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kathy67492 kathy67492

PMR, Prednisone, Brain Fog

My PMR started 3 years ago last month. I had to look it up on my calendar!

I have tapered, dead slow presently, to 7m...for about a week now and the brain fog has gotten worse. I know I have had it since starting the prednisone, but it seemed "stable" for a long I seem to be "losing it" more than ever. Is this normal at this point? Thank you😊

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  • dan38655 dan38655 kathy67492

    You didn't mention what time of day that you first notice this neurological symptom.

    It's common to feel "groggy" first thing, but is this occurring all day long, or does it start to make itself known at some point after waking, hours later?

    I sometimes skip my morning coffee and even breakfast if I have not been feeling alert in the morning, I'll have just a few nuts to eat and try to get some light exercise.  Sometimes it seems like the mornng jolt from coffee and breakfast is something I need a break from, unless I'm planning to start early with serious work or exercise.

    This sort of "fasting" has been a part of medicine from all cultures going back thousands of years, so there must be something to it and is sometimes proves useful for me.

    Again though, if you can just keep track of what time of day that your symtoms start, this can be a good start.

    I've been on prednisone at 20mg, and later tapered from 15mg to no 2mg, and at no time did the prednisone seem to cause any neurological sluggishness or memory fade.

    • kathy67492 kathy67492 dan38655

      I have never heard of the fasting while on a medication, but will examine it. If anything I feel that not eating enough is a problem for me sometimes...skipping lunch for example. Of course, I am 70 years old, but this fog seems connected to the recent drop in prednisone. I will see if there is a "worse" time of day...thank you.

  • barbara73592 barbara73592 kathy67492

    Hello Kathy,

    I know what you mean. I was started off at a high dose of Prednisolone 30mg.  Many a time I felt as if I was in a foggy place,not quite all there!  Memory was not Good and sometimes going to speak, what I was going to say did not come out right. 

    I am now on 7mg too and I have to say most of fog has disappeared,but not all,but I am not worried about it.  You could always check with your doctor to put your mind at rest. Medicines affect us all differently.




  • pauline36422 pauline36422 kathy67492

    Hi    kathy.  if its any help. i have been on pred,  4.5  years   and have noticed over the  last couple of years  i find it hard to remember stuff.  so  i have to really think harder than normal. but then i remember.   it is anoying  sometimes when asked which islands  i visited on a cruise   and cannot remember straight away.  but later in thr conversation i remember.  now  down to 1.5 pred.    so learning to live with it

  • EileenH EileenH kathy67492

    It may be the stage you have got to - where your adrenal glands have to start to take up the slack again and produce cortisol. Low levels of corticosteroid in the body don't contribute to perfect functioning! Brain fog as such is often not listed - but fatigue is and fatigue also encompasses brain fog for some people and there are sites that include the term brain fog.

    Hang around at 7mg for a few weeks before you try another reduction, however slowly you reduce, and see if it improves as your body gets used to the new dose. If it does - then it is likely to be that. 7mg is often a sticking place in a taper. It's like a zip that is sticking at one place - you can often get past it by going slowly!

    • Silver49 Silver49 EileenH

      Thank you, Eileen. My brain fog has returned (a little) and I'm at 5.5. It's hot in Perthshire today with a warm wind to dry the washing.😀😀

    • kathy67492 kathy67492 EileenH

      Good advice to stay at 7m for a while...I have had a good run at tapering in recent months! Eileen, I hope you are doing well. No matter what you are always consistent with the forum😊

    • EileenH EileenH Silver49

      Weather often doesn't help! Especially strange weather...

      Yes, I saw Aberdeen was to be about the same temperature as here in Malta today!!!!!

  • karenjaninaz karenjaninaz kathy67492

    Kathy, are you on any other medications that can brain fog? Specifically, sleeping medications like alprazolam, diazepam, Ativan etc. These are notorious for memory impairment without pred.

    i once was a patient sharing a breakfast table with an elderly lady who actually looked demented. She had been given a sleep aid in the previously mentioned category because she had trouble sleeping from body aches. I suggested trying paracetamol instead of the sleeping aid. The next morning she was a chipper as can be.

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