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Argh I'm so stressed!! I'm having pain in my chest all day like my left side under my boob and on my actual boob and all at the back on my back!! I feel so sick I can't eat I haven't eaten all day.. My works stopped paying me and there sacking me because im sick I have no income now I just applied for esa it's just so stressful I hate living like this no understands how I feel if there not going through it there just like oh here comes the hypochondriac .. I feel like I'm dying everyday I haven't got no friends everyone's just fake always have left me down I haven't got no one to turn to no more. I can't see the no light at the end of the tunnel I hate anxiety, my dad has cancer so I can't turn to him about it it's not fair and my mum she suffers from bad depression and anxiety just don't wanna stress no one please someone tell everything will be ok soon 😩

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    I feel exactly d same as you with the chest pain and back pain, i also have no friends anymore and my b.f decided move in with a married women so i know how you feel, i also suffer with anxiety, depression, o.c.d and eating disorder and have been on citalopram for 4 weeks tomorrow cuz after 6 years of trying my best to get better i finally gave up and started medication. If you ever want to talk/moan/help just let me know x
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      Hello roxanne.. I'm so sorry ur going through this 😩 it's so horrible ain't it I'm 19 I feel like my life's crushing down so much it's not nice when u have no one there ay, I'm on sertraline , thank you!! You to I'm here if you need a chat xxx
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      How long have you been on sertraline? Ive only been on citalopram 4 weeks tomorrow. Some people can be so horrible and being alone isn't much fun. Im 28 and have 3 kids but it doesn't matter how old you are it hurts just the same. I know exactly how you feel, feels like your suffocating x
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    Hi I am so sorry to hear your suffering. Please go and see your gp or practice nurse! Also get your self a pamper day of a massage or reflexology! Have you got carers allowance for looking after your parents?please also go and see a health food shop! As they have lots of things to help with stress!regards Amanda
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    Hi Michaela;

    My heart goes out to you today as like in my situation I feel so alone to deal with how to actually cope and see a day through.

    I doped myself out from the pain of yesterday after being taken into hospital only to become more aggrevated and upset and ended up walking out of A+E.

    I am getting to the point that I feel strongly after asking for help to manage and cope with my anxiety that the system in place is failing me and many others like yourself.

    Some kind samaritan messaged me in here this morning after i took a phone call from the Pysc I saw last week that took all my energy to get there and then sit through one hour of being assessed for A very much needed Social Worker from Mental health to give me a real chance to begin to recover and be able to get through a day at a time.

    The phone call was depressing , I was told bluntly that she felt i did not need a social worker , what i needed was a ongoing consultation to look into me getting into so many confrontations through out my life time.

    I had to stop her and explain that my anxiety is at a serious peak and I need support badly and to know there is someone who can guide me through my mental health issues so I am capable of dealing with my serious physical health needs, like taking daily meds which I have stopped and have little chance to avoid life threatening issues arrising in no time.

    She didnt want to talk about my anxiety and then threatened to put the phone down on me as she said i was becoming confrontational with her at that point, i reminded her that i was talking in a low voice and was not arguing with her, I was questioning why I am left to deal with acute anxiety ever day for 2 years without any real support.

    She then put the phone down on me.

    I am begiining to feel very much that I am taking the wrong direction in recieving adequate and helpful support.

    I am turned off by what I understand this countries Govt have done to our health service and will begin to seek alternative ways like different therapies where at lease I can learn to breath and not become so unwell with m anxiety which is killing me.

    I feel half the person I was, I have lost that sparkle of life I carried with me for years.

    Its painful to smile and so easy to burst into tears and allow my pain to overwhelm me if i allow it too, sometimes it will just break out and I have no control.

    I feel like I am not valued and others are talking about me.

    I have very few freinds here in London, my family are in Australia, I totally rely upon my best mates support every night he returns from his full days at college.

    I want to run away as far as I can get from this torment and from the UK which bases everything on how much money is available.

    Life has become so cheap and dispoable.

    Its getting closer to my trial for my home to be repossessed and I am feeling like I should be making plans and researching exactly what street corner we are both to soon be living on.

    My housing issues are deplorable and the eviction trial is based on lies and deception.

    Not on truth.

    yesterday I was told by a new advocate that I now have working for me when needed that I can actually get my GP to have me properly assessed so I will not have the torture of appearing at this trial which is too last up to 4 hrs.

    I cannot bear the thought of this day and can only see an ambulance being called due to me becoming so unwell with the dtress I actually colapse.

    The only hope I feel there is for me right now is to continue when I am not doped out to keep coming back in here and gaining that little pieces of inner strength and knowlege and be re assured I am not alone.

    However you are feeling right now please stick in here with me and others as many of us have very simular problems and can be found even when we are so tired and run down be able to encourage one another in a way that really helps.

    Others on the outside have no clue what our lives are like, they can never imagine what its truly like.

    Please stay on board and dont give up



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    Hi Michaela i to am suffering everyday with chest pain Back pain and Neck pain i am 28 with 3 Children so get so depressed and anxious i don't go out and constant worry has pushed everyone away the doctors have said i have Neuropathic nerve pain. You need the right gp and the right medication for you. As you can see there are plenty of people going through the Same and we are all here if you Just need a chat.

    Stay Strong

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