Thyroid Possible Cancer? Share your symptoms?

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Hi Everyone,

Normally, I write frequently in the GI threads and now it seems I'm back to my thyroid.

First, I want to stress that we are all in control of our health. I'm struggling to type and write, as my cognitive abilities are straining, lacking. I feel as though I lost 40 IQ points in the last year. I struggle with memory, I'm very weak and extremely exhausted.

I have had previous surgeries to have cysts removed. Hysterectomy at 28. Appendix at 16, Gall bladder removal at 38. which all made me very sick. Now that I'm 45, I can say I have never been so I'll.

About 4 years ago, I went to the ER, as I was weak and very ill. Blood Tests confirmed mono, but I was told I had a node on my Thyroid which was very small and I shouldn't be concerned, most people have these and are fine. I was also told I had Deginerative disc disease at the same time. The Thyroid node was very concerning to me, as my mother passed away from her node, her node also metastasized into her lungs. she was scheduled for surgery to remove said node, the morning she passed away. As you can see, the node bothered me.

In the county I live in, there are only 3 Endocrinologists in my area and set up an appointment as soon as possible, which was 4 months away. I finally went in, he performed an ultrasound and even though I stated my concerns over family history. He said there was no need to worry, no need for further testing, it was too small to remove, and so we are going to monitor ever 6 months. Each follow-up appointment, was the same discussion. No need to worry, it's growing, but growing slowly. no worries. No Testing, see you in 6 months.

After my last appointment 13 months ago, he said I will see you next year. It's growing so slowly, we can now see each other once per year.

After the first initial visit with the endocrinologist, I seemed to never get over mono it seemed. Constantly sick to my stomach, tachycardia episodes. Migraines, losing my vision, throbbing behind my eyes. Throbbing pain that would come and go.

6 months after meeting the Endocrinologist, started hospital stays. My triglycerides were high at 2600. My blood pressure was sky high. Potassium low, calcium high TSH 3.15.

Testing was done throughout, stress tests, cardiograms, ultrasounds on my heart. I have boughts of diahrrea and constipation. Was diagnosed with IBD. Later with a hernia right side, upper stomach and hernia where my stomach is going into my lung area.

Through the last 4 year's I've been treated like a hypochondriac, because I'm sick. Told I'm just depressed, side effect of IBD. All my doctors as of 6 months ago, I fired. I've started over again, but just recently because I quit my job, I'm truly I'll. Since last October, I'm on antinausea, I've lost 50 lbs and can't think my way out of a wet bag. I now have 3 golf ball size cysts on my thyroid, mid throat and under my tongue. I have a new baby cyst on my pancreas, but my Now doc says it's probably a fatty deposit, I have a small cyst in my liver and my pcp says it's probably just a blood clot.

So let me get this straight. let's all assume, not eating, vomiting, Diaharrea, weakness, lethargic, extreme thirst, headaches, pain up my neck and now extends into my brain. coughing, chocking on water, I feel like I have a bone stuck on my throat. I want to stick a hanger down my throat to remove the blockage, I'm desperate for relief. I have horse voice, lose my voice and always clearing my throat, and I never ask for pain medication, because then I would be a drug attic. I did ask for prednisone but was denied.

I have to have help to the bathroom, I never leave my home now and my consists of taking medicine and just keeping water down.

I have another ultrasound on Thursday, but I feel like it's pointless. I'm tired of arguing with everyone. I use a walker to get around, but ready to use wheel chair full time, I'm so weak. I'm scared to death because I feel like I'm dying and I'm the only person fighting for me and now I'm too weak. my last TSH was 1.3.

Any ideas? Anyone out there with thyroid cancer have the same symptoms? Anyone have any advice for me? Help!

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    I cant really help, but felt I had to answer, so you know there are people out there who 'get it'. I was near to tears reading your story.

    I have Graves and Hashi so not the same. Have you had your antibodies tested? Are you on any thyroid meds?

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      No thyroid meds, no one has brought it up, they keep telling me I'm fine and let's see what Thursdays ultrasound says. I have a high red blood cell count, high wbc for over 3 years no one can explain to me. I currently take Proton pump inhibitors, 750 mg of potassium, lisinopril, fenofibrate, Advil and my precious ondedestron which I have to fight for like it's a narcotic. that's what I take and some days, like today I'm lucky to take my antinausea and lisinopril. thank you for responding...i have to figure this out. iits so hard when you can't think straight any more.

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    Sorry to hear, you are feeling so bad. I had to have parathyroid surgery about 9 months ago, but even after surgery I just did not feel well. What I have found through extensive research is that most are deficient in potassium and magnesium no matter how well we eat and many are deficient in copper despite all of the talk of copper toxicity. I had a rbc copper test (not copper serum test, it must be a rbc copper test), and found I was low in copper. Please look up copper deficiency on you tube and see how vital it is to have normal levels. I began to supplement with magnesium chloride powder and potassium bicarbonate powder every day and taking b vitamins and I started to feel better after being so sick I could barely walk, extremely dizzy, severe muscle weakness, thyroid nodule, tpo antibodies over 3000, pre diabetic, bone pain joint pain, I could go on and on with the symptoms. Hopefully this helps, also along with copper, magnesium, and potassium, please check your iodine levels, most are low in iodine, I definitely was deficient in iodine also. It takes time, but I was told I had anxiety and it was in my head, obviously it wasn't. Just go on you tube and check deficiency in all of these minerals I mentioned so you can understand the effect they have on the body, again I hope this helps, God Bless

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