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Thyroid and Parathyroid Disorders

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  • nickh16 1
  • anita96 1

    Weight Gain After Thyroid Removal

    I am due to have my Thyroid removed in the next couple of months and have been told i will be prescribed Thyroxene afterwards. I have recently searched the internet for more info and have repeatedly come across horror stories of people gaining lots of weight. The specialist and surgeon i spoke to did...

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  • jan.h 3

    best of OR near total Thyroidectomy????

    hi after 15 months of awful Graves' disease symptoms, my thyroid just won't respond to anything, supplements, medicine's a goner so my Endocrinologist says it's time to consider treatment surgically, and recommended me for a Near total thyroidectomy, ie , leaving the Parathyroid glands . having...

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  • jean65600 2
  • victoria13635 2

    Do goiters increase and decrease in size?

    When I was first told I have Hashimoto's, the Dr said I had a goiter. I did not notice it and it was never mentioned again. Well, my antibodies soared and the Dr ordered an ultrasound. I was told it was ok and nothing more said. I had a photo taken before the scan, professional photo. It came in the...

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  • anticloud 1

    Does this sound familiar?

    For the last few years I have been having a lot of issues. Flushing, sore throat, pain in the center of my chest, trouble losing weight, crazy fatigue, dry skin, and other things I am sure I am forgetting (did I mention brain fog?) So the primary has given me the thyroid blood test a few times. My...

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  • venice72611 1

    Failed parathyroid surgery

    Found out I had some kidney stones in 2015. Did blood work and found high calcium in my blood also pth was Did an ultrasound and found a parathyroid tumor. Did a surgery which failed, still having fluctuating pth even though the calcium show normal. Now I end up with osteoporosis, and my spine is a...

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  • chelseat1999 2
  • maggie7848 2

    Maggie 7848

    It's now 5months since I had a parathyroid tumour removed . I thought I would be back to full fitness but unfortunately I'm still feeling tired with no energy. I've had my blood results back and other than my calcium being a little low now all seems to be fine. As anyone else had the same problem. ?...

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  • cjmort 1

    Calcium and PTH fluctuating for several years

    Hi there, Over the last three and a half years, I've had fluctuating calcium levels and PTH levels. I have Hashimoto's as well, but it's well managed.  My calcium (both ionized and serum) tend to be slightly too high, but a test done early this May showed that my ionized calcium was too low despite...

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  • catherine198923 2

    Well-defined complex Nodules.. is this bad?

    Hello everyone.. I had my Neck ultrasound last Saturday cause I have an odd feelings on my right thyroid lobe. And the findings of my ultrasound was here: "Both thyroid lobes are normal in size. There is a small well -defined complex nodules at the right thyroid lobe. The right thyroid lobe measures...

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  • joan ne 1

    thyroid swelling

    i found a swelling in my right side of my neck panicking i went straight to the doctors who said it was my thyroid. I was given a blood test and sent home after worrying for 5 days i got my results telling me tsh levels high. panicking again i booked in to see a consultant privately who told me i have...

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  • mini19816074458 2

    Ultrasound thyroid

    Could some one tell me how serious is the following RIGHT LOBE: 4.3 x 1.7 x 1.6cm Homogeneous echotexture without solid or cystic nodule. Normal color flow. LEFT LOBE: 4.0 x 1.7 x 1.3cm Complex nodule is identified in the left thyroid lobe measuring 1.4 x 1.1 x 0.6 cm. This demonstrates cystic nature...

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  • victoria13635 2

    tiny red and blue dots on ultrasound

    I had an ultrasound done yesterday as my antibodies are extremely high for the past 6+ months. I had a hard time watching the screen, but at one point, I saw dozens of tiny red and blue dots on the screen. They were about the size of a pen dot, small and scattered, but not in a huge area. More like in...

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  • karenskip 3

    Thyroid nodule on scan?

    I had a neck ultrasound on a Monday to check a lumpy thing like a boil on the back of neck. It had been there for years and never changed and was assumed a lymph node but got infected and swelled and I had neck swelling too. I had the scan on the Monday afternoon and was told there were no lymph nodes,...

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  • andrea085 2

    Blood test help and trachea deviation??

    Hi all, A couple of months ago I felt a lump in my neck and my doctor sent me for an ultrasound which showed multinodular goiter with 6 nodules. The largest is 5cmx2cm. It showed no trachea deviation. This week I had a CT on my spine which incidentally showed the goiter now with posterior extension...

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  • sandra13129 1
  • lst863 2


    I am suffering with pain in my throat, in the right side above my collarbone, little burning in my throat, feel like swallowing a rock, painful to swallow, felt like something is pressing against my windpipe, tender to touch. I went to ENT to check it out. He said I have Thyroiditis and he told me to...

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  • christylovechic 1

    thyroidectomy due to goiter and cysts

    A goiter started to develop in May 2016 by September 2016 I had a large goiter and trouble with swallowing and speech . by December I had 8 cysts had an ultrasound that found the cysts then a fn biopsy of the large cysts 4 of them then thyroidectomy shortly after Christmas December 2016. All has been...

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  • rachelinestes 2


    Ii have had hypothroidesem since I was 13. Around 35 years. Took synthroid never felt better. I started armor 9 mo ago. Now I'm taking 90 mg armor. I feel somewhat better. This new encro. Said I probly have hashimotos what dose this mean. Just had levels checked. TSH 2.67 ( first time ever that I can...

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  • deadrave 1

    TSH didn't change after i changed my dosage?

    I have had total thyroidectomy so now i live excusively on thyroid pills. Due to going hypothyroid  (TSH - 27)  while on levothyroxine dosage of: 150mg,  dosage was increased to 200mg, after 3 months TSH  was 0.04,  so dosage was decreased to 175mg, here lies the problem, after 35 days  i test myself...

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  • DocL 2


    I will be having surgery soon and am now terrified that I will uncontrollably gain weight...I have read several personal accounts from those who had surgery and they could not stop from gaining weight from diet or just keep piling on!  Please say it isn't so!

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  • anne10359 2

    Parathyroidectomy and thyroidectomy.

    I had Graves Disease.  When sent to an endocrinologist, he noticed my raised blood calcium and realized I also had a parathyroid adenoma.  Because I reacted to the 2 meds that can control Graves Disease, my thyroid had to be either removed or destroyed by they did an op removing both my...

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  • ivil 1

    very weak and sleepy after parathyroidectomy

    I had a parathyroid gland removed on Thursday (four days ago). The surgeon was very happy - PTH fell already during the operation and my calcium was normal when they discharged me. I have since developed pins and needles and have been taking calcium supplement. The scar itself doesn't bother me at...

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  • remygirl 3

    High thyroglobulin

    For the past 6 months I have been expercining fatigue, muscle weakness, weight loss 20 pounds, can't gain weight, anxiety, tachycardia, fluctuating blood pressure l, dizziness, headaches, hypersensitivity, flushes and flares, weird nerve problems, stomach problems, and so much more.I can't work or do...

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  • jan.h 3

    RAI treatment for Graves....scared

    after a long haul fighting my severe T3 Toxicosis  , my body is worn out, all my joints ache, from carbimazole I'm to,d, and I'm longing to feel myself again , enjoy my life. i can't keep taking meds , my system doesn't respond , so I've been recommended to have Radioactive iodine therapy and sent away...

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  • ander35 2

    Increased Synthorid feel off

    I was tested at tsh 5.5 (range .45-4.7) and Free t4 1.3 range (.71-1.85) and I had hypo symptoms of brain fog, severe fatigue. I've heard the ideal range to feel good is upper 75% of Free t4 range, by the way. Sop she raised me from 88 to 100 mcg Syntrhoid and now I feel not myself and anxious after...

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  • gg1956 1

    Total thyroid removal still weak and fatigued

    I had my total thyroid removed on April 18, 2017. I am still so weak and fatigued. I also have terrible headaches since surgery. How long does the fatigue and weakness last and after this type of surgery? Has anyone else and countered headaches after surgery? I need some insight please! Thank you

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  • julie66419 2

    Thyroid nodules newly found on xray

    I have had issues with fatigue and not feeling right for at least a month. I have had a fullness in my neck that feels like a tight collar. I had an ultrasound of my carotids for an unrelated issue and they found I have two thryoid nodules each over 1 cm in my thyroid. A complete thyroid ultrasound showed...

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  • Grasshopper2000 2

    Is it hashimotos?

    My daughter already has one autoimmune condition and is being tested for more. The blood test form said this is what was being tested: UE, FBC2, T, B, NANAS and CRP I have been told by the receptionist that all the tests have come back fine, no action needed. However, my daughter has loads of symptoms...

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  • gg1956 1

    Total thyroid removal still weak and fatigued

    I had my total thyroid removed on April 18, 2017. I am still so weak and fatigued. I also have terrible headaches since surgery. How long does the fatigue and weakness last and after this type of surgery? Has anyone else and countered headaches after surgery? I need some insight please! Thank you

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  • cscarlett 2

    Does one always have a goitre with hashimoto's?

    Hi there, I am 19 and have all symptoms of an under active thyroid, my current TSH levels are 4.9. My mother also suffers from hypothyroidism and is takeing levothyroxine however I have not been diagnosed. It was suggested that there is the potential I could have Hashimoto's, does one always have a goitre...

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  • maggie7848 2


    Hi I had a parathyroid tumour removed on the 11/1/17 after experiencing joint pain tiredness funny heads heart palpating and so on. I also have kidney stones.  I thought once the operation was done everything would go back to normal and I would have the energy to go to the gym and do the things I used...

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  • paulpenno 2

    Vitamin D deficiency swollen thyroid gland

    I am a 25 year old male from Leeds in the uk. I was recently diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency and I am on 40,000 IU per month for 3 months. I have been doing some research and have also started taking magnesium supplements. I have a sore thyroid (could be parathyroid as it feels further back than...

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  • andrea085 2

    High free T4 normal TSH and free T3?

    I thought I had Hashimoto's as I have goiter, intermittent hypo symptoms etc. TSH two weeks ago was 2.96 This week TSH 1.13 (0.3-4) Free T4 20.6 (9.8-18.8) Free T3 4.8 (3.5-6.5) TG Ab 30 (<60) TPO Ab 28 (<60) Any idea why T4 would be high when others are normal? And is there a chance it is Hashimoto's...

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