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Hi All,

It seems easy to blame whichever government rules for the suffering of the sick and disabled. As is the same with the NHS our DWP is being overstretched by this countrys incredible generousity to all who are lucky to get here. The problem of underfunding is always going to be with us as long as our money is squandered by poor management and fanciful projects. When building new hospitals, health centres, libraries, schools and other public buildings they should be built for purpose, not some architects folly. These buildings should be squared-square wards, square reception rooms, square operating theatres(or oblongs).

By trying to build works of art as opposed to municiple buildings much costs and spaceage are lost and pblic money wasted.

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    Are you actually living in the right century? It sounds like the late 70's and early 80's..

    The last time there were marches, against this and that, then loads of industries being sold off to other countries, putting so many people out of jobs, was the Thatcher years (Tory, yet again!).

    PIP was brought in to lower government payments to disabled people, look at what happened IDS calculated it wrong, and made no difference even though were supposed to gain £800 million from the change.

    Our deficit was meant to drop according to Mr Cameron if he got in to power in 2010, yet they borrowed more in 5 years than Labour did in 15 years!

    And now, we are still in the EU, Cameron thinks he can make a huge difference - and is looking to increase Tax on Petrol, and why - because of the immigrant crisis.

    IDS was hoping to increase the profit from the DWP, what happened in the past year, well it worked out as a loss of over £4 miillion. Due to too many real disabled people making appeals, which cost a lot. Every ESA assessment costs between £115-£135 per person!

    Cameron is clutching at straws, people are dying, the richer get richer, working people are not getting better jobs, they are losing them. This country is no longer a Great Britain, the word "Great" as been lost. People that fought for this country are now seeing what just one man can do, some of the people in WWII are now homeless.

    But who is about to become the biggest loser? Well, it is not us, well in a way yes but not in cash. Cameron has caused that much poverty and problems for the UK, which Canada wrote a report, which was counter-signed by Obama in the US, and includes a few other countries signatures and delivered to the EU. We are the first country in the EU, that is under a full investigation, which cannot be covered up by EU laws. The Inquiry was very in depth, and does not just cover people dying from sanctions, or ESA, or even DLA or PIP - that investigation goes much further and is already in progress, in January 2017 the outcome will be made available, and there findings are to be published - this time he has gone too far, and there is no way out.

    "DWP is being overstretched by this countrys incredible generousity" - wrong, this country is being stretched by the government and royalty wanting to spend £80 million planes, trying to keep up with the USA, there is nothing wrong with the current system, apart from it is no longer good enough for rich.

    "squandered by poor management and fanciful projects" - poor management, yes, but to the poor, disabled, pensioners and even terminally ill. It is things like this that have caused the EU to open an Investigation on this country. The EU Investigation Team has always been there, but it is the first time it has been used on any country within the EU, which just goes to prove how bad this country is in. We have no say in government matters, if we did there would not be so many people dying of starvation in our streets. It sounds like a third world country which the tories have made, no one else in, such little time.



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      I agree with the management problems within the NHS. Those that are sacked for incompetence seem to always find a sympathetic NHS trust elsewhere that would give them a job.

      It's as though they think that the NHS would not survive without them.

      Then we have the staff that retire and are re-instated in a consultancy role. Fine if you are an eminent surgeon - but a worker in the wages dept - come on!

      All chiefs and too few indians in my opinion

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      Of course NuLabour are blame free and we will forget about what happened in Staffordshire. Or that they let hoards of people into the country who can claim benefits for kids that don't even live in the country.

      Go pin your red rosette on a donkey and vote for it. But next time, forget the left and right politics and actually think about their previous track record and if you believe what they say in their manifesto.

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      Don't know if you have notice but the Tories in one form or another have ruled the UK for the past 5 and half years where they to have let in millions of people to claim benefits for children who don't live here from EEA.

      How is that different to what New Labour did?

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      Did you see the bit where I said 'forget the left and right politics'?

      They are both as bad as each other, NuLabour took us into illegal wars, tried to bring us super casinos, brought us 24 hour drinking, signed the Lisbon Treaty after promising not to. And their last PM called a life long Labour supporter a horrible bigoted woman.They raided private pensions that were the envy of the world, try finding a private company that offers a decent final salary scheme to someone who isn't a director. Cash for peerages, the list is endless and for every thing bad you can say about a blue rosette, I can show you two about a red rosette. So listen to what I am saying, I am not defending either side, I just find the Tory cuts paradigm hypocritical.

      Most of the Labour front bench went to public school and are millionaires in their own right, they have nothing in common with the working man.


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      You clearly stated NuLabour were to blame???? You also stated that " that they let hordes of people into the country who can claim benefits for kids that don't even live in the country."

       So my reply is relevant in that the Tories have also been complicit in allowing the payment of child benefit to EEA citizens working in the UK whilst their children live abroad.

       You list several complaints about New Labour and one sentence against the Tories. That doesn't seem like an objective balanced criticism of both right and left.

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      Because my reply was to the OP who is blaming the Tories and banging on about Thatcher. I was just balancing it up, by banging on about NuLabour and the Blair years. No where do you see me defending Call Me Dave, I've never voted for him. I just think it is outdated this 'it's all the Tory nasty party' is outmoded.
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      And I pointed out that the Tories were just as bad when it came to paying child benefit to EEA workers. It was a fair comment
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    Hi Mike

    I have to agree with Les here I don't recognise your compliant. New buildings are much more accessible for disabled people all have ramps and toilets for example.

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    Oh dear,

    It was not my intention to start a political slagging match.

    When I said it didn't matter who was in government that was what I meant. I truly believe tbat any government that came into power would instantly regret promises ,(if that is what they are), made before an election, involving the NHS.

    In its present state it is a monster of vast proportion. Completely out of control and draining the wealth created in this country. I was trying to demonstrate how the sick and disabled are being targeted by the DWP, through government rulings, to try and control dla/pip fraud, when they should be looking elsewhere to find ways of losing many,many billions p.a.


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