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jacqueline32550 jacqueline32550

Polio and knee replacement

i had polio at 10 months old I had knee replacement in 2016 and it went wrong. Just would like to know if any body had same problem and what happened to you after and how you are now. Would be grateful for any info you can give. And does anybody know if a good Orthopedic Surgeon in London thank you hope to hear from anybody 

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  • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo jacqueline32550

    Hi Jaquelin can I ask firstly was the knee replaced because of the polio or because of some other reason, also what has been the result of your replacement.

    Are you able to weight bear on that leg

    • jacqueline32550 jacqueline32550 AlexandriaGizmo

      Hi Alexandria my knee replacement on my polio leg was because of arthritis and no I can't put any weight on it, it has left me with crutches plus can't put my heel on the floor which I could do before operation. My knee is not right at all I can't bend it properly either a big mistake in having this operation I have no muscles which doesn't help. Had operation 1 year and 3 months ago.

      Thank you for answering me will be happy to hear your reply thanks.


    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo jacqueline32550

      Hi Jaquelin its not always the best course but we don't know that until we have it done, I also am on crutches for the last year and some and I totally know where your coming from.

      Were you able to walk pre op or was it not possible then either.

      What does your consultant have to say.

      Have you been sent to PT because I think that would possibly help, hydrotherapy would also help as that's low impact and the warmth is good for loosening tight painful muscles.

      I also have extremely weak muscles, some have even atrophied which does not help strength and I believe causes pain because you need muscle strength to hold it all in place, do you ice your knee and do your exercises daily

    • jacqueline32550 jacqueline32550 AlexandriaGizmo

      Hi Alexandria yes I could walk on my own before I didn't need crutches then.

      My Consultant doesn't know what to do with me. I've had a lot of physio and hydrotherapy and do everything I'm surposed to do.

      i went to see another Consultant who said I had three options stay as I am or Amputation or infuse my leg which means I would be stiff leg all the time 

      I am trying to get another opinion if I can.

      Did you walk freely before your operation?

      i have no muscles working in my leg and have been told replacement was not a good option. To be honest I would rather has put up with my pain and stayed as I was I still get pain and I don't know what else I can do. 

      What does your Consultant say?

      thanks for replying 


    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo jacqueline32550

      Hi I was 100% mobile before last June, mine was an accident and like you the choice's were limited, fusion being one of them, I chose like you not to go that way and have percivered, they said I wouldn't walk and would be non weight bearing, im glad to say I have been out of the wheelchair since October last year and using crutches since then, I do hydro twice a week and physio about every two weeks, whether I will ever walk unaided again I don't know, some days pain is bad others its just there but I think you do have to push through it more than I want too.

      My consultant has no other options for me so I just work at it more and want to amaze him by at least getting down to one crutch.

      Why for a knee replacement would they even consider amputation, you need too change your orthopedic surgeon, a revision would be the next step, if your xrays show no problems then maybe your knee has just become so tight.

      What exercises do you do daily, do you ice and heat it??

    • jacqueline32550 jacqueline32550 AlexandriaGizmo

      Hi Alexandria sorry to hear about your accident. I do all those thing exercise is hard because of having no muscles working in my leg I can't bend it properly either now. I am going to see another Consultant if I can for another option don't know what they would say. It's annoying but we have to get on with life even though we have to adjust to a lot of things. I was told as well to take ibuprofen regularly but I don't see the reason for that it's not going to help.

      The physiotherapists don't even know what to do with me you can see the frustration on their faces.

      But we can take things day by day and hope.


  • cheryl86544 cheryl86544 jacqueline32550

    So sorry to hear.  I can't help you with an orthopaedic surgeon in London, but it sounds like a physiotherapist may help.  What went wrong with your TKR? 

    • jacqueline32550 jacqueline32550 cheryl86544

      Hi Cheryl. I had polio a d have no working muscles in my leg the knee replacement has left me being able to walk unadaided and I can't put my heel on the floor I have to walk on my toes and can't bend my knee properly. Should not have had the operation big mistake. I have had loads of physio but nothing is working so have been on crutches for a year and three months and looks like I will be on them for life now but at least I can still walk thank God.


    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo jacqueline32550

      That's weird cause I also find it easier to walk on toes on poor leg, I am now doing my best to heel toe but its hard, do you do flat bed exercises, I do but they are hard, if your muscles are like mine yoy will struggle to walk anyway, we need to strengthen them pesky muscles if we can.

      I'm told that muscles take far longer to heal than bone

    • jacqueline32550 jacqueline32550 AlexandriaGizmo

      Hi Alexandria

      I have no muscles in my polio leg that's the problem even exercising don't do anything because I can't do them as I have no muscles there. Do your muscles work at all?

      So weird walking on toes isn't it one Dr says I should have a wedge other Dr says take it out of my shoes so frustrating.

      Just wish there was somebody out there who actually knew what they were doing and could help us

    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo jacqueline32550

      I am same, yes there are muscles but the quads are half the size and they don't work and the calf muscles also are near enough gone, it makes me look deformed but I do try really hard to get those muscles working, best exercise is lay on back on flat bed, move leg away from body, put a plastic bag under heel, its not easy and if you struggle get someone else to help by gently moving foot across.

      It takes a time, other one is raise foot off bed upwards, again if you struggle then get someone to gently raise foot, make it clear they must NOT drop the foot

    • jacqueline32550 jacqueline32550 AlexandriaGizmo

      My quads do not work at all so it's difficult but I do use towel to raise my leg in my exercise hard work but it's not doing anything. Plus my hip is not that strong either but one tries one's best. I thank god at least I can get around on crutches even though it's a struggle but I'm alive that's the main thing it just gets boring but I'm doing a few hobbies other wise I would go mad

    • AlexandriaGizmo AlexandriaGizmo jacqueline32550

      I agree, especially when I come into contact with people needing to be wheelchair bound whenever they need to be mobile, I have just ordered some special ferrels for mine, I can't wait for them to arrive as they have shock absorbers in them and the ability to help ease my shoulders and wrist pain, I am told they are more wet floor friendly which for me going hydro is a scary place for me and if they work I will start going swimming as well.

      I will let you know how they go.

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