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Eye problem is NOT herpes but dry eye and another ,as yet unknown 

reason for small "things  "that are there 

I have been given CLINITAS drops this time ,and they  are making

me cough .Is anyone using this product ,and having side effects with it ??

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    Yes using clinitas, they just make my vision blurry
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      and mine , as well as it hurting ,Just phoned the clinic and was told to

      stop using it .so It's back to good old optrex until I see the consultant' 

      Whenever  !!!

      Thanks for telling me .I have a bad reaction to most drugs, this is 

      another one to add to the list

       Are you still using  Clinitas???

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    "Things"? What kind of things?

    Are these tiny white spots on the corner giving you a feeling of sawdust?

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      Tiny marks that are invisible without the dye.Three of them sitting on

      the edge of the cornea .They have now ruled out herpes, and have been referred to a consultant, who may know !!!!!

      All I know is that it feels as though there is a razor blade under my eye lid They gave me the Clinitas because ,they said , I had dry eyes

       I used one capsule  that made my eye burn for  over two hours ,so i

      phoned the clinic and was told to stop them .Have not used anything since, except Paracetamol, which has really helped

      So, now it's a waiting job,and I am not going to use any more drops

      as all of them have made it worse


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    I have a bad reaction to most chemicals, my optician suggested trying Hyco san. The one drop bottle takes a little practice but it has helped and works out less expensive than the individual preservative phials used previously.
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      Is it like Optrex, , non chemical Seemingly I react to the preservatives

      in the druggy ones ,but saying that ,the Clinitas is supposed not to 

      have any preservative, and they were worse than the other two' 

      I will see the chemist, I prefer their advice to the G P's

      Thank you

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      Are you in the UK? Try Hydro-Colom or Hydro-Tears. Also VitA-Pos.

      Optive is also hypoallergenic.

      Like you I went thru 6 different drops before I could feel comfortable. Another is CellUVisc.

      None of these contain preservaties, but it's normal to have to shop around even among these.

      Good luck. Dry eye's a bummer!

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      Hello. yes I am in the U.K Thank you for the list .Chemist or Holland

      & B ?

      Is this a lifelong  thing to be  lived with ? Iv'e had it approx 6 weeks. 

      The original diagnosis was herpes 5 weeks ago the dry eyes got 

      added on last week. How can you have dry eyes when the tears

      flow and have a snotty nose of a two year old?

      Your handle is very appropriate for this forum.

      Do you find wearing sun glasses help ?eek.

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      Hi Jacqueline.

      All these should be available in your chemist, none are 'health' products as such. Although you've reminded me of one I used to use, but don't know if you can get it in the UK. It's made in Germany and called Cineraria Maritima, a homeopathic eye drop, also hypoallergenic.

      Allergic reactions to preservatives in eye drops are quite common and the manufacturers know that. Optive is made by Allergan, for eg.

      I do wear sunglasses – all the time, partly because I live in a hot climate with heaps of bright sunlight, but aso to protect the eys from dust. Mine have 'blinkers".... an extra piece on the side for extra protection.  Dont know how much difference it makes, but any protection helps.

      Mine, rather brilliantly, go over the other glasses, so they slot over each other making for double protection.

      Got them online and the generic term is overglasses.

      Do I get pain? Well yes indeed I do. I sometimes feel as if I've someone's just chucked a bucket of sawdust at me, they burn so much.

      I have an added thing called keratitis, which is partly related to having dry eyes, so if my experience is anything to go by, I would suggest you use the drops and gels as often as you feel you need, rather than limit yourself to what they tell you. As long as there's no infection and you're not using cortisone drops, which must be limited to three days or whatever the eye doctor prescribes, most eyes drops are harmless.

      The only danger is they create dependency and possible encourage the body to be lazy in producing its own tears.

      Just my guess.

      My case was so extreme that the ophthalmologist almost yelped when he looked at the result of the test, so I donlt wait to feel bad, I use them as soon as the first sign of discomfort arises.

      The other secret is to use different drops/gels at different times of the day. Mix and match works best.

      Hope this helps...

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      H Pamela.

      Is that Hycosan 'one drop' bottle the sort you pump so it produces only one drop at a time? – a bit more expensive than the others but lasts really long...?

      Hydro-Colom or Hydro Tears is like that too. It's actually the one most dependably good for me, but I use didfferent drops throughout the day.

      Those 'indivdual phials' you talk about... Celluvisc is one of those. They tell you to chuck it after one use, but actually you don't need to if you keep them in the fridge. The little cap you sort of break off to open it can actually be clicked back in place with a bit of experimentation and Ive managed to reuse each phial one more time.

      Cuts the cost by half!

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      Hi. you may like to know that it's snowy ,and freezing, and I have not opened an outside door at all. Been watching weepy Christmas films, so

      I made a few tears, which surprisingly soothed the pain ,maybe the salt

      had something to do with it Must confess I am not normally a weeper ,but probably feeling sorry for myself. 

      The first swab said I had the  Kerititus viral infection then , another one

      read the notes and said no it wasn't, but they gave medrops for the

      herpes, no wonder  nothing happened except pian when I used them

      My G.P gave me one for dry eyes which didn't help just more pain soI went back to the clinic and the decision was ,that they didn't know

      what the marks were so, I have a referal However they sent me home with the Clinitas which made my throat and nose feel raw  after 2 hrs

      from the first drop. So using nothing since Wednesday,At least I can

      see clearly now, and the nose and throat are back to normal. 

      I think I will take your list to the chemist on Monday morning

      and take it from there. Don't suppose the appt with the consultant

      will be that soon.

      AAAHH for some sunshine 

      Very glad you hit this forum.


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      Yes it is the pump action bottle which can be used for 28 days.  I agree with you though that the body should do it's own work so try not to use artificial aids more than necessary.  My optician thinks that I may have an allergic reaction to Chloramphenicol which is an antitbiotic often prescribed for eye infections.For me it was supposed to be a preventative post cataract operations and I will see a consultant in December. What this space! 
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      Lots of sun where I am now. Hot too!

      So maybe I can send you some cheery sunrays!

      Remember we are those for whom tears are really good.... although I believe in tears for all sorts of things, actually, not just the eyes....

      Chin up! 

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      Have to tell you,, that the eye is back to normal, no pain, no swollen 

      eyelid.white is white again, 

      maybe I just got an eyeful of bits, that's why they couldn't put a 

      label on the marks

      Can you send the sunshine first class .. we need it  cool

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      Hello. me and my big mouth!!!!!! the party's over .This morning

      everything came back big time 

      Went to the biggest retail chemist , and had words with a pharmacist

      who also suffered from dry eye  so I was guided by what she used

      no preservatives at all Had three shots up to now and it is settling 

      down. I also rang the clinic and asked how long it would be before

      I got to the top of the list NEW YEAR, so I said I couldn't wait so long

      as I was in mega pain. so she gave the booking number. Tomorrow I

      ring. Does yours (the pain,) come and go, ????

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      Morning,   updatearrow

      Phoned the appts and a very understanding person, listened

      to the story, and looked me up. and said the consultant had not

      yet verified how serious my case was ,and if I should be seen sooner, or left in pain for possibly two more months. Someone said that they

      would check to see if he had done his list and ring me this p.m

      Ah well I can do no more,

      What's betting ,because I have asked for help I will be put at the

      bottom of the list.sad cry 

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      Jacqueline, Good Morning!

      If you're really concerned and suffering, call that special emergency NHS number and relate to them your symptoms (I think it's 111, but by no means sure).

      They might recommend you head to the nearest A & E, which could be worthwhile (tho a long wait).

      It cetainly doesn't sound like plain dry-eye, but what happens with the eyes is if we don't keep them moist, artificially or otherwise, they are prone to infection because they have no defense against all those things flying in the air in our direction.

      So do use the drops and see an ophthal asap. And if your GP or other NHS nurse doesn't call back, then make the move yourself.

      With the eyes it;s always important to stay proactive.

      All the best.

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      Morning to you too,I can get no nearer than I have gone .consultant's

      booking clerk,.I can go no higher.There are no eye specialists in A&E

      they would just send me to the eye clinic, where I started (short cut)

      The only thing I can do is ring the clerk again this morning 

      The problem seems to be that I react to all the drops ,the one I got from

      the chemist yesterday --no preservatives--- made my nose run, made the

      back oy throat and tongue raw ,so ther must be something else in

      the drops that I can't cope with I have the same problem with most drugs mega side effects Just tried reflexology ,forgot I had the book.

      It's all very well being given drops, but no one cares if they cause you

      pain  It's O.K if I keep my eye closed ,but not very practical I will go 

      to my local chemist the pharmasists are usually on th ball

      You can't go anywhere or see anyone without being asked. or

      jump the queue unless you have a cheque bookrolleyes

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      You're in the UK, are you not?

      In june this year I was sent va that NHS phone number, to A&E and treated (after a long wait) and thereafter given another appointment...

      Did you try all those eye drops I suggested?

      Here is the list again:

      Hydro-Colom or Hydro Tears




      Cineria Maritima

      Lacri-something, NOT Lacrigel (tho if you can get that, do) but maybe Lacri-tears...not sure, ask the pharmacist.

      All these are without preservative, designed for those us allergic to it.

      The good pharmacist will probably know of others. Try them all.... you may hit upon a goodie!

      And from that NHS number find out which A&Es near you do have an ophthlamlogist or at least some kind of eye doctor.

      Beyond that, I don't know what to say, poor girl, except to suggest you take a week off work, put on your favourite music and lie down with your eyes shut.

      One Ophth told me: "A closed eye is a happy eye!"

      It might have been a Hallmark goodwill message, but In my case, he was right.

      It wasn't just copping out, it was actually healing!


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      Hello. not moving works well , .the closed too if I don't move the eyeball.

      You must NOT have an English accident to get sorted. When I was 

      living in Southern Ireland ,I was really well looked after  ,for everything

      especially in hospitals.

      No call back again, that is now two days .Iwent to another chemist

      and had another long chat with a pharmacist,and came away with 

      two different products To tell you the truth , I'm getting very wary of

      using anything, the pain they cause is worse than the eye pain 

      Looks like a visit to the clinic again tomorrow

      Some of the products you suggested  were not known others they

      didn't stock,

      Do you get a runny nose and slight sore throat ?????  


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      LIST OF------

      hospital ---Clinitas   ,sore nose (inside) raw throat and gums

      doctor--- Hyabak   made eyes smart

      Self inflicted   Dry eyes single dose, no preservatives. eye sting

      Bought today via pharmacist---Systane long lasting .not tried yet.

      and Optex Rehydrating eye drops ,not tried yet

      Paracetamol seem to help

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      Amazing !!!! or What. ??? Not before time . I know how those

      poor animals must have felt, having   painful chemicals

      put into their eyes,It must have been agony for them.

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      Well sus did you get any ???what a find ,not a pain .or the worse 

      thing was ,all the different ones  I took ,.made my sinus and my throat 

      feel raw, and very sore It's three weeks since I used  them, not for long, because of the burning and smarting they caused,  some of the stuff

      went down my throat, and even affected my voice box

      Such a relief to find a painfree one smile

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