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Ive been on 10mg for over 5 weeks, the last few days im constantly hungry, stomach growling and feels empty every time i eat, my mouth is constantly watering is this all to do with the citalopram? i got scared looking it up when it said it could be serotonin syndrome which ive already asked my doctor about before and she said it isnt a real thing and she wants me to try 20mg but im too scared now after this happening please help

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    Hi Megan.

    its normal! My stomach feels like it's empty even if I have managed to eat.  I'm on week 3 at 20mg. I have been on it before and I was like that before until it settled down.  Try not to worry, I know it's hard as I'm the worst for worrying about every little side effect, but it will go away x

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      I'm on day 14 and stil feeling lousy. I have no energy or drive to do anything. I have no appetite and am nauseous.

      When can I expect to start feeling better?

      It's affecting my work, my family!!

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      Hi Sheri. I'm about 3 weeks in, 11 of those on 20mg. Most of the side effects have disappeared I.e. the dry mouth, feeling out of it etc. The anxiety however is still with me, every morning, but not as bad as it was. I was waking at 4 every morning and then pacing the house, panicking etc. I am still waking at 4, getting anxiety, but manage to stay in bed. That's a definite improvement, believe me! I still feel slightly sick but that goes within half hour of waking.  I guess it's a waiting game for everything to get better. My appetite is still pretty crap, I've lost so much weight and was skinny in the first place so that's not good! My evenings are better and I can now eat a main meal but get full very quickly. Just try and eat a banana and drink plenty of water. Cut out caffeine if you can. I know this sounds easier said than done, the forcing I had to do to get than banana down every morning was terrible, had to walk around with it, trying to think of something else!!  

      I do have diazepam but only take when I feel really bad. Am supposed to take it 3 times a day but find 1 is enough when needed which is not every day.  

      We will feel better soon 😀

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      Thanks Debbie,

      I keep praying I will feel better soon. I cannot help but feel that life is passing me by. Even doing the laundry, seems impossible.

      I also have been waking up at 4 am, shaking, heart pounding. Last night I also felt suicidal.

      Thank god I was able to move through it. Are these side effects a sign that the meds are working? Did you start out at 10mg? That is what I'm at.

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      Me too, it sure can't get any worse! I have to force myself to do washing etc. Feels like I'm just going through the motions of trying to keep the house running.  The first two weeks I couldn't cook at all as felt so sick at the smell of food. Poor hubby had to do it!

      i haven't felt suicidal but must admit to thinking I'd be better off in a mental hospital somewhere.  That was right at the beginning and things are improving now.  

      I started at 10moving up to 20 after 10 days. Side effects seemed to get worse after increase but are calming down again. I'm now just over 3 weeks in. I'm sure the side effects are signs things are improving.  If you haven't already seen it, have a look at the 'anyone not had side effects on citilopram' forum. It's great, so much help and advice. I've read the whole lot and people just disappear as they obviously get better.  Some stick around purely to help others which is fantastic. 

      We will get there xx

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      Are you feeling any better?? I am going through the same side effects you are, just add diarrhea every morning on top of it all. Did I mention I am also caring for my 8 week old daughter? My doctor started me on 20mg but had to decrease me to 10 after a few days due to constant vomIcing and diarrhea. Things have gotten better in that dept on 10mg but I wake up panicked every morning. Heart pounding, sweating nausea etc. my appetite is still not great but I do manage to eat at least once per day.  I am on my 3rd week will be 4th on Thursday. Please tell me you are doing better?  I need some hope ??

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    Hi Megan,

    What you are experiencing is totally usual when on Cita and I agree with your GP, it is time to up a little and 20mg is the norm.  

    Do not look anything else up unless you ask here first, because as we are all uniquely individually different this sticking plaster for the brain does not effect everyone the same.  We all don't get the same side effects or intensity of them either.  You are doing just fine and it is easy for me to say this because I have been through (and many more here) what you are experiencing right now.  You are not alone and we are here to help!

    Our imaginations can get a little carried away with us in the first few months and you have to accept that and try, difficult as it will feel sometimes, to stay positive and (slowly) move forward.

    Cita is working or you would not be going through what you are and upping to 20mg sounds spot on.  You may get a few more or quite a few less (or even none at all) of the same or different side effects, no one can predict.  What we can predict is, that little by little things will get easier, but it takes time and you have to give it time.  Most of the time these side effects disappear without you realising.

    I always suggest, as it worked for me, an emergency duvet in your favourite room outside the bedroom, like the living room.  This is ideal for those days you may just make it out of bed, but that is about it.  The duvet is great to crawl under and curl up in until any bad or yukky feelings have passed.

    Cita is not addictive, the side effects are not life threatening, you are not alone and the only site you want to be on is this one!

    If you have someone close or a Family memeber or friend that has gone through similar it may help to talk with them too.  If someone wants to help, but is not sure how then let them read the posts in this forum and they'll understand more.  My partner (now Fiancee) did and it helped her understand more than anyone (apart form my GP, she is also wonderful) what I was going through and here we are out the other side!

    So, Keep posting, ask whatever you need to, keep reading, but don't worry about things that may not be relevant to you and most of all don't over worry about things.  If you find you are beginning to just ask us here!  Trying to be aware of what is happening and learning from every little up or down helps us understand mental illness better and you'll beon the road to recovery sooner than if you didn't have the help you're getting from your GP and this site.

    So, Welcome to The Club!  Probably the best forum in the world!




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    20mg is the general dose we mostly take the 10mg will not be strong enough to treat your condition well. so go for that new dose

    If you feel you have Severe Munchies and you feel it is the drug look on the medication sheet in the box and check up any side effects  I know some of these medications can increase weight and that is a problem I have as my other medications do have that side effect, although my Medications are Steriods and Opiates.

    You will possibly ask yourself if the side affects are worth it if you need stability.

    Seretonin Syndrom is questionable although part of the treatment you are having is to increase Seritonin levels in the brain as many people with our group of conditions has a reduced level of the drug in the brain.

    In my case i have been on the drug for ten years and at sixty six I will be on them until they drop me in my coffin, in fact they may drop in several years  supply of tablets just to keep me going Lol


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