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I have just joined this group. I was diagnosed with this condition in January 2017, although I suspect that I have had it for some time previously. On my last blood test in February I was on 3mg of Prednisolone and the condition under control. My doctor then advised me to start again with Cholesterol tablets. As I continued with a reduction of 1mg per month. I started with muscle pains in my left arm, this has now progressed to both arms, but only on certain movements, as well as neck stiffness. I am sure that I read that the steroids and the Symvastin were not an ideal mix. . Its been nearly 2 weeks now that I have stopped taking the steroids. I do not feel any worse, but I seem to be getting frequent cold symptoms. I recently had a Thai massage, which appears to have helped with my neck stiffness, and I am doing gradual stretching exercises, which are also assisting. I have no real desire to return to taking the steroids, but will wait and see what my next blood test will reveal

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  • Anhaga david64576

    Why does your doctor think you need to take a statin?  There is some evidence that dietary changes can normalize cholesterol levels as effectively as drugs.

    • EileenH Anhaga

      Since the main source of cholesterol in the blood is production by the liver there really isn't a lot of influence from diet unless you are eating a REALLY appallingly high fat and carbs diet! A dietician once told me she had come across one patient in her entire life who had managed to get his cholesterol under control by diet - and the list of foods he ate made me cringe!

    • Anhaga EileenH

      I privately messaged David about an informal study that had been done.  I thought it was now thought that the cholesterol issue has been a big red herring all these years.  What we need to do is stop eating trans fats, and sugar, shouldn't be all that hard to do!  

    • EileenH Anhaga

      I believe it has been something of a red herring - which is why I refuse to take a statin. The red herring is probably more that lowering cholesterol is what is called a surrogate marker - it isn't the low cholesterol that makes any difference but it happens to fall at the same time as the statins do something else. However, too low cholesterol isn't good for you either - especially as you get older. But try telling the people who greq up with the wonder of statins...

      And yes - removing transfats and sugar would be a wonderful start...

  • TheRaven david64576

    I started Simvastatin about 5 years before PMR hit me almost 2 years ago.  I can't really say it has affected the PMR one way or the other.  I personally think that PMR is the result of a lot of little medical issues, stresses, etc.  Finally you get the one straw that breaks the camel's back.  I suppose statins could be one of those straws.

    I can't say that I've had any side effects that would point to PMR and statins fighting it out.

      When I was put on simvastatin, I had changed my diet quite a bit to lower the cholesterol numbers but with little success.  My doctor wasn't surprised though.  He said with my family history of heart, BP and cholesterol issues I could do a perfect diet and at best lower the cholesterol numbers by 15%.  He said many can be successful by diet alone but others like myself are the ones that statins were intended for.

  • Michdonn david64576

    David, been on Prednisone for a couple of years, living a normal active life PMR pain free, but statins do me in over the years tried several different brands always the same lower back pain. Just like I had been kidney punched. No statins for me. Good luck on your journey, try to think positive and active. ☺️

  • nick67069 david64576

    it is not as much as absolute value of cholesterol that one should be worried about as much as the ratio of LDL / HDL  . If that ratio is less then 2.5, then cholesterol is not an issue.  While one cannot lower the cholesterol with diet only, it is possible to raise the HDL and improve ratio with diet and exercise.  

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