Please someone help me does this sound like chronic Pancreatitos

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I have beem having upper left side abdominal pain for over a year now on and off sometimes it radiates to my back

Last march 12 i suddenly started having diarreah with very loose stool sometime water on its color yellow the mext day green then turn back to yellow until today i still have loose stool thats yellow bit no more diarreah

Already hat a ct scan last wed and everything is normal

Im still having pain but mostly severe in my back will be doing blood test thia coming wed.

My question is does this sound like pancreatitis i know its bad but i keep reading in the internet and its really scary the things that i read

Oh anf i lost about 8lbs in the apan of 9 days

I have beem also having anxiety over this

Maybe thats the cause of the weight loss

I have health anxiety

Tnx in advance for your help

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    Hi what sort of diet are you on. And have you had or got any type of pancreatitis or any attacks.
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    possibly but the CT scan should have picked up inflammation of the pancreas -colitis or IBS also can cause symptoms...if it has been going on so long it seems more like an intestinal issue    good luck   let us know
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      One of the best ways to help reduce pain is to change your diet. Basically 5% fat per 100g no cheese or chocolate or alcohol etc and this is mainly the pancreatitis diet.

      My words of advice is to avoid a full blown attack. Once the damage is done and the pain changes your life big style. So please take heed if you can prevent a full attack then you have a chance of a normal life rather than on of pain and the feeling like no one understands.

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    Hi tnx for replying

    I eat prett normal but since last thursday i started watching what i eat scared of being in pain if i eat to much

    Im hoping its not chronic pancreatitis or worse cancer

    What scares me the most is tue sudden bowel changes like loose stool color yellow of ourse with the pain sometimes getting more intense is really scary

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      Hi, I am currently under investigation for CP. All my bloods, stools, MRI, ultrasound and MRCP are normal.

      I have been told by the surgeon that inflammation of the pancreaseelated would not show on the scans.

      I have now been refered to a gastro specialist!

      My stools are loose and I have lost weight with them. However my fecal elastase test was normal. I also have some undigested food sometimes and it can be yellow at times. Green and yellow pooh usually point towards gall bladder? Have you had it checked?

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      Hi Gem tnx for taking the time to reply

      Im glad all your results are normal

      Do you also have ulq pain that radiates to your back? Mine is constant for 2 weeks already before i would cause me pain for a couple of days then go away

      Are your stools also soft loose and yellow? Did you loose weight? If si how much and how fast? Are you still losing weight

      I have health anxiety and sometimes i cant even stay asleep because of thinking about it

      It scares me so much

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      Yes I have upper left quadrant pain that radiates round to my back. The same on the right side too. I have seen a chiropractor for my upper left back pain but I still have pain across my ribs in my back and just a bit higher.

      My stools are various shades of brown and some times have yellow stripes in them.

      I started losing weight at 4-6 lbs a week. I dropped from 9st 10lbs to 8st 6 lbs in a matter of weeks! I wasn't trying to lose weight. I was suffering with bad anxiety and thinking the worst of everything! Google had become my enemy and saviour!

      I have now come to terms with what I may have and I have managed to put on weight and am now 9st 1lbs. I'm

      So happy!! Lol!

      Have you been tested for any vitamin deficiencys? I have a vitamin d deficiency which can make anxiety worse!!

      The worse thing for me is the pain sad it just never seems to go away sad

      I think you need vitamins checked and if you haven't had any stools samples done then that is definitely worth doing. Have you had your gall bladder checked? And I have heard of some stomach acid/ ulcers causing loose stools of various colours too.

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      I hate anxiety its taking over specially when i read in google and some scary health blogs lol

      I did have galbladder sludge which resolves itself ang also habe 2 small polyp which we have been watching for a year its not growing thank God

      My stomach pain actually started in the right side thats how we learn about the sludge etc but i havent been having pain in the right side for alonh time

      Just the left side whick radiates to back and 2 weeks of yellow stool

      Will have my blood test this coming wed then apptmnt with gastro this coming sat hopefully ill get answers by then

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      Hi lot12

      I am having wired pain for almost four months now. I've had my gallbladder removed three years ago and since then I had a dull pain in the upper right under my rib cage. But the pain was not that intense up to four months ago. After the sever pain I went back to my surgeon and asked him if I've developed another stone and he sent me to do ultrasound, MRCP, CT, and many blood works which all came back normal. Then he assured me that there is no stone since everything came back normal. But he said I could go to GI doctor too. Which I did go not only to one but two of them to get second opinion. I explained the pain to the first one and asked him what if it's my pancreas that is not showing in the scans he told me that none of my pancreatic enzymes level were high to worries him. But he gave another set of pancreatic enzymes and liver enzymes and full blood works to do when the pain rises to its highest. I asked him why he told me because if anything is wrong with your pancreas or liver your enzymes would go up and stay high until the next day. Which I went and did those blood work at the pick of the pain. All came back normal and he told me nope there is nothing to worry about. I told him that but I still have pain that radiate to my back and when I sleep on my back or lin on my back it hurts he told me we can do endoscopy and colonoscopy as well. He didn't take me seriously at all. And he never even once believed that it might be pancreas problem. I went to the second GI doc he basically told me the same thing and told me that since I have most of tests done he can do endoscopy and colonoscopy too. But he told me nope it's not your pancreas. I told him that I researched the symptoms for it on the computer and the both doctors told me do not read a lot. sad

      But here I am with everyday pain that radiate to my back behind my stomach and I mostly have constipation that are like small balls and hard than lose stool. I feel like my stomach is blown and pressure in my colon. I do not vomit. The pain is up high under my rib cage that goes around to my left side sometimes and my back and my shoulders too.

      I am scared and don't know what to do. What if there is something wrong with pancreas that they don't find it.

      What should I do please help me

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      Hi cathy

      Inwish i could help you but i also dont have any answer from any of th doctors i saw they all said miscle pain gerd and anxiety

      My amylase and lipase are slightly elevated which i will have to do a re test next week

      My ct scan and ither blood work are normal i habent done any test

      Buy you had done good t st whick will rule out pancretitis

      One of my gastro sugested that i go to see a physiatrist whick i will do one tuesday

      My pain is ussualy mild on left side under ribs severe in middle back and now for 5 days epigastric pain feels like having heart attack at times

      It so sad that none of my doctors can diagnose me having pain all the time is scary

      Btw how are your bowel movements

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      Hi lot12

      Tnx for responding. You asked abouty bowl movment it's bad i am constopaid all the time ( hard small balls) and how is yours? Also tell me how years you are having this pain? And just recently your enzymes were slightly high?

      And do you think that I have pancreas problem?

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      Hi cathy

      I been having the pain in my upper left abdomen for iver a year now in and off

      Last march its when i got really bad it started going through the back sometimes the pain is only at the back

      Mybproblem now is the epigastric pain and back pain that wont go away ive been taking nexium for a week no without any improvemts

      Yes sadly my amylase and lipase are slightly elevated but doctors said nothing to worry about

      My stool color are light brown sometimes yellowish brown it differs everyday

      I cant really tell you if you have pancrease problem but since you have done mrcp and its normal i heard thats a pretty good test for pancrease problem maybe ask for and EUS im planning to ask for that test too if i dont improve soon

      Im 30 years old

      Hiw about you?

      Lets pray that we both get answers soon

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      Hi gem

      Just wanted to know how your doing

      Are you feeling any better? Did you find answers?

      Me still the same nothing change

      Im so tried of seeing doctors now they just cant seem to diagnose mo

      My last gastro visit she sent to a physiatrist they think it all anxiety im going to guve it a try

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      Hi Lot,

      Sorry things are no better for you sad

      All my results are still normal.

      Gastro said its IBS, I queried the weight loss and undigested food. He's sure its IBS, he's agreed to endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy which I've got this Friday. I'm quite scared about it sad

      My pains are all still there. Getting into a pattern now I think. Right side aggravated by food, left side every morning it's there. When I eat my breakfast it either makes it better or worse. If it makes it worse I'll have the pain for a few hours.

      I've started taking the dlux range of vitamins. As my vitamin d therapy has stopped ive decided to continue at a higher dose on my own so am taking 3000. I'm also taking a probiotic and magnesium (to help with my fibromilya). I've got milk thistle to start taking but I'm still breastfeeding and i can't take it until I stop.

      My new Dr is lovely, she's supportive and gives me the time I need to explain all my symptoms. I saw her recently and explained my worries about my pancreas, she explained the tests they would do (amylase, feacal elastase, liver function, MRCP, ultrasound and MRI) she said if those came back normal then they wouldn't persue the Pancras as an option.

      The gastro consultant is having me back after my cameras and my GP is gonna see me to try different tests. I've also been refered to see a dietician in regards to starting the FODMAP diet.

      I've also been told my pains could be anxiety aswell. But I cannot committ the time for therapy at the moment with not driving and my 3 young kids I just don't have the time sad

      Are all your results normal?

      What are your next steps?

      Gem smile

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      Hi Gem

      I have to finish 2 weeks of nexium them go back to gastro if no improvements

      Will do another round of blood test for pancrease then MRI or EUS

      Will see the physiatrist on the 28 really hoping that its all anxiety

      My stool did get better for awhile but when i get anxious it turns back to uellowish brown but not loose anymore

      Im now having more epigastric pain lesser left andominal pain bit severe back pain

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      Hi lot,

      Thank you for asking smile

      The scopes were very unpleasant sad but at least they've been done now. They took biopsies for celiac and inflammation (results will be 2 weeks). They found a polyp in my lower colon which has been removed. I will see the consultant back in clinic in 6-8 weeks.

      So still no answers sad

      I'm getting quite down about it now thou. If it's not my stomach or intestines then the only thing left is my pancreas. I had a bad pain attack on Saturday on my left side. It was unlike anything if ever had before. It was just pain, thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital but after an hour it eased off again.

      My stools are still loose, still brown. My pains are still mainly on my right side and aren't disappearing as much as they did before. The pain on my left side is mainly in my back and side theses days sad

      I just wanna know what's wrong! I'm worrying all the time sad

      Hope you are ok!

      Gem smile

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      Hi gem

      Like you still no answer all the doctors i saw said that im normal

      But why do i have pain

      My pain now is in the epigastric radiates to the left side and left back

      Actually the pain on the left side bellow ribs was gone for a week and the back pain was not as bad as usual was inly having really bad epigastric pain but suddenly last Saturday all the pain came back and now much worse the ever i feel like something is pressing on my rib area

      And i cant seem to gain any weight

      My stool ar back to normal but the pain scares me so much

      I need to find a new doctor for another opinion hoping that they would request for mor testing

      I hate this

      ill pray for both of us

      Hoping to find answers soon


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      Hi cathy,

      Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing?

      Did you find answers to your symptoms?

      Im still the same with epigastric pan und left side pain that radiates to the back

      I do have an appointment with doctora this sat

      Have schedule for blood test and US this friday

      Lot 😊

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      Hi lot12

      Thanks for asking. I'm little better but the pain is still there. It scares me beacuse it changes. Now I feel burning in my upper right side then it radiates to my back. I can not turn or twist due to pain. If I bend over or pull something I get this pain again. And you know what I can not sleep in my left side beacuse this burning and pain extends to the left side. And when I have a bowl movement I get a bad pain cramping, burning and pain in both sides. It confuses me. I have been scadualed for both Colonoscopy and endoscopy which I am afraid to dosad

      Tell me about your dr visit what dr told you?

      Did you do colonoscopy and endoscopy?

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      Hi Gem1384

      I am having the appointment to do both scopes and I am terrified. I have had these tests before. I am afraid of the anesthesia and the procedures. How long it took for you? And did you feel anything? What about after the procedure? How long it took you to become counsiouse?

      I am thinking to cancel mine almost everyday sad

      Please tell me about the experience

      Thank you

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      Hi Cathy.

      I wouldn't cancel them. I was petrified but I knew I had to have them done! If I had of cancelled then they wouldn't have found my polyp and God know what damage it could of done if it was left until I was 50!

      I wasn't allowed the sedation as I am breastfeeding so I just had the throat spray. It wasn't very nice, either of the procedures. And the sigmoidoscopy hurt quite a bit. I've had 3 kids and the pain was worse than labour!

      So I would definitely recommend sedation. I have to add that I've got endometrosis and adhesions which would of added to the pain of the scope. I think it's half and half of people who say it's painful and then not painful.

      I might have to have a full colonoscopy so I will be sedated for that without question!

      Try not to worry thou! Once it's over there is a huge sense of relief! They tell you the findings there and then. Any biopsy results you will have to wait 2 weeks for.

      Gem smile

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      Thank you Gem1384 for responding me. I'll do it then. I have no other ways. I am in pain most of the time and I am going crazy of worrying that what it could be. This pain confuses me one day it gets bad and one day it gets well. sad
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      And I am afraid that what if it's my pancreas due to back pain, burning, pain in my right and left sides. But none of my other tests showed abnormality. Does the pain wakes you up in the middle of the night too? Can you sleep on your back without pain? Does the pain goes away and comes back again? Beacuse mine does. I asked all the GI docs that went to about the pancreas and all of them told me to not to worry since my labs were normal. Then what's this pain and were is it come from?

      Does your labs shows abnormalities at all?

      Recently I find out when I come down the stairs I get pain and burning in my upper right side is in it weird? sad

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      Hi Cathy, I am sorry you are struggling with your pains sad I can sympathise completley!! I am in pain most days. It drives me insane trying to figure out what's going on.

      ALL of my tests are normal! Everything! I've had loads done! I was last year diagnosed with a fatty liver (slightly elevated AST) but a second scan a month later and a change of diet sorted it and my second scan was clear. They put it down to my pregnancy causing a colstatic pattern or something like that.

      My pain doesn't get worse when lying down and I can usually sleep ok through the night as long as I don't get a flare up. The pain on my right side is usually always there at varying degrees of pain. My left side comes and goes and I can't really relate it to anything sad

      Painkillers keep the mild pain away but they usually don't work (paracetamol, ibrofen and naproxen)

      At the moment I do have a lot of back pain shoulder to upoer Middle. A ciropractor helped with my left pains but my right sided remained!

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      Hi Gem1384

      Thanks for replaying so soon. You my pain is very similar to yours but mine radiates to my back a lot. This pain that is in upper right side never leaves me. And you know some time that part vibrates too 😳 and if I laugh or cry or sneeze and cough I feel the soreness then and there and around my stomach 😔. And it burns too it goes up to my chest and back to my shoulders too. It really freaks me out. And it's a pressure in my chest like someone is shocking me. 😢

      And none of my test sowed any abnormalities none. My MRCP and CT were without contrast though. So I don't know if they were acurate anogh like with contrast. But the docs told yes. About stool my I am constipated most of the time and it's bothering me a lot just happens with this problem four mounts ago. Befor I was suffering from this problem nust it was unlike this. Now it's like small balls 😳 and I should constantly eat fiber for helping.

      I am asked to do both scopes by the GI doctors and I am very afraid of it. I keep postponing my appointment but I think I have no other choice. 😢

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