PLEASE HELP Weight loss, Constant nausea, dizziness, head pains, digestive problems

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Hi there

My partners health has been declining for a few months now - started just before Christmas and although we've made a few trips to our doctors and he's had a few blood tests, they've not found anything.

He's gone down at least 2 Jean sizes unintentionally in a short space of time and is noticeably thinner than his previously healthy self.

He says he has no appetite and is almost constantly nauseous so he isn't eating properly. On the rare occasion he does eat properly, he ends up vomiting.

He struggles going to the bathroom and has stomach aches when he needs to go.

When he stands he gets dizzy, often enough to lose his balance and fall over.

He thinks it's a mixture of him no longer eating meat, a reduction in his antidepressants and no longer smoking canabis (which he has for a few years up until the past couple of weeks)

- because the quitting smoking is so recent I don't believe that to be the reason, although it obviously did help him to eat but I believe it was more working to help his appetite through an existing problem.

He stopped eating meat around Christmas and I suspect help has a b12 deficiency so have been buying him vitamin supplements to try helping this.

The medication he is taking is amitriptyline (previously 100mg, now only 50mg)

He sometimes has very sharp sudden pains in the left side of his head that are strong enough to be debilitating.

I'm very worried as he's still losing weight rapidly, he won't eat and is just so down and miserable, I feel like I'm losing him and there's nothing I can do. Not even the very recent birth of our twin boys is helping to being him out of this and we all need him to be back to his previously happy, healthy self.

I'm so worried this is something very serious and no doctor is picking up on it.

Please if anyone has any insight or advice, please comment. I'm so lost and desperate to help him.

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    Hi Lindsay how awful that your having to deal with this without any support for either of you, you say he has quit the pot smoking and dropped his amitriptyline down by 50% as well, was this done with medical supervision?? He's obviously not that old as you say you have just had twins, congratulations that's lovely.

    So what blood tests did they do

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      Thank you for replying and my apologies for previous (and most likely upcoming) typos, this phone loves to wrongly 'correct' me.

      We've been together for nearly 5 years and he has smoked cannabis for the whole time I've known him - please no harsh judgement, it might just seem like a biased defense but he's never been a 'typical pot head' he's actually always been incredibly hard working, both in his career and at home. He's an executive chef, working very long and late hours, and has always just used it as a way to switch off from work mode and get himself settled and able to eat as he never eats during work (he says being around food so much actually kills his appetite) although this never contributed to any weight loss before. He has now quit anyway and won't be going back to it.

      He started suffering some psychological side effects from long term use of his amitriptyline so spoke with his doctor about lowering his dose with the eventual goal of quitting all together. The doctor didn't have a great deal of knowledge of this particular drug and advised an immediate halving of his dose for 2 weeks (from 100mg to 50mg), followed by halving again for two weeks before stopping completely but from what has previously been discussed with other doctors, along with what I've read from the experience of others, this would be too much too soon.

      He tried for a couple of days but felt horrific so he's lowered his dose a little slower by going from 75mg for a few weeks, then 50mg for a few weeks (most of what I've read recommends doing each lowered dose for 3-4 weeks at a time instead) he's felt much less withdrawal symptoms doing it this way.

      I'm pleased to report that the past few days he has actually gotten some of his appetite back although still having digestive problems and the sharp head pains along with dizziness.

      So far he's been checked for diabetes, red blood cell count, iron levels - one doctor believed he was anemic but ruled it out after iron levels came back fine, although he's showing clear signs of B12 deficiency.

      I believe he's also had a thyroid function blood test bu unsure of any others that may have been included in that one as there were a few listed.

      Do you possibly have any suggestions as to what they could test for?

      I should also mention, he has previously had hemorrhoids and had them removed via banding op November 2016. He has recently noticed bleeding again when going to thebathroom but no noticeable hemorrhoids returned.

      He's had issues with heart palpitations for years, sometimes causing him to be hospitalised after collapsing but never been diagnosed with an actual heart condition.

      He's 28 years old but each time he's been in hospital, doctors and nurses have commented on him causing his body too much strain/stress with overworking and having health problems much more typical of an older man.

      Any responses/suggestions much appreciated.

      Thank you in advance.

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      Hi Lindsey, 

      this sounds very similar to what is happening to me. It's not exact but some similar aspects . I have had lots of tests and they have found a few things but nothing sinister as yet. I have gerd and take nexium beta blockers for palpitations and tamulosin for BPH . More recently I have been having similar symptoms to your partner and recently started losing weight. 

      Are you getting any answers ? He seems very young to be having these problems I'm 51. 

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    Hi Lindsey! I am really sorry your husband and you are going thru this with no much help. I am 25 years old and been through a lot of gi problems. Has been tested for virus and bacteria? You might want to start him in bone broth, it has a lot of vitamins and minerals and does wonders foe thew stomach. Maybe have a journal with daily foods consume and see reactions. In my [personal opinion cannabis is not bad, it might even help him. Perhaps he can try a different form; eatables, oils..

    Hope this brainstormer helps.

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    I understand what your partner must be experiencing at this point in time. I would rather suggest drinking plenty of water so that toxins from the body flashes out.  It is very important to keep the body dehydrated. Also, you have mentioned that instead of weight loss, weight gain was observed. This could be due to side effects of the chemical compounds based medicines that you have consumed. I have heard that natural weight loss supplement is the best way to lose weight. As this is prepared from the natural plant parts, it is safe to use. You can also try some natural weight loss pills that are easily available today at the reputed online store. 

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