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Hi can anyone help me please .

Iv been feeling ill for 18 months 2 years.I have had every blood test under the sun but still can't find why I'm always I'll I have been tested for thyroid several times, my dr thinks it is my thyroid and eventually results will show this.

My results from Yesterday

Serum tsh level 0.59 miu/l (0.5-5.0)

Yah within limits( exclude primary but not secondary hypothyrodism)

Last June

Serum tsh level 0.38 miu/l ( 0.3-5)

Serum free t4 12.6 pmo/l (12.22)

Last May

Serum tag 0 42 miu/l ( 0.3-5)

Very tired all the time

Immune system rubbish pick every infection up

Constant sore throat

Ear problems



Cold/ hot

Sweat alot

Aching muscles

Slow thoughts

Terrible memory

Cramp in legs




I have a multinodual goiter.

I'm so fed up at going back to the drs constantly. Please can someone help me with my results.many thanks

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    What were your Free T4 & Total T3 results?

    TSH on its own doesn't say that much, it needs to be read beside T4 & T3 to get a complete picture.

    I would suggest having TFTs done frequently to check how you're going.

    Sorry I can't be of more help



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    Hello Lisa I felt the same I just thought I was getting old and working to hard ? But it wasn't so after a year I was told I had paratyroidisum and on the 4th of December I had the operation? I was very poorly after but it was managed at home.

    I am now feeling a bit better some of my symptoms have gone the ache have gone totally thank goodness but some are still here for now.

    Seeing the consultant on the 30th Jan and having my first bloods tomorrow so we shall see what the levels are but I do understand how bad u feel cuz I really struggled with everyday life? But keep shouting at the doctors to help u .

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    A lot of your symptoms sound like  Meniere's Disease, ear vertigo disease, and a history of Lyme or Epstein bar which even when inactive will show up you had and can read false results. I spent years of my life before they diagnosed my Costal Contritus, I have Hashimoto however T4 T3 normal Tsh fluctuates and my antibody high, allergic to Snythroid, 


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    Thyroid peroxidase antibody (TPO)—the most common test for autoimmune thyroid disease; it can be detected in Graves disease or Hashimoto thyroiditis. Thyroglobulin antibody(TGAb)— this antibody targets thyroglobulin, the storage form of thyroid hormones ... this presents like having a thyroid problem but with out the numbers backing it up. I had this for years before they caught it, and that was after i had then run the test. look up hashimotos thyroiditis.
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      I think my dr is fed up with giveing me blood tests for my thyroid, but I'm convinced I have something wrong , especially with my symptoms and multinodual goiter.I don't want to feel like this anymore and I would rather not have thyroid problems.very frustrating.

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      I understand I went through it all. The Dr looking at me like i am a hypochondriac. I finally got them to do the PTAB test and it showed it was not in my head. just remember it is your body and you know there is something off you just have to see it through.
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    I agree Thyroid problems can leave you feeling like c**p! Having lived through it I understand! Can you push for referral to an Endocrinologist? 

    The problem is also even if they find & start to treat you for Thyroid disease it can take months & months before you feel anything like 'normal'! It took me the best part of a year!!

    From beginning to diagnosis it was about 15 years I was ill! Like you I was viewed as some kind of hypochondriac by the GPs I saw at our surgery! Admittedly once I detected the MNG things started happening! I had bloods & a scan, but by the time the appt for the scan came through I had already been referred to Endo as I was Hyperthyroid!

    Has your goitre been scanned & FNA done?

    If you are getting the palpitations & fluttering in your chest, stress that to your GP! Heart conditions should never be dismissed & Thyroid disease can give you the racing heart etc which can only be determined by testing as to whether it is heart related or Thyroid related!

    There is a very good book by an American Endocrinologist, The Thyroid Solution. It is very interesting reading & can give you information to approach your own doctor with. 

    Maybe you could start with keeping a temperature diary, taken when you 1st get up. As metabolism is affected by the Thyroid that's a good place to start. Also a diary of how you are feeling & any symptoms. If you can give your doctor data as to how this is affecting your life they may be a little more sympathetic. Go armed with evidence & facts.

    Good luck



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    LIsa, HI I'm 72 and only FINALLY aft 15 years correctly diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid/ Hashimoto's. argh. And soon after with a female hormone imbalance that affects the genitals. argh. ON the way to solving that with every shred of evidence I discovered and my cardiologist (I'm 72) confirms that autoimmune iseaes are PANdemic, Thyroid are epidemic... AND, VITAMIND D3 and K2 are worldwide DEFICIENT. get it? Vitamin D (and it's cofactors of magnesium, boron, K2 and omega-3) may be the CAASE Of all these avrious diseases. I started taking 15,000 units aday until I could get to my integrative doctor who said that was fine. I've learned that D levels less that 60-70ng/dl will not cure autoimmune issues.  Ask your doc for the results of your blood work that includes the VIt. D if he gives you the standard schpeel that yoyu are at 32 ng/dl find another doctor who is more knowleegalbe about hte amazing research that has been coming out about D in the last 12 years.   

    Oh, yes, and has your list (I'm usually on the Lichen sclerosus list)  been talking aobut the need for a leaky gut diet with any of these autoimmune issues?  that is also a needed protocol for healing. 

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