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Hello and nice to meet you,

I would really like some feedback on my condition, I suspect I have Pompholyx Eczema and it is ruining my life sad.

I would like you to get a all round understanding of my condition and would really appreciate any constructive or helpful feedback smile

I am a 28 year old girl, I have been to the doctors who have advised me that I have Eczema. It all started a long time ago when I spent some time in Ireland. I worked in a resturant cleaning dishes. My hands were feeling strange after a while and thats when it all began, fast forward to today and now the condition has gotten severly worse. I have small blisters (about 1-2mm in size) just under the surface of my hands (mainly on the palms and fingers). There are also blisters, rashes and the skin is sore and red. I no longer have any finger prints and struggle to do anything at all. This has ruind my life and im beyond desperate. I have been to multiple doctors who have advised me on the "magical wonder drug STEROIDS" and it has made them WORSE. Every time I go and seek "professional" help I get steroids as a perscription that when I use calms it for maybe a day then once I stop guess what?!?!? Its back with a vengance :'( I have become so desperate searching the internet and trying everything thats on there but still it will not budge. So far I have tried: Steroids (the worst mistake), Cod liver oil (3 times a day) Flax seed oil, apple cider vinegar, Dermole 500, 50/50 cream, epiderm, olive oil, advocado oil, changed my diet (now no dairy no wheet no sugar just chicken breast and veg). The condition has spread to my feet on the soles and sides and my lower legs. 

I could go on BUT im trying to keep interest of anyone that can help me. 

Please if you can, help me.

Kind regards and look forward to speaking to you.

Ieva S

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    Hi levaS,

    You mention that you first noticed the skin condition while working in a restaurant. I presume your hands must have come into contact with harsh detergents. Have you ever had an allergy test done? I am asking because some people are allergic to surfactants used in dishwashing liquid, shampoo, liquid soaps.

    In my case, dishwashing liquid would cause the skin on my hands to become very rough and scaly. It would not heal well and was painful and sometimes bleed especially around the knuckles. I used a cream called Calmurid with urea and lactic acid. It would sting when first applied but would calm the skin down after a few minutes. Of course the cream would only alleviate the condition and speed up the healing. What really helped was to stay away from whatever triggers the dermatitis. 

    My advise would be to stay away from detergents of any kind and to use products such as soaps and creams that have as few ingredients in them as possible.  

    I really hope you find out what causes your skin condition. 


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    My 16 yo boy has it too. W've tried over a dozen kinds of moisterizers, homeopathic creams, teas, you name it. A few weeks ago out of desparation, we went back to a dermatologist and now he's back on steriod oinment. She says he shouldn't suddenly stop it. We should taper it down. She says diet has nothing to do with it. Here is why I disagree. Oinment helps with the trouble areas, but guess what. The rashes show up where there weren't any before. My theory is, the inflammation has to get out of the body through the skin. If one area is protected, it's going to find a different place to leave. I honestly believe it's the diet. Something is causing inflammation in his digestive system. We have recently switched to all organic everything. I only cook meet 3 nights a week. The rest we eat organic, farmers market baught veggies. If it doesn't help, it's not going to hurt. 

    I strongly encourage you to try it. Elimination is good, but add GOOD food. You owe it to yourself to try it. Research specifically what helps with inflammation. Here are a few:

    Ginger, turmeric, Nettle (tea), celery, Manuka honey (not fake ones), blueberry, etc. Do your own homework and don't rely on doctors. As a temporary relief, Egyptian Magic helps. Not a cure. The cure has to go through the digestive system. It is going to take months to cleanse the body and get rid of the toxins. Don't give up. Imagine, by end of summer you could be free of this godforesaken condition. Switch to whole foods. Good luck!

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    Eczema forums

    Hi, I have to ask if you tried going on a GLuten free diet. You're avoiding some foods that may cause you allergic reaction and it is obviously reflecting on your skin.

    With steroids your skin has became more sensitive as well. Creams don't solve your problem in my own experience. My 9yrs old daughter suffers severe eczema, I tried everything!!! and just 3 months a go I decided to put her on a GF diet (as I'm gluten sensitive). I suspected she was sensitive to G like me and perhaps Celiac. I did all the blood tests to find out in fact she's celiac and she had to avoid gluten for life.

    You might not know but gluten besides being a protein contained in Wheat, it's also in Barley, Ray and some Oats, gluten is pretty much in everything we eat that's processed, meets, soy sauce (you won't believe it), breads, pasta, even toothpaste!!! You just have to read the product labels at the back.

    Anyway, to my surprise after following strictly GF her skin improved exponentially. It's amazing how changing her diet started helping her to heal her skin and also her gut.

    I encourage you to find the cause, I believe we are what we eat. Do your blood tests to find out what else are you sensitive to. There are immediate and onset allergic reactions and those can be easily identified on a skin prick test and blood test.

    Remember, you're not alone. There are many sufferers like you looking for a cure. I don't think there's a cure as such, but I believe improving your diet will heal your skin with time and patience. It also means you'll have to go back to the basics, eat simple food, try and challenge. Eat fresh!

    Keep searching on the web. There is a lot of documentation in regards to the Gluten Syndrome and how affects our bodies. There's a Dr in NZ that has treated eczema in kids and adults and so far he has succeeded.

    Will be around here if you have any question. I hope the above info has been useful. Good luck in your journey.

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      Thank you so much for following up. I have been looking into GF after your post. I have been cutting down on gluten from my boy's diet. It's hard to find everything in GF. But I have started shopping with care. It's too soon. I am sure it's going to take a while to see results. But we're trying to find a solution through process of elimination. I just bought him Manuka Honey (product of NZ), interesting coincidense! He is going to start that as soon as he comes home. I have my fingers crossed. God bless!
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      Hi Shay0708: Manuka honey is the best one. Our neighbours in NZ produce the best Honey in the planet.

      And I'm happy you started your GF journey with your kid. You're on your way to learn heaps about how to improve your lifestyle and your family life as well. I say it by experience.

      If you have the chance to read books from the NZ dr I mention above will be great as well. He specialises in kids' skin conditions such as eczema/dermatitis etc... And he's been doing that for almost 35 yrs.!!! It's a great reading if you want to know more in depth about the Gluten syndrome.

      Now, reading labels at the supermarket is one of my 'must do' tasks. You'll find it interesting, and no need to say a bit more expensive buying GF products.

      Ok, good luck.

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