Pls comment on my normal food menu

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ok.. mines is first ..... please comment on it.

5.30 am Bed tea - with full cream milk powder

No breakfast

10.00 am - piece of butter cake and green tea

1.30 pm - Lunch white rice 100 g, small piece of fish, potato curry etc.

no desserts.

evening green tea

9.00 pm - white rice with gravy with coconut milk.

Extra ;;; what ever someone offers me at office ........... :P


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    Can I ask if you are in the UK?
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      Aahh that explains it. Yours is a very different diet to mine which is a cultural thing so it's difficult to compare. I don't know what the nutritional make up of potato curry etc would be. Is this something which is home made or shop bought? Do products in your country have the nutritional info on them? Here in the UK the laws are quite strict governing foodstuffs for sale and most things have to list the content of things like fat, salt, sugar etc. Just on a purely gut instinct I would avoid anything which sounds like it could be high in fat e.g. full cream milk powder or anything with butter in the title! It's also not a good idea to skip breakfast as this will kick start your metabolism which will enbale you to burn calories more efficiently through the day. Personnally I would never eat as late as 9:00pm but maybe that's the norm in your part of the world so I can't say don't do it smile
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      thanks.. yes we are used to have these foods for my life period. We prepare them home. Another thing ! Is 9pm LATE ?? we sometimes have dinner at 11pm smile ..... 

      Anyway Is this forum only for UK people? i didn't check the rules at least ... 

      so happy to meet many British lovely people here ... smile

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      Oh no....please don't think this is only for UK people. I love the fact that any nationality can join in discussions. It's just difficult to comment or make suggestions on things that are inherent in your culture. It's obviously very different to ours. If I didn't eat until after 9:00pm for instance I would be soo hungry that I would be chewing the table leg off. Then I would suffer all night from indigestion and heart burn but that's probably an age thing haha.

      I'll post a copy of my usual daily foods then you can compare and see what I mean.

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      This is my typical menu:


      • Fresh fruit or

      • muesli and unsweetened almond milk or

      • Brown toast and peanut butter or

      • Grilled lean back bacon and scrambled egg (no milk)


      • Rice and tuna or

      • Ham salad with egg or

      • Homemade soup or

      • Leftovers


      • Weight watchers frozen meal (when I’m lazy) or

      • Chicken and vegetables or

      • Jacket potato and lean meat (e.g. steak or pork) or

      • Pasta and low fat sauce

      In addition I drink lots of calorie free squash, water and black unsweetened coffee. Not everything I eat is within the 5g fat per 100g but I need to enjoy my food! So far the weight is coming off slowly but I have quite a way to go yet.

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      Snacking between meals was a big problem of mine and probably was responsible for a lot of my weight gain. It was made worse when my employer decided to put vending machines full of chocolate and crisps in the building. The only thing that worked for me was to cut them out completely. Not easy to do but it's definitely worth it to see the weight coming off. What sort of things do you eat between meals? You could try replacing sugary or fatty snacks with fresh fruits and vegetables as they are better for you and contain fibre to keep you feeling full.
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    Hi sammi well the white rice is ok and fish is ok but as for tea with full cream milk powder id swith to skimmed milk and you need to eat breakfast to get your metabolism going have sone cereal low fat with fruit in and skimmed milk butter cake a def no no have rice cakes low fat no gravy unless its a tiny bit fat free and no coconut milk unless its the low fat variety x
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      Yes Corinne, In my country we prepare many foods in homes, So i can reduce coconut oil and other bad things while cooking.

      Here no packeted vegetables so can't find the Fat levels. (Normally all packeted foods have.)

      yeah I know skipping B/f isn't good, But everyday I miss it anyhow. 

      thanks for the great info ...

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      Hi sammi i know sorry i messaged earlier and said i did not realise you were not in the uk its just making changes to what you cook with and how its cooked xx
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    Hi sammi trust me i didnt realise your not in the uk at 1st before i sent what i was eating x welcome on board hope we can all advise you on here x
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    Hi Sammie, well the lovely ladies on this forum have given you some great advice so I shall now add my tuppence worth - sorry, that is a British coloquium! It is great that you cook most of your meals fresh - that is definitely the best way forward, but you need to make sure there is practically zero fat used to cook - no oils of any kind, no fats, butters, cheese or anything like that, but instead you can use a very low fat virgin olive oil. We have one here that we can use and it's an oil spray - a very fine mist - and it's almost zero calorie/fat and so it is brilliant for cooking with. You need to find something that you can use instead of any oils and fats. The full cream milk powder has to go I'm afraid, but you can use almond milk, or skimmed milk - any milk that is reduced fat will be fine. I also think as your day starts to early you really do need to have something to eat - even if it is just an apple or some other fresh fruit. The green tea is an excellent choice of drink and you can drink as much as this as you like throughout the day provided it doesn't have honey or sugar in it. In addition you can drink any amount of sugar free drinks throughout the day, water, black coffee with sweetners. Your lunch is very healthy but not sure what your potato curry has in it but you do need to make sure the fat content is very very low. You might also like to pack it out a bit with lots of other vegetables and not just the potato as potato can add up in calories if you eat too much of it, so if you add other fresh vegetables you won't eat as much potato. Not sure what veg you get in SA but you could add courgette, pumpkin, onions, cauliflour, carrots, peas, broccoli - really, any veg that is fresh and a medley of colours will give you lots of different vitamins. And make sure the fish is grilled or poached - not fried. You evening meal could also do with some fresh vegetables if you able to get them. Steamed or boiled rice with vegetables and herbs and spices is lovely - but again, no oils or fats. And you could add some more protein to that evening meal such as beans and pulses, lentils - that sort of thing (are you vegetarian). It is really good that you are making your own meals but from looking at what you've written I believe you do need to add quite a bit more fruit and veg, pulses, protein etc. For your snacks throughout the day you can snack on fruit of course, raw vegetables, fat free yogurt (do you get that) which you can add fruit to, salted popcorn - no butter. Sugar free sweets in moderation, and then there are some very low fat sweets such as jelly babys and marshmellow (but again, not sure if you get them in SA). I think you will need to do some investigating and trial and error, but for sure, increase the fresh fruit and veg, cut out the fat, add some variety with beans and pulses and herbs etc. and we would never eat at 11 p.m here in England - I think most of us are in bed by that time!!!! Even 9 is late to eat here although in my house we usually have our evening meal about 8 so not much earlier. I've given you an idea of my daily meals below to see what you think:

    breakfast 8:00 a.m - porridge with fresh fruit using almond milk or skimmed milk, cup of herbal or redbush tea (yes, I have South African friends here in the UK and they got me onto Redbush tea - I think you call it roiboo???)

    throughout the morning - herbal tea, sugar free squash, fresh fruit such as grapes or strawberries, and and apple or banana, or lots of raw vegetables like chopped up carrots and celery.

    lunch 1.30 p.m - low fat soup (we can buy ready made cans of soup here that are really healthy and full of vegetables) and I either have a bowl of salad and a wholemeal pitta bread with it or add steamed vegetables and chopped up pieces of chicken to it - something like that.

    throughout the afternoon - fresh fruit and vegetables

    tea time 5:00 p.m - 2 rice cakes with low fat philadelphia and chopped tomatoes and cucumber or a low fat soup or yoghurt

    dinner 8:00 p.m - grilled meat or fish, pasta or rice, and salad or boiled new pototoes with steamed vegetables and a bit of gravy - no fat used at all.

    Of I make a large pot of stew - masses of vegetables, potato, sweet potato, chicken, pulses or lentils, in a broth - no fat used.

    Or jacket potatoe with vegetarian chillie con carne

    Or stir fry - loads of veg stir fried with chicken or fish on top of steamed fish

    Then in the evening if I fancy it I have a low fat hot chocolate drink with 4 marshmellows or 4 jelly babys.

    If I have had a cycle during the day, I may have some pretzels as a treat.

    And some diet coke is a treat in the evening too.

    Hope that helps and would love to hear your thoughts on all this as it's quite difficult to make suggestions as not sure what you can and cannot get in SA.

    Bye for now. xx

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