Please someone help and give advice!! (Sertraline 50mg)

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Hi all,

Okay so about a year ago I was a heavy cannabis smoker and had smoked for 2years, I was in a hectic relationship and my girlfriend cheated on me on a night out, me being me I took her back as she said she wouldn't go get drunk or anything anymore (which after a few weeks she went out more and more getting off her face) I had a stressful job at the time and would smoke to pass the days troubles away, anyways after about 2months after taking my girlfriend back we had what would to be the decisive fall out and she said that's it I'm going out happened to be on the same day she cheated and going to the same club, so I smoked to block it out what a bad decision I had a massive panic attack lasting 4hours before eventually passing out asleep, the next day I woke up and noticed nothing felt real and I have been like this ever since (depersonalisation and derealisation) after some time because things didn't feel real I started to have more and more panic and anxiety attacks to the point where I have been off work 3months now I haven't smoked cannabis since that night but have been in this hell hole for 8months, I have became really really depressed over it because I want to feel normal again, I have thought about suicide a few times as it seems to be the only way out but I can't leave my family like that because I used to be a flamboyant and confident lad like the life and soul of the party who would cheer everybody up and brighten everyone's day, so the doctor put me on sertraline as my counsellor recommended it for my OCD thoughts, it took me 4days to pluck up the courage to take them as I don't like tablets the first few weeks I had horrible side effects eg. Hot flushes, brain zaps, headaches, insomnia, didn't want to get out of bed etc... But I felt a little better now I am up to 6weeks and I seem to have got worse I just feel numb and have no soul, is this normal my thoughts have got worse aswell as my anxiety but I have only had 1panic attack since starting them which is a positive I guess, I just feel lifeless and losing all hope as if me and the little voice inside my head aren't friends anymore, sorry for the long post but I am so scared I'll never get better and want to know if this is normal I am back at the doctors and counselling tomorrow can anyone please give me any advice?

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    hi jordy20,

    well none of this is your fault, be sure of that, the reason why you're having panic attacks is because you're worried sick what your girlfriend is upto when she's out. she can't really care for you much at all if she's doing that kind of stuff behind your back. but anyway, sertaline is different for everyone but my experience was i started on 50mg and now on 150mg i'd have many up and down days, not feeling it was working for me etc, then i got on the right dosage, if you haven't improved in 6-9 weeks go back to your doctor and discuss increasing your dosage. also get rid of the cheating girlfriend, that's going to be doing you no good whatsoever. good luck and take care :-)


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      Thankyou for your kind words and reply I just feel so much stupidity and regret for ever smoking cannabis and feel like I've ruined my life because of it, if my doctor advised to increase my dosage tomorrow should I do it? I'm scared that it will make me feel even worse than I am sad I am only 20 years old and want to enjoy life again like I used too and just get better I want to go back to my job as I work helping struggling families get over horrible issues But I just can't face going back feeling lifeless, also I know I am going on but is it normal for my anxiety to get worse when it gets dark outside like I feel less comfortable when it's dark outside if that makes sense? Thankyou again for your time and words
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      no problem jordy,

      it upsets me listening to your story and seeing that you are sruggling at such a young age. don't ever regret anything you do in life, just learn from it.  everyone makes mistakes without having to beat ourselves up about it when it comes back to bite us later in life. we have had problems in our family also with my nephew who is the same age as you, he's been sectioned 4 times over the past 3 years due to drug abuse, i've had problems myself with drugs in the past too but you have to live and learn otherwise you'd never do anything.  i don't regret ever taking drugs, it's made me the person that i am and taught me so much about myself and stopping and sorting myself out was the best decision i've ever made :-) everyone is on here for their own reasons, family loss, drug abuse, OCD, social and personality disorders etc.  we are all here to help each other through without judgement, regardless of their reasons, don't ever feel stupid, you are only young and you have time to turn this around so don't beat up on yourself, one day at a time :-)


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    Hello jordy20. Sorry to hear about your recent situation. I had bad side affects at first. Headaches, light headed, i felt mega hi like id drank a can of monster. This passed after a couple of days and i felt great. Then i got to a point where i felt like the sertraline was having no affect. Felt empty and numb. So i went to the doctors and she put my dosage up to 100mg. I felt pretty damn good after that. So maybe you need to up your dose. I wouldnt advise drinking on them or smoking because it will knock you about. Hope this helps. 
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      Hi richard, thankyou for your reply I haven't drank on them which I can continue not to do and trust me I am never smoking again after my horrible ordeal, I think I should up my dosage after hearing your story i feel like we have had the same experience and hopefully if the doctor increases the dosage I will feel like you do now so thankyou for the hope and words smile
  • Posted are a young man and I beg you, as a mother,  please put suicidal thoughts out of your head!  Remember...Suicide is a permanent solution to a short time problem!   It is hard being young and in love with the wrong person....I know this only too well,  but trust me, this too shall pass.   Please concentrate on yourself and get this girl completely out of your life.  For now it would be best to not t try to have a serious relationship with anyone...except yourself.   Depression is horrible. ..I recently had a a kind of mental breakdown myself and when I was young had a cheating husband who left me with 2 small children and no job.  PLEASE LEAN ON YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS YOU CAN TRUST.

      I take Venaflaxaline which has helped me more than Sertraline which was just horrible for me.  Everyone is different, of course,  but if Sertraline isn't doing it for you please insist on something else.   HANG TOUGH....LIFE IS FULL OF PEAKS AND VALLEYS.....YOU CAN GET THROGH THIS!!  When you do you will be a stronger person and able to encourage other young people to keep on keeping on!

       I will send prayers in your direction. .God knows where you are and he is listening!

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      Hi lois

      Thankyou I am overwhelmed how thoughtful and lovely your words are I will take this as encouragement and continue to fight this and come out the other side stronger I have said to my mam if I come out of this I want to be a counsellor for young people and she always reasurres me and says "when you come through this" thankyou again for your words and your prayers, I also hope you get better and I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you as you seem such a lovely woman, I have heard this only happens to the nicest of people and the most kind

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      Hi Jordy,

        Glad to hear you found some encouragement in my note to you.   Glad to hear your mam is also there for you during this difficult time of your life...AND always remember that it is exactly that...a difficult time of your life BUT NOT ALL THERE IS FOR YOU!!  There are MANY good times ahead for you!  Just take your time and don't give your love to people who are undeserving of it!   Take care and NEVER give up on life!   

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      What a wonderful encourager you are Lois :-)

      Jordy, I'm so pleased to read that you are getting loving support from your family - they are the ones who can love you unconditionally (although I know that isn't everyone's experience). Suicidal depression has brought me closer to my brother, although he doesn't know the full depths of my hopelessness - it can be very difficult to share that burden with family members. That's why this forum is a perfect place to share our experiences and receive help & advice.

      Looking forward to hearing about your progress, mate. You are stronger than you know & braver than you think. Don't let strong emotions that are only temporary distract you from your objective of getting better.

      Good luck & very best wishes,


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      Thank you Digsby. Just hate hearing such a youngster thinking such dire thoughts. Life is too precious.

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