Pompholyx / Dyshidrotic Eczema

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I thought i'd share with you my experience & how I've been dealing with being diagnosed with Pompholx Eczema and how i'm getting on and what i've done to ease the symptoms in the hope it can help you a little. 

Firstly, I just want to say that I know you've been having a very rough time, you want to just chop off your hands and feet and your feeling very miserable right now but please dont worry - things will be ok! smile 

Discovering Pompholux & The Symptoms

I had a very small clusters of blisters on 1 toe which stayed there quite happily on their own for a whole month...I blamed my friends cat and presumed it must have flea bite feast that I'd had a bad reaction too. However this was not to last... Both feet errupted in what looked like tiny bumps which then spread across both hands and wrists. I was incorrectly diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth as i incendently had flu at the same time,so had to just persevered with the intense itching, burning and sleepless nights for 2 weeks. To aid the pain I was going to bed with a bag of frozen peas in the hope i would be able to at least catch 30mins however the burning from the firey lava of mount doom had other ideas! . This was just unbearable, itchy, hot and fearful it would never go away. i could not longer make a fist and any attempted task was a fail. I cried every night though the burning pain and thought this would never end!  After 3 further visits to the doctor they gave the diagnosis of Excema. By this point things had gotten soo bad that i could not move my hands at all, the bumps across my hands and feet had turned into blisters and most areas were red raw. The heat came in waves which meant having to stand outside just to give me hands and feet a little snow chill just to calm things down or wave them around just to catch a little chillness. Anyway - Things have gotten a little better  ....

The Remedy

Firstly - Do not scratch - it only makes things worse!!!   Until you see the doctor, keep things moisturised well and use an ice pack. I demended a same day appointment and explained it was a rash which had ereupted all over me - even some on my knee too btw, tell them is unbreable and you need someone right away if its just too much to bear. So at the Docs I was given a few things which have really helped. Its calmed the skin and I now have full use of my hands, I can sleep, the burning has gone and skins looking a lot better. So I recieved:

Doctors List:

1. Anti Fungal Cream - (Yup, like me you've never had a fungal infection, but i was happy to try anything) This goes on first. Twice a day.

2. Synalar - C Steroid / Anti fungal ointment (This goes on second. Spread a thin layer in effected area. This thins the skin, but its doing the job and at least i can move again) Twice a day.

3. Zeroderm Ointment (Third. This is basically petrollium jelly which should be used as often as possible and it REALLY helped me if this was rubbed into the skin. I mean massage it in deep as this helps it get into the skin better and also tricks your skin into thinking your scratching the itch but really your just massaging it smile  You can do this after its a bit less raw as i know if your at the stiff stage this might be a bit too sore.

4. Wash with an omoliiant soap substitute. I  overed my hands in the jelly stuff & then used gloves to wash my hair.

5. The doc gave me antihistamines and i recommend a stron sleeping tablet for the first few days, though i had to ask for this.

6. I was given a sick line as could not function, drive and was not capable of doing my job. Ask for this if you think you need it.

6. You can use cotton gloves too but i found these too hot in the burning stage so i just used these to help me to things like get dressed.

How I am now? 

So after the correct diagnosis, Its been 7 days since the Doc gave me all of the above and i can honestly say that I'm back to being able to function. I mean my hands & feet still look rubbish but not as bad as before. I can sleep at night without the need to cover myself in ice and i can even type with all fingers without pain instead of just the 1 finger  smile  

What happens next?

So guys, I hope this helps at least and give a little comfort that you are totally right...Its an awful condition and if i was there then I would give you a hug to tell you its gonna be alright.   If you have any questions then please ask away. I'll post an update when im looking a little better to give you an idea on how long it takes for your skin to look normal again.  Im happy to post pictures thoughout the bump stages too so just ask.


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    Congratulations to you for posting this.  I am so glad that it seems to be working. Are you in UK?  I would guess not as I doubt that doctors here would treat so well and so agressively straight off.

    I have very mild excema which flares up from time to time.  Betnovate ointment [or what ever it is now called] works a treat but usually I get fobbed off first with "something mild" until I go back and say it's not working!

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      Hey Simon, Yes believe it or not I'm in Glasgow, however lets not forget that it took 4 visits to the Doctors! But, a big shout out to the lady who diagnosed it correctly - She is my Hero right now.   In my case - Im not sure what happened for me to have such an extreme eruption having NEVER had any skin condition before.  She even asked me to come back in 2 weeks for a check up and will assess weather an allergy test would help. All in all she's done a fine job and is a bloody Godess!

      Perhaps you "accidently" left your last prescription of Betnovate ointment that you just collected from the pharmacy at work and now its gone...... which means you need to phone the docs again and ask them for another prescription. smile

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    1. first toe appearance.

    2. Dotty rash

    3. & 4 . Sore hands

    5. & 6. Starting to clear up after using creams for 1 week

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    I have a different skin condition but was suffering from extremely itchy skin.  One of my GPs gave me an 'old fashioned' sedating antihistamine, called Hydroxyzine.  It helped with the itching and sent me to sleep!  I had to take it at about 7pm in order to wake up at a reasonable time the following morning.  I started on 10mg/night but went to 25mg/night quite soon and stayed there for about 18 months by which time I was on Prednisolone, which cured the itching completely, thank goodness!

    Dermovate is the most potent steroid cream you can get and that is what my Dermatologist started me on until things were under control, he then prescribed Eumovate, the next one down!  I seldom have to use it now, though I am on MTX.


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      Thanks for sharing. That sleepy itch cream sounds wonderful! Thankfully things are under control now and getting to sllep has become a little easier. Thanks smile
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    I have the same thing, exactly the same!! Doctor prescribed me steroid creme and it worked wounders, but this came back over and over again like a vicious cycle, it never went away. Steroids only masks the symptoms. Did your doctor told you why you got this eczma? Did she explained the causes? I am really desperate cos it has been years in hell for mesad(((
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    You are right on the money with how it affects you; and the pain aspect. I don't mean to "top your story" or anything like that, but I will try uploading a snappy of just one hand; but keep in mind that my other hand and both feet had the same size blisters; and hurt can't even begin to describe it.  Click on the Pic below and than God you had lots of little ones. I had a nest of these large ones.

    Hope someone can find a cure for this Sh**t


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    Hi Alice

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Your words made me feel better 😊

    Wishing you the very best,


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    hello everyone! I am looking to use this discussion (or create a new one) to share tips and tricks to ease flare ups and pain. My question to everyone is: from your observation what tends to cause flare ups and what natural remedies have you found to help with the healing, itching, burning, and/or pain. 

    Flare Ups:

    100% when i get sick - every time I get the common cold or flu, I know my hands will flare up with tiny blisters. and I just pray that do not fill up and turn huge

    lack of sleep - if I have two or more consent nights of little to no sleep my hands will likely flare up

    stress - this excuse is a hit or miss with me. However my biggest flare ups with monster blisters has always happen during troubling times for me.

    My findings:

    sex - no really an active sex life helps a lot. I've been with my gf now 3 years and only had one major flare up (with large blisters affect my entire hand(s) (BECAUSE of the FLU). most of the time I'll have a cluster of tiny itchy bumps on one or two fingers. I'll mention to the gf "duty calls" and presto gone within the next two days. so happy she came to my life.

    organic white vinegar -  It hurts like a b***h but it dries up the blisters and clots the open cuts. I went from 3 months to heal to about 2-3 weeks. I let my hands soak in the white vinegar bath for 45 mins (if its too painful I'll cut down to 20 min) then I lotion my hands up and put them in front of the ac to cool down. I know people will think I'm crazy with the white vinegar baths but seriously guys its cuts healing time, makes the blisters naturally ooze on their own. The acidity prevents from further infection. And causes the blisters to harden over and open cuts to scab (clot) over. 

    everyone lotion - its not the best moisturizer and need reapplication often but I also find it doesn't burn or react to my skin.    

    the pics down below is from one of the bad flare ups after I was healing. During the major flare up I couldn't even use my phone. 



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