Please share your blepharitis treatment routine & other info

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I was thinking it might be useful for new visitors to this board to see where the rest of us are with our symptoms and treatment. Please consider posting with answers to the prompts below - only the information you feel comfortable sharing, of course!

















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    I'll go first!



    SYMPTOMS (AT HEIGHT OF OUTBREAK): Massive uncontrollable tearing, some pus overnight, puffy, red all around my eyes, scaly, greasy, flaky, rough, dark red eyelids, stys, weird itchiness around my eye socket, excruciating itchiness, scratchy sandy feeling, blurred vision.

    TREATMENTS TRIED: Using dandruff shampoo on my head, cleansing the insides of my eye rims with q-tips, cleansing the insides of my eye rims with q-tips dipped in diluted baby shampoo, extra-careful, rigorous eye cleansing, using a fresh flannel to dry my face for every cleansing.

    CURRENT SEVERITY AND SYMPTOMS: Almost total remission (98-100% normal)

    CURRENT TREATMENTS: I gently but thoroughly wash my eyes with bare fingertips using a specific routine, twice a day. If I have any symptoms at all, I cleanse the insides of my eyelash rims with q-tips soaked in hot water twice a day.


    MAKE-UP: I use Body Shop eyeliner and regular mascara every day. I seldom use eye shadow or blush, never use foundation.

    SKINCARE PRODUCTS: I cleanse my eyes with SBT Seabuckthorn Berry Bar. I moisturise with SBT Seabuckthorn day cream during the day, and SBT Seabuckthorn seed oil mixed with olive oil at night.

    GROOMING ROUTINES: I wash my face gently with clean fingertips for 60 seconds twice a day, then I apply moisturiser or oil to damp skin. I don't use dandruff shampoo any more.


    DIET: Mostly vegan. I am a non-smoking, no drugs teetotaller. I exercise about 7 hours per week.

    SUPPLEMENTS: 2x super-once-a-day multivitamin, 2x each SBT Single Source & Berry Flavones, 2x calcium-magnesium, 4x kyolic garlic, 1x iron.

    OTHER CONDITIONS/DRUGS: Ramipril daily, Fiorinal occasionally, for HBP and migraines.



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      Hi NatalieLanovill

      I have already posted a reply but i would just like to add i am a non-smoker and very rarely drink alcohol.I have just started to use mascara where as before it was mascara only if i was going anywhere special.

      Cant exercise have really bad  back  hence the morphine  <>PREGABALYN<>

      I also take <> ANADIN LIQUITABS<>

      <> ORAMORPH<> (liquid morphine) as well as MORPHINE patches

      <> FACET JOINT INJECTIONS IN HIPS<> I   have  arthritis

      in hips knees and neck also spondolosis i use eye drops (optrix for tired  eyes)


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    This will be approximate



    SYMPTOMS (AT HEIGHT OF OUTBREAK):  Excessive Tears, Red rims, red eyelids,  itchy eyelids, sticky eyes, pus.

    TREATMENTS TRIED:  Hospital Consultant for 3 years {every 3 months approx}

    Eye Hygiene,......Clean face cloth heated on eyes for 10 mins, then massage, after that wash with baby shampoo/without baby shampoo.....change the cloths for amicrowaveable eye mask.  Various steriod drops prescriped. Various ointments prescribed

    CURRENT SEVERITY AND SYMPTOMS:  Almost gone!!! {about 2 months now}

    CURRENT TREATMENTS:Use wet ones {original pack} I'm in the UK the pack in the USA differs .See Lyndas thread.  It varies how many times a day I do it....At the height pf the problem it was  times but now.....morning, night, and during the day it depends where I am and what I'm doing.

    OTC eyedrops, a very ordinary lubricating eye cream from Boots the Chemist, {if they itch a bit or if the corner are sore I use that} Still do the cleansing but not as much and just warm water with a cloth. HOT makes them itch again.


    Cleansing I have mentioned......

    Make up.....have always worn foundation through this, blusher and lipstick.

    Still cannot use eyeshadow....They start to water again after a while.

    I never did use much mascara or eye liner so not using that.

    Any moisturising cream that I like.




    CURRENT LIFESTYLE  Vegetarian.....Teetotal....non smoker  Cant exercise because of the mobility problems i have {well not a lot}



    OTHER CONDITIONS/DRUGS:Osteo Arthritis, Kypho scoliosis {C shape curve in my back} Osteoporosis Epilepsy {well controlled  33 years now but still take meds}


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    I have never posted on a forum before but I would like to share my story.

    My first symptoms were 2to3years ago. I was only diagnosed in March of this year. I always thought it was allergies. I treated flare ups with steroid drops, which worked. Since my diagnosis the symptoms have been constant. 

    I have used drops, antibiotics, bread soda, with varying success. While I would get 2-3daysvof relief it never cleared. I bought an eye mask to heat in the microwave which really helped. eye make up was a thing of the past.

    I went back to see my consultant last week and he prescribed maxitrol drops and maxitrol ointment to put on my eyes for 1week. Within 24 hours I had fantastic results. After 2 days I had no symptoms. I haven't used the breadsoda at all yesterday and I wore eye make up . I don't know how long it will last but at least now I feel I have found something that works.

    I had always felt that if I had something to rub to my eyes it would work and I think I have found it. 

    I often wondered if my Blepharitis was hormonal. I have a marina coil and I was even thinking of getting it removed. Any thoughts ? I also suffer from regular bouts of thrush. 

    Date of 1st symptoms: 2-3years

    Symptoms at height : sore,dry ,itchy swollen, eyes.blurred vision. Feeling like I had cried for hours.

    Grooming routine: cleanse with boots cleanser with cooling cucumber. Tone with boots toner and scrub eyelids with one spoon of bread soda in a cup of boiled water. Mousturise with aveeno ultra calming moisturiser .

    Not taking any meds

    Non smoker

    Minimal alcohol.

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      Just wondering how your eyes are now after using the Maxitrol - I've just been prescribed them but so fed up of being given drug after drug that will give relief for a month or so and then get symptoms back again.  I'd love to know if you still feel the drops worked??
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      I got as fed up as you with all the different drugs from 3 different consultants at the eye hospital.

      I eventually resorted to Lindas tips.

      Wet ones Original...{blue pack in the UK}cut them into little pieces, use them four times a day, a different bit on earch lot of eyelashes.

      I used over the counter eye drops and got an over the counter ointment for eyes.....the lad that sold it to me {it was quite cheap} said it was supposed to go in the eyes but worked very well on inflammed lids {which I had} I gradually dropped from 4 times a day to a couple of times a day with the wet ones. Eyedrops get used when I feel I need them as does the ointment. At the moment I'm fine they are so much better but the corners are starting to get sore so I'm using the ointment.

      I am still sensitive to wind and glare. If I feel it coming on again I start over again and attack it cheesygrin

      My only problem is I still cant wear eye make up. Didnt wear much mascara or eye liner so thats no loss but I did wear eyeshadow and creams and I find they irritate them.




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      Things are still good. I'm not cured but it's under control. I did use them on and off after the prescribed time. I use the hylo forte drops all the time. 4/5/6 times a day when they are dry or running. Sometimes I forget when they are good. I wear eye make up. I take it off and cleanse properly every night and will never go to bed again wearing make up!!! But all in all things are good. The main thing is I know what to ask for now if it flares up again.

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      Thanks, Eileen.  My main problem is chemical allergies so I daren't try the Wet Ones.  I've got anterior and posterior blepharitis now so I suppose it's going to be difficult to get rid of it.  I've even used those brand new antibiotics that are supposed to be a major breakthrough - Azithromycin - initially seemed better but it hasn't worked.  
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      Thanks Janmin.  I've got unopened hylo forte drops in the fridge so maybe that's the way to go next.  I've also got a prescription for Maxitrol in my bag - I've got to the point where I've tried so much that hasn't worked that I'm loathe to put more rubbish into my eyes just on the off-chance.  
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      I really hope this works for you. I was the same as you I felt there was no hope. I also knew that it was up to me tweak everything until I found something that worked for me. Do my own doctoring to a degree. The first time I used the hylo forte it felt like I had poured velvet into my eyes. The relief was wonderful. But they are only to help with hydration. They won't cure it. 

      So I got control with the maxitrol drops 3 times a day for 10 days. After 3 days I used to forget at times my eyes were so good. The maxitrol ointment on my lids at night for 10 days. Also used heat pack from microwave. Every night followed by massage. And clean with bicarbonate. (May have been over aggressive with that . My eyes used to end ip with tony cuts from where the crusts had been. Once my eyes were clear, I discovered that when I started the smallest itch if I used the hylo forte straight away it kept it at bay. If I ignored it it would progress very quickly. So no I have hylo forte with me all the time. And I use it all the time. Good luck and please let me know how it goes for you. 

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      Thanks :-)  I'll start the hylo forte today and pick up the maxitrol next week. I'll let you know how it goes. 
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      Yes, I can't wear eye make up either.  The latest consultant I've seen said not to use anything on my face containing lipids or powder.  Hmmm.
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      I'm sorry bout the allergies but you have got lots more advice. I dont recognise those meds but if they work ...great.

      I wear cream,foundation, blusher and lipstick and thats it.....nothing near my eyes. Although I can get away with Boots Simple Cream for under my eyes.....not great but better than dry under eyes



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    Here's my contribution


    DATE OF FIRST OUTBREAK   1990's  Diagnosed by eye hospital

    SYMPTOMS AT HEIGHT OF OUTBREAK  Started very mildly years ago 

    progressed to sore red eyes gritty feeling, light sensitivity dry eyes and blurred


    TREATMENTS TRIED  Nizoral for hair washing (suggested by dermatologist as

    I suffererd from Rosacea)  Cleaning routine with Q tips and baby shampoo 

    solution. Hot flannal 5 minutes on eyes folllowed by massage of lids the cleaning.

    Microwaveable bag (could not get on with it).  Blephasol solution for cleaning.

    CURRENT SEVERITY AND SYMPTOMS  Much better at the moment after set

    backs/flare ups following 2 cataract removals. Still light sensitive.

    CURRENT TREATMENTS  Hot flannal on eyes for 5 minutes cleaning with q tips

    and bicarbonate of soda solution.  Wipe entire eyelids with same solution. 

    Celluvisc drops 4 times a day for dry eyes 


    MAKE UP  Only foundation, blusher and lipstick.  Gave up eye make up a few years ago because of blepharitis.  

    SKIN CARE PRODUCTS  Use Nivea cleansing lotion and Nivea moisturiser 

    GROOMING ROUTINE  Eye care routine as described above once or twice a day.  Use Nizoral shampoo about once a fortnight, Dove shampoo in between.

    CURRENT LIFE STYLE.  Retired unable to exercise much because of arthritis

    non smoker, occasional glass of wine. Need to lose weight

    DIET Try to have 5 a day every day.  still like my chocolate.

    SUPPLEMENTS Just started take glucosamine again after a break for joints' 

    Vitamin D3 as recommended by GP

    OTHER CONDITIONSS/DRUGS  Asthma,Hypothroidism,IBS,Arthritis, ostepenia,

    High blood pressure, Mild glaucoma, Drugs  Levothyroxine,amoldipine,symbicort

    inhaler,Mebevervine and Ranitidine, celluvisc eye drops



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