Plugged ears and increased tinnitus from strep throat

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Got diagnosed with strep throat last week and also had plugged ears so Dr. checked and said I also have an ear infection. Got prescribed 875mg of Amoxicillin for both. 

The strep went away in couple days but my ears became more plugged and my normally low pitched tinnitus has gotten a lot loader to the point it keeps me up at night and caused me anxiety. I have read that it takes a long time for the fluid trapped in my ears to drain and “pop” my ears back open, my question is will the tinnitus calm down as well once the fluid drains? 

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    I also forgot to mention that since my ears plugged up a lot of higher pitched noises sound distorted and tinny. 
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    Good morning,

    It sounds as though you'll need a course of Prednisolone Steroid tablets to get rid of all the inflammation that is keeping your ears blocked.  Drainage can take absolutely ages, in fact months and months in some cases.

    I suffer sinus and Rhinitis, plus allergies and have suffered Eustachian Tube Dysfunction for years due to these issues.  Your Eustachian tubes are obviously swollen, making them unable to drain.

    I had a particularly bad time back in April this year and I was prescribed a 20 days reducing course of Prednisolone....always works for me.  I too suffer Tinnitus and once your ears have unblocked hopefully,

    your tinnitus will go.  How long have your ears been blocked ? I'm asking this as if you are given the Prednisolone you will definitely need the course I was given, as I week won't be enough.

    Hope you get sorted soon.


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      Thanks for the reply. 

      Ears have been plugged for about 10 days. Didn’t think much of it at the time until after my strep throat went away. I am able to use the Valsalva maneuver to blow with a pinched nose and get temporary opening of my E tubes but the close back up right away. I can still feel fluid trapped in my middle ears

      that needs to drain which I’m guessing is causing my clogged and feeling of pressure. I am making another appointment with doctor and will bring up possibility of using Prednisone. 

      Thank you very much for your insight. The ear problem wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t let my anxiety about it get to me. 

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      Hello again,  You're very welcome.  I've had so much experience with ETD and I know what works for me.

      The condition gets everyone down on this Forum, but try to to get too anxious about it.  10 days isn't long, mine when blocked can last months until I get help with medication.

      A one off prescription won't hurt and you may never need to use them again.  It will reduce or even stop the tinnitus too.


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      Thanks for the comforting words of encouragement. It’s crazy, I’m usually always mentally strong where nothing gets to me, and just one week into something as little as plugged ears has got my nerves in an uproar. 

      I will keep my condition updated as I move forward. Seeing a doctor again this afternoon. 

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      Good morning,   Good luck today and do let me know how you get on.

      I'm now in my 7 month of relief after using the medication that I was

      given correctly.

      Just make sure it's longer than a weeks course of Pred.  Someone else 

      on here was prescribed that and her ears remained blocked.....with a weeks 

      course it usually take : 6 tablets every morning for either 5/6 days....just now

      enough to get rid of all the inflammation.

      Which country are you in ?


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    What did the dr end up prescribing you? I had strep last year early november 2017. my ears are still clogged and filled with drainage. i am told by the dr that the fluid isn't color, so no infection. but they only prescribe me decongestant and nasal spray. i have been given that twice and i just gave u after that. I am going to mention it again next appointment but im worried im too late ns my ears are going to be like this forever. anxiety doesn't help either. 

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      Jac,  Ask your doctor for a course of Prednisolone Steroid Tablets.

      It must be a long enough course to get rid of all the inflammation

      that has swelled your eustachian tubes, so they are unable to


      The course I am usually prescribed is a 20 day reducing course.

      Others on this Forum have been given a weeks supply, that

      does little good.  Your ear won't drain unless you use something

      stronger than decongestants and steroid spray....can take forever.

      I have so many years experience with ETD....mine is now under



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      Hello Erika,

      Well, mine is usually a 20 day reducing course, that I find definitely help

      me....shorter courses are a waste of time when ears are blocked.

      I think the dosage was 6 5mg tablets taken first thing in the morning for

      five days, then start to reduce to 4 tablets etc etc.  But your doctor is the

      one that tells you the amount and how many to take.

      I find until the course has finished I suffer insomnia and hunger is awful.

      However, once they've been finished everything goes back to normal.

      Small price to pay for sorting out our ears.  In the past for my asthma

      I've been given 5mg tablets and have to take 6 in one go for just a week.

      Prednisolone are brilliant getting rid of all the inflammation, for asthma

      and ETD.

      Hope they work for you


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      Thanks Anne for your comments. They gave me hope for a resolution. I just don't understand that my doctor is not following me until this is resolved. He basically dismissed me and said come back in one year. Thanks for bringing that hope I was looking for. 

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      You're very welcome.  All I can say is if doctors suffered ETD they'd soon sit

      up and take notice of their patients.  So many people suffer from blocked ears

      due to catching colds, but once cold is gone their ears resolve back to normal.

      For all of us,sadly that isn't the case.  Keep on at him until you get the help you

      so desperately need.  Don't let him dismiss you.

      You could mention that ETD was the cause of me catching Bacterial Meningitis

      many years ago.  The bacteria crossed the blood/brain and it got me.....leaving

      me now with only sight in one eye and hearing down too.  This condition should

      be taken seriously !!


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      Hi, Anne, hope you’re doing well,

      A little background on me, I have very sensitive ears, I suffer from bad tinnitus. A couple of years ago, I went to a concert, with earplugs, but my ears felt plugged for a couple of weeks after, once they didn’t feel plugged I played music and added to my tinnitus was a loud low hum. I’ve dealt with it.

      Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I got strep throat, took antibiotics, started to feel better, the mid week it felt like the sore throat was coming back and my ears suddenly felt plugged and full. I went to my GP and she face me another set of antibiotics cuz she said my ears looked infected. I went back several days later as my ears were still feeling plugged, she said the look better, not as red as before, but gave me the steroid nasal spray, after a few days it still felt plugged. 

      I finally saw saw an ENT doctor today, he tested my ears and said everything is normal, no fluid in my inner ear. I still have the feeling of fullness and plugged ears, he said it will either stay that way or not. That wasn’t very encouraging!!

      Have you had experience with your tubes being clear but still plugged and how long did it take to settle down?

      If I’m near a very loud bang or something, my ears will feel plugged for a few days and then settle. I associated my plugged ears this time to strep throat, so being told they are clear has me concerned they will stay feeling plugged.

      any suggestions? Thx


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