Please help, PR taking over my life.

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Hey there,

I first noticed a large red patch on my inner thigh, it was slightly itchy, and was asymmetrical. I thought nothing of it, but after 2 weeks it began to worry me. I stared looking up what it could be- ringworm first came to mind, as well as other common skin conditions.

I didn't know what it was so I treated it with antifungal cream but it didn't help. Then, I began getting small red itchy bumps all over my back and stomach. They itched like crazy, and after a few days would turn into red dry scaly feeling patches. I decided to go to the Dr when he diagnosed me with PR.

I have been reading all your threads like crazy. He prescribed me with cortisone cream which hasn't helped a single spot. I've tried Eucerin lotion, Aveeno lotion, washing with H&R clinical strength, benadryl, a PR cream, body scrubs, and tanning.

Nothing has helped. The tanning session made some of them fade, but it keeps spreading rapidly, all over my legs and arms, face and neck. My back is practically one big red spot because they are all over me.

My Dr refuses to give me a steroid shot, or anything more than the cream. I am extremely miserable and becoming depressed. I've read that stress makes it worse- but I can't help it. It is taking over my life. I am a double major college student who works 2 jobs and just turned 21. I am embarressed just to be in public.

I'm taking I Lysine pills, benadryl, H&R body wash right now, and using a PR cream. I am trying to fit tanning into my schedule but it's really hard.

Does anyone know of any other treatments? I've heard of Prreze cream but it's so expensive and I just can't afford it sad

Please, please help.

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    Hi swallace13,

    I know it's not the right thing to say - but please try and stop stressing yourself - difficult I know, but you might be aggravating your condition further.  Having the rash must be awful for you, especially as you have to be out & about.  I do sympathize, and you should go on using anything that helps you diminish the itching.  You said tanning helped?  Could you try & continue that?  Re, prreeze ointment/ cream for the rash, I'm sure you could run to a very small trial pot?  It might be right for you too.  Ask the family for an early birthday present of prreeze if you cannot afford it yourself...anything that helps you, okay? 

    Like you, me and others out there, PR affects everyone differently; no two people seemingly having the same condition/ time it takes to go/ and methods used.  So glean what you can from the 'blogs' on PR, then do try and do what you think is the best for yourself. Many say the head & shoulders shampoo worked for them. 

    ?I've had PR for about 9 months now, and counting...with rash,bad mouth ulcers AND no taste at all.  So I only eat(very carefully) to sustain my body. Not enjoying the process one tiny bit.  Being a food lover that is very difficult!

    ?My son ordered cream/ointment for me (ordered all the way from America and the customs cost was in excess of the expensive product!)  But it did work, to a degree.  Although the rash/spots etc. do seem to be clearing up - the ones on my top thighs going from pink to an awful browny purple - much like bruising? For my mouth ulcers, I rub some (oral gel, for targeted relief) before trying to eat & drink. 

    I've seen my own GP quite a few times over the past few months (we call them general Practioners in England)  who referred me to a Specialist for my mouth ulcers...and am awaiting an appointment for ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist) appointment, after blood tests/ seeing a cancer specialist (both of which were negative thank goodness)

    ?I also did quite a lot of 'surfing the net' for information regarding PR, to see it's supposed to hit people of certain ages?  WRONG!  It does not discriminate.  I was also told it was cat-related, by one of the GP's I saw.  So was interested to find out more.  I've loved cats since I was quite small, and had my own cats over the years - with no ill-effects, although just before I got PR I had been playing with my son's lovely animal, called Rosie, ha-ha.  So I'm sort of wondering if there could be rare cases of this being true? But again others who have cats or not, seem to contact this dreadful affliction! All the very best, hope you get some more help from others reading your 'blog.'

    ?Think positive and try and stay as calm as you can, you WILL beat this horrible Pityriasis Rosea.

    ?Best Wishes.


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    Unfortunately, I tried everything else too. Dandruff shampoo, bio oil, black soap, I live in south Texas and work outdoors, so if tanning helped.... Nope. I tried vitamin c and garlic, and a few other things. Prreze was the only thing that helped. It just made it go away! I don't know whether they are still doing it, but if you type in "email" in teh code thingy at checkout it is a 25 percent discount.

    Hope your PR goes away soon!!!! It is a thoroughly miserable thing to deal with!

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    Hi, Swallace13.  I acknowledge your feeling of embarrassment.  I, too, felt like a bit of a leper, even though the majority of PR was on my torso or legs and could be hidden, there were still times in the gym when wearing sleeveless shirts and anything V-neck, the spots were definitely noticeable that were on my neck, chest, arms.  And, def embarrassing, for me, too.  And, I'm 52.  So, I hear you and wanting to avoid public appearances, as much as possible.  I wore turtlenecks when I was out in public.  Thankfully, it is winter in Chicago, and I could go about life in turtlenecks and have it covered. 

    I also acknowledge your frustration.  Think all fellow PR sufferers/warriors can relate to both the embarrassment, frustration AND....I'll even add bewilderment, since there isn't a known cause of how we contract it when it's supposedly NOT contagious. 

    I am on week 7 and my spots have, thankfully, faded, for the most part.  Still a bit faint, but faded.  Time will tell if they completely disappear.  Showering still makes them want to come out of hiding, but nothing like when I showered during the first 3-4 weeks of PR.  I share this only to try to encourage you during whatever weeks lay ahead for your healing process.  It does get better.  I know when I read these threads at the beginning of my PR journey, I thought, how in the WORLD will this ever get better.  Just didn't seem like it would as they were so red, angry, overtaking my body.  But, after week 3, they started fading.  And, each week has gotten better, to where now, in week 7, they are hardly noticeable.  Every person is different.  Every person's biochemistry is different.  Every person's immune system is different.  Every person's healing process is different.  There are some who are dealing with worse cases than others.  Some are dealing with PR that has migrated to mouth and have mouth ulcers.  MAN!  I thought I had it bad.  SO thankful I didn't have it spread to my mouth.  Can't cover that up with a turtle neck. 

    You mentioned that stress could possible be cause of PR.  I read that, too, in my frantic internet search when the herald patch originally surfaced.  We don't know the cause at this point.  I do know that stress is pretty much in everyone's life.  BTW, proud of you for working so hard with two jobs AND attending school.  Not easy, even for someone younger like you.  But, who knows if that is the cause of PR.  From what research I have done, there is just not enough science to back anything up as a reasonable cause, let alone a cure.  And, since PR is not life threatening, I doubt there will be much effort spent in finding a cure or cause.  Like the common cold.

    You can ask 10 different PR warriors past/present what worked for them, and each may have different answers. Whatever approach you choose may work for you, it may not.  All we can do is share what we did, state what did and didn't seem to work for us's basically just trial and error, in my opinion.  Like you, I first tried hydrocortizone cream on my first herald patch.  Didn't do squat.  Used it for a week.  Still squat.  That's when I went to the dermatologist.  And, that's when the spots started appearing that felt like hundreds of little pebbles under my skin.  Derm instantly diagnosed PR upon examination.  She gave me a sample of steroid cream and some kind of gels and said to use that if it was unbearably itchy.  It wasn't for me, thankfully.  So, I didn't use any of what derm gave me.  I bought Aveeno sensitive skin shower gel (fragrance free), used my usual moisturizer and.....didn't really do or take anything different than what I normally would.  And, mine eventually faded.  Others have used many things, taken supplements.  Tanned, etc.  I didn't do any of that.  My derm said it would take between 6-12 weeks typically to heal.  And, she was right.  I'm now on week 7 and....I'm pretty much healed.  Hopefully. 

    It's hard to say, do what works for you, as we all are just trying to figure out what works for us individually.  Just want to encourage you as much as I can that, based on most other's experience and my experience, that PR does fade.  Eventually.  Getting to your "eventually" is your own unique journey.  Hopefully, you are in a cold climate and can cover up until it goes away.  That's what I did.  And, every time I saw it in the mirror, I thought, man....this is NEVER going to go away.  I'm marked for life.  But, it did go away.  In the thick of it, it seems like a permanent malady.  But, it did fade, eventually.  If you can, try to be forward thinking.  One week at a time.  If you've ever watched the animated story "Finding Dory".....there is a line in there that says "just keep swimming, just keep swimming."  You'll get there re healing. 

    Not to tell you what to do, but sometimes, overdoing it with creams, showers, etc. b/c we are in ambulance mode to try and get it healed quickly, I wonder if that can hinder healing?  IDK.  Do what you feel is best for you.  You are supported.  You are understood. 

    Please take a deep breath.  Know it will get better.  Post when it does, if you can.  It helps keep us in the know.  Our own little database of PR sufferers.  smile  


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    Hey! I totally feel your pain. I am 22 and also in college AND the worst of the rash began right before I was having a party weekend in Miami....

    My herald patch started nearly 3 weeks ago on the side of my breast and I thought it was a reaction to a sports bra. Over the next few days it’s broke out onto my chest, arms, and back and then eventually my stomach, legs, feet and FINALLY my neck, ears, face and scalp. I freaked out pretty bad when it took over my face so I made an emergency derm appointment at the hospital and was diagnosed with PR. 

    The derm prescribed me with acyclovir and steroid cream letting me know that results very. She also said to use the tanning booth a little bit. 

    Once a started taking the acyclovir my face cleared up and the rash started losing its redness on my arms and chest. I got a spray tan to try to drown out some of the redness and also used St. Tropez self tanner and honestly that helped the apprearance A LOT. I also bought Tarte foundation and used that to cover up my chest and arms. Luckily it’s dark in the Miami clubs so I wasn’t very concerned at night. 

    It still looks  pretty bad and is crazy itchy but in the grand scheme of our lives we will get over this hurdle. I have kind of accepted that this might put my dating life on the hold for a bit or at least during the daytime. Don’t let it take over your life and just try to remember that a lot of people have conditions like this that aren’t temporary. If someone asks about it just say it’s a temporary skin condition or I even said to some people in Miami that I was having an allergic reaction so they didn’t ask anymore questions. 

    Hope this helps...stay strong smile 

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      Did it ever clear up for you my patches are all over my chest and back bumps all over my breast side and back now it's spreading to my arms and thighs

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      It’s pretty well all cleared up now. It took about 2 months for me to notice much improvement and it went away in the same order it arrived. It’s completely off my upper body but my shins still have some discoloration that presents itself more when I workout. The only thing that actually helped was tanning. I used the tanning bed a few times a week and made sure I didn’t let myself burn. 

      I really did try everything dandruff shampoo, antiviral meds, steroid cream and even PREEZE which is HORRIBLE and made it so much worse so don’t even try it. 

      Honestly I just made a joke out of the whole situation and called them my chicken pox. You just have to let it go it’s course which sucks.  Hope this helped. 

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      Poor thing! I tried everything too, the dandruff shampoo, tanning, bio oil, tee tree,etc. Prreze is what made mine go away. Sorry to hear it did not work for you. A lot of people on here swear by t.
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    Have you tried Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm? I purchased it and Eucerin Excema Relief at CVS and swear by the results. I had been miserable for weeks after my diagnosis and like you, nothing worked. (2.5 hydrocortizone, cooler showers, neem nothing.) Felt like a freak and was itching like a dog with fleas. Started tanning and taking the l-lysine and felt some relief but the true lifesavers that allowed me to rest and my skin to calm were the two items I mentioned. I dont think the l-lysine provides immediate relief but keep taking it. Im not at 100% but I can look at my body without wanting to cry now and that's HUGE. Please make time for tanning. I used the stand up one for 10 minutes 2x/ week and it really helped. Dried those babies right up. I'd say It's about 80 percent healed. My arm will take more time. Had a 3 day scratch party so its taking a bit longer. Good luck. Ask away if you need specifics. It took me almost a month to find relief and I was so grateful for the forums and had to come back and share.

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    Hiya, I totally get what you’re going through. I was diagnosed with PR today but I have had it for 10 days now. One side is soo itchy and unfortunately I scratched in the night so bad it became infected. The doctor insists I use anti fungal meds but I know they will do nothing. I have bought Aveeno body wash and cream. Even some head and shoulders shampoo as I have heard that helps. I have loads of multi vitamins like zinc and vitamin C as my immune system is terrible atmo. Had a sickness bug too. I was misdiagnosed with chicken pox previously but it spread in that time. 

     I have been really depressed over this crying down the phone to my mum and my boyfriend. I haven’t wanted to leave the house but have to as I am a final year law student. I hate the way I look and pretty much hate myself in general right now. My self-esteem is at an all time low.  I have had panic attacks after noticing more patches. I know it sounds extreme and stress only makes it worse but as I have Bipolar Disorder I have kind of lost it over PR. 

    Thankfully I have none on my face (already have acne there fml).  I tried sunbeds twice when I suspected I had it and it did nothing. However I should add I already have darker skin so maybe it wouldn’t be as effective. Getting very frustrated atmo to say the least.  

    I have heard of prreze too and heard it sometimes cures PR when nothing else works. If none of this stuff works I will buy some from the US (can’t find a seller here in the UK). It is so expensive so I will have to save for it or get my parents to get it which isn’t ideal. I really just want this to be over too! 

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      Poor baby!!!!!! I had PR for over a year, it was certainly an ordeal. It is very unusual for PR to stay that long, most people have it for 6 to 12 weeks. I know how you feel. I worked outside in south Texas. I was in contact with people every day, to put food on the table I had to go to work. People looked at me as if I was some kind of freak. They thought maybe it was contagious. It was certainly ugly and itchy.

      The good news - it will not kill you, it is not contagious, it does go away. After it goes, there will be some skin discoloration, but that fades to body color, and it was like you never had it. You will never take your skin for granted again. 

      I know you are miserable, with very low self esteem, embarrassed, cringing from being out in public. You will get through it, and come out the other side with a lot more confidence. It may not seem so now, but all the little stuff you used to stress about- acne, your hair being too short/long/curly/straight wrong color, your hips being too wide/narrow, whatever, will no longer stress you. You will know that if you survived PR, the rest is a cake walk. Hang in there!

      BTW, Prreze worked for me.

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    My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with PR and it has been a total nightmare. She was prescribed a 60 mg daily dose of  Prednisolone and after 10 days she had all sorts of side effects such as irritability,lack of sleep, stomach and intestine problems, confusion, amongst many others. The patches had nearly gone but she could no longer take this medication. The rashes have come back and we do not know what to do any longer!
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    I am a young guy, and I came down with a rash that had me going crazy. It started with a small itchy patch and grew into a monster that attacked my skin with ugly raised circles that looked like ringworm. I go to the gym almost every day, and people would look at me as though I had the plague. Women who were blowing up my Facebook suddenly wouldn't give me the time of day. The dermatologist did a biopsy and said it was this Pityriasis stuff, and that there was nothing I could do but wait. I did extensive research and scoured the internet for a cure some help something anything!! I went online and found this cream called PrrEze, they are everywhere, and the reviews were great. Some people said it was expensive, but it was less than 50 bucks, a lot less than I spend on a daily basis on gas food etc. It cleared me in a week. I still have some spots that are slowly fading, like their info says, but the rash is gone and the girls and my confidence are back. I can't thank them enough for helping me with my skin! If you have PR cure it with PrrEze!! 

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