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Weight Loss and Gain - Unintentional

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  • sree12945 2

    I m worried I have some cancer

    I lost nearly 7 kg weight 8 months ago. After that I have been eating so much to gain weight but nothing is happening .. I eat 6 times a day now . But not gaining any weight . I only have 48 kg , height of 5'6" . I m really worried I have some cancer.

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  • babsc52 2

    Unintentional weight loss

    I have lost over a stone in weight since the beginning of the year though not intentionally I have had every blood test under the sun, chest x-ray, CT scan but nothing is showing up I have never been overweight, weighing just over 9 stone, but now I am 8st 2lb and seem to be losing around 1 lb a

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  • anon68 2

    I've been eating normally/extra but losing weight.

    I've always been on the skinny side, but I've lost about half a stone in the last few weeks and am now only about 8 stone 3lb making me underweight for my height (just under 5 feet 8 inches). I have been stressed and busy, but have been more stressed and busier in my life without losing weight like

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  • kay19801 3

    Really do not know what to do.....

    Hi all Will keep this very suffer from severe Health Anxiety, as from January this year I have been checked for lung cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, FBC's (all normal thank goodness) however now I am afraid I have colon I have lost 7lbs in nearly 7 weeks, have had

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  • MarieAzzi84 3
  • anon68 2

    Trying to gain weight without raising cholesterol

    I'm trying to gain weight having lost about half a stone and now having a bmi of less than 18. However, recent blood tests show my cholesterol to be quite high (190 for max normal of 200). The HDL is 67 which again is at the top end, but I think this is the "good" cholesterol (it says max of 70). I don'

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  • Boris Wagner 2

    I don't know what's going on

     A have noticed that I have lost a large amount of weight in a very short amount of time. I lost around 10 pounds in 3 and a half weeks. I was 164 pounds know I am 154 pound and I do not know why. I did not change my diet at all, and I do not exercise. I have had some appetite loss but that seems

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  • jos321 2

    Weight loss unintentional?

    Ive recently been losing weight when i shouldnt of, been eating bad and no gym but the weight is falling off me. Im also getting strange shooting pains/sensations all over my body. I do have quite bad anxiety but am not on medication. Anyone else experiencing this?? I do nothing but worry every day

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  • james71998 2
  • shak2340 2

    Weight loss after stopping medication

    Hi I just have a quick question I'm a male 28 years old and I hope some one can help,I was on amtitriplyine for 2 years 25mg to 50mg and I did gain weight.I came off this medication towards the end of October this year and I've lost weight without excises.I weighed myself start of last month and I

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  • Rayadeluna 1

    LOST weight on CORTEF GAINED weight off of it...

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with Addison's for 1.5 years and have been on Cortef the entire time. I have weight issues where I loose alot of weight, at one point I lost up to 20 lbs and then I'll rapidly gain it back. During the last weight loss, I went down to 135 from 155 lbs and during the time

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  • manofsteel89 2

    Facial weight loss

    Hi I've lost over stone and a half since Xmas it happened in a month and my face has sunk in like my cheek bones are really visible I feel ill all the time I have gd appetite any input would be appreciated

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  • Witsend 2

    Unexplained weight loss

    Hi, I am new to this and would really appreciate your thoughts and advice. About 9 weeks ago I got indigestion and heartburn in the bottom of my breastbone (the start of the stomach from the oesophagus) and took some Gaviscon. This didn’t do anything so after a week I went to the GP who said it

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  • UK-Ven-medicate 6

    Drastic Weight loss

    in 3-4 weeks I have lost over 1 stone. This is not planned and I whilst Ima all sort of medication for back pain amongst other things. I cant understand what is happening to me. My GP has sent bloods away for test on thyroid, Liver and Pancreas and they are all back clear. The GP says it's not the

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  • amy50971 2

    Weight loss and loosing faith

    I'm 20 years old and under medical investigation I have close to 3 stone in 10 months with no change to diet no increase in exercise. My blood tests are coming back normal been tested all the usual hepatitis a,b and c hiv and Tb all negative. Ct scan done but won't get results until 22nd. My issue

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  • TJCH 1

    Im starving but i cant/dont want to eat

    Im 19 years old, 5 feet tall and 87 pounds.. Im pretty much always hungry but can never seem to eat.  Sometimes I feel too sick to eat, other times I just dont want to and cant force myself.  Im basically only eating enough to get by, maybe less than 500 calories a day.  It has been going on for a

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  • josie56351 1

    unexplained weight loss off and on for eight years

    hi, ​i am 57 years old and suddenly lost 17 pounds in 2008 after a very traumatic series of events. I maintained that new weight for many years but began to do a slow weight loss spiral in 2014. at that point, I was told I had pancreatic insufficincy by my gastroenterologist after haivng many

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  • jennifer01247 2

    Concerned for my weight loss

    Im seroiously concerned about my weight! I used to weigh in at around 160 while going through menopause and it bothered me somewhat but i wasnt focused on it. When my mother got older ,as we were very close i would go over to her apartment several times a week or take her to all of her doctor appts

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  • alym137 1

    Gained weight on Antidpresaants and can't shift it

    Hi I went on to 20mg of fluoxetine last October. I have suffered various eating disorders from a young age and before I went on the medication I was losing weight. I am not under weight at all, I am very active and very healthy in my diet. Yet I shou up 14lbs on the meds and can't even drop a

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  • echobrie 2
  • kmdj1997 1

    I'm gaining weight every !

    Hi there guys  I hope one of you guys have been in this predicament as me so please do suggest/help me  Here we can i just say that i'm active person, i do walk my dog 30 mins a day i have active job and i do exercise PLUS i do watch what i eat please tell me whats going on with me

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  • kpm 2

    Bigger belly and dizziness

    Hi I'm currently suffering from what seems like permanent dizziness and I appear to be getting fatter! 2-3 weeks ago I noticed I was feeling bloated quite regularly and finding it hard to finish a meal. 1 week ago I started feeling dizzy after eating 5 days ago the dizziness became permanent and

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  • vickimar 1

    Constant and expensive weight gain after hydroxycut

    I took 8 pills of hydroxycut and didn't eat all day about a year ago now I keep gaining weight little by little everyday. I don't know what to do. I've gone to doctors they've drawn blood and nothing. They couldn't find anything wrong I don't know what to do I'm afraid I'm going to wake up one day

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  • kay19801 3

    Panic and scared

    Hi all Huge anxiety sufferer here! Ive been having bowel issues for about 3 weeks now, alternating movements but for the last 3 days the movements are narrower and slushy! Im 35 female and worry i have colon cancer. Ive weighed myself today and lost 4lbs within 2 weeks and not trying! Im very

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  • chloe78022 2


    Hi everyone, this is really random but just wanted to know if its possible or anyone has experienced it also. Im usual on the injection depo provera but it ran out and i went straight onto the pill. Ive been on it a month and have started to lose weight! No diet or lifestyle changes. I remember

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  • babsc52 2

    Unintentional weight loss

    at first I thought I had an overactive thyroid as I was losing weight, hair thinning, a bit hyper and shaky all blood tests negative since May 5th I have lost 6lb and now weigh 8st 5lb i don't feel unwell and the shaking isn't as bad my doctor just keeps saying to have another blood test in 6 weeks

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  • Guest 1
  • katharineaw 1

    Unintentional Facial weight loss.. vit deficiency?

    hi there, I've suddenly had dramatic facial weight loss, loss of volume over the past few months, maybe past month or two. Its quite extreme and I suddenly look so much older than before. I'm only 32 and suddenly look much older than I did even 4 months its pretty distressing. I have been

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  • puggu 1
  • youlethal 1
  • jademcniven1992 1

    Please Help Me, I cant lose weight at all.

    Hi everyone, i need advise i need help, i was diagnosed with IBS after giving birth to my son 3 years ago, I have honestly hand on heart tried all diets, I am 23 years old and I am sitting at 17 stone you wouldn't think it looking at me but the weight is creeping more and more and im starting to

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  • amy50971 2

    Drastic unintentional weight loss

    I am a 20 year old female struggling with getting doctors to take me seriously!! Have not felt right since the beginning of this year, the beginning of this year I was just over 11 stone, then at the end of January my appendix ruptured and I had emergency surgery, I started loosing weight after

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  • Weecara 3

    Why I am heavier than I look?

    I'm 22 and about 5ft 9/10 and weight about 12st 7 which is overweight for my height and I wear a size 14 sometimes if I'm lucky a 12. I have always been a big girl but I remember still being a size 12 when I was 10st. I hate the way I look since I carry my weight on top I'm not an apple as I do

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  • Witsend 2

    2kg weight loss

    Hello I am a little concerned that I am losing weight without trying. I am a anxious person by nature and have been going through a couple of health issues over the past year with nasal polyps and IBS. I thought I was getting to grips with things until today when the Dr took my weight and I have

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  • dorothy46784 2

    Weight Gain from Fish Oil Supplements

    Hi, I recently increased my Fish Oil Supplements because they say its good for many things and can help the moisture/tearing condition of your eyes.  However,  after slowly increasing my intact over the last few weeks, I started noticing I was up 2 pounds and then I was up another 2 pounds and it

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