to them, or if a male and female duo get passed to them , although it's not very likely , it can easily happen so don't take chances by being lazy or skipping steps.

    As far as the permetherin goes you use it after your body is dried well, from a shower. Use it generously and don't be cheap on it cuzz if you are it will come back to bite you , literally lol. It's pretty expensive at the doctors office but if you can't wait for any from Online like eBay or Amazon you have no choice, I bought one from the doctor and some back up ones online after I started treatment. Use it every 5-6 days until you are fully cured which should be within 2-3 weeks. Every other night just use the sulfur soap in the shower and a tiny bit of neem oil and the Jergens to hydrate your skin. Also eating a good green diet won't hurt while your going through your treatment. If you feel it coming back after a month or so , just repeat the steps as needed , and remember man , do NOT lose hope. You will get rid of it if you put in effort , period.

    These steps are what worked for me and should give you some great success also my friend. And remember even if it takes your two whole rounds of treatment as it did for me, it DOES work , if you put in effort.

    Good luck my friend and take care

    - Fare well from Michigan!!

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      Thank you for taking the time to type all that out!! Well after my shower I was still a bit worried so I put on some more Permethrin, I spared little to none of it and completely covered my body. Then afterwards if I felt and itch in a specific spot I blotched a few drops on there. The larger lump has almost decreased double its size and is now just ever so slightly bigger than the rest of the bumps. I bagged my sheets, pillows and blankets and are currently awaiting them to get done washing. I have high hopes for beating this. Once again thank you so much for the help and advice!!
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      Hey no problem, glad I could help

      Besides there's a lot of bad info about it out there it took me a while to learn about it. I wouldn't wish it on anyone,

      Yeah if u know anyone suffering just remember those steps and the one key thing , you must declare war on them to beat them haha, just wresting them won't work. Lol, take care


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