Pls can someone help me no weight loss in 3 wks

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Hiya all, pls can someone help me I've been on this diet 3 wks and had no weight loss. I did start on the protein shakes and one meal but I still had no loss so I started to eat normal foods.

Now all I have is nasty diarerra and still no weight loss. The doc has said if I don't lose within the month he will pull me off them

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    Hi Rebecca

    If you're having diarrhoea it sounds as though you're having too high a fat intake.  You need to limit each meal to 15g fat maximum and individual foods with no more than 5g fat per 100g.  It can be quite confusing as first.  If you want to send me a pm with a typical days food I'll take a look and try to make sone suggestions to help you get on track.

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      Hi many thanks for your reply. A typical day I would have ceral for breakfast, bowl of beans or spaghetti for dinner. And chicken and veg for tea.

      I do have biscuits through the day.

      I do regular swimming too. But the weight still isn't moving. Should I go back onto the protein diet?

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      Are you weighing amd measuring everything?  Is your cereal high fibre with no added sugar?  Do you have milk and is it skimmed?  Do you measure your beans/spaghetti?  Is the chicken and veg cooked without any added fat and with the chicken skin removed?  Try not to snack between meals and biscuits are a definite no-no.  Try to stick to a maximum of 1200 calories a day.  I find it helps to log everything on myfitnesspal to keep a track.  It's essential to exercise so keep that up.

      If you do decide to switch to a different diet you need to ensure that you are following the rules of that diet fully.  There are many diets out there - Weight Watchers, Slimming World, 5:2 and all have their followers.  It can get confusing which is why I find it easier to stick to a simple calorie controlled diet.

      Above all don't give up.  How much do you want to lose?

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    Hi rebecca well 1st things first what are you actually eating in your " normal foods" if your having loose stools then your eating too much fat you need to have 3 healthy low fat meals a day stick to 5gms of fat per 100gms if you check the back of every item look at the column that says 100gms if the fat content is 5 or underthen you can eat it but no more then 15gms per meal the loose stools will stop when you cut down on the fat intake thats what the tablets do eliminate some of the fat content you have eaten have plenty of fresh veg fruit wholemeal pasta and wholemeal bread no butter fried foods biscuits chocolate etc you have to work with the tablets to lose weight its a big change but you can do it if your desperate to lose it jacket potatoes are very filling no spread tho lol i use laughing cow extra light cheese triangles when i have toast or need a bit of spread only 19 calories increase your fluids sugar free of course lol if i need to use oil to cook i use the 1 cal spray all small changes but every little change helps hope you manage ok if you need advice youwill get plenty on here everyone is lovely and friendly and were all in the same boat good luck hun keep us updated xx
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    Hi Rebecca, it's a really bummer when that happens and I know how fed up you must be feeling but first things first, I don't think you are being careful enough or following enough of a strict low fat regime so I think you need to re-think what you are doing and start again. And don't worry, if you work really hard the next 2 weeks you should be able to drop enough lbs for your doctor to keep you on the tablets and if not, just explain that the first 3 weeks you didn't really know what you were doing and so got some help from people already established on these tablets.

    So, the rules are:

    1) stick to 1200 calories per day. Not sure how much you have to lose but I had 5 stone to lose so started on 1400 calories per day but as I have now lost 20lbs I am down to 1200 per day.

    2) no more than 45g of fat per day but this MUST be broken down into 3 meals, therefore 15g of fat per meal maximum. Within that 15g per meal, no one item should have more than 5g of fat per 100g. For example, if you want a tin of soup which has 2g of fat per 100g and you want the whole tin, and the whole tin is 400g, you would multiply 2g by 400g (2x4=8) which would work out as 8g of fat for the whole tin - which is fine by the way.

    3) the only in-between food items you can eat are fresh fruit and veg, and zero fat foods such as muller light yogurt, zero fat yogurts, sugar free jelly, rice cakes etc. But be careful with the yogurts as you can't just eat loads of them as they all have calories and you have to count calories.

    The reason you have had terrible toilet moments is because you are eating too much fat. You basically have to eat a very very low fat diet and follow the rules above if you want to succeed. These tablets don't do the work for you, as many of us have found out, they merely "persuade" you to eat zero fat because of the horrendous toilet moments if you do. You are the one who still has to put all the effort in.

    Exercise is great, it really does help and you should definitely try to keep this up.

    Many of us, me included, found the first 5 or 6 weeks difficult because you really have to get your head into gear and figure out all the things you can and cannot eat but if you try to follow these rules above - which believe me, become 2nd nature after a month or so, then you will start to see the weight come off. Take your inches too as I have gone through times where I don't seem to lose weight but I have shrunk none the less.

    Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions.

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