Popliteal Aneurysm or something else? PLEASE HELP!!!

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I'll start off with some details. I'm a 24 year old female hispanic. 5'3 and 140 lbs (considered overweight by a couple of lbs). I've been the clinic like 10 times this year alone and haven't been told I have high BP or anything abnormal with my blood. 

I started having several panic attacks after taking an ibuprofen about 8 1/2 months ago. After that I was constantly out of breath, clammy hands, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, LOTS of spasms. and many more

Then this lump on the back of my knee appeared a month after. I was told it was most likely a baker's cyst, but after a second opinion got sent in for a REGULAR (not vascular) ultrasound. I was then told it was an enlarged lymph node. However, after searching up symptoms I'm terrified that I might have an aneurysm in my leg. My leg doesn't swell up or change in color, but it does cause discomfort after walking or standing for long periods of time. I also get some soreness here and there, regardless of whether I walked alot. I also see my pulse on my belly (which is not flat at all). I have a gut. I know I'm too young to have AAA or PAA, but there have been instances where it happens. 

I am terrified out of my mind. Can't sleep. Can't Eat. I just want some answers. 

So I guess my first question would be...

Can you see arteries with a regular ultrasound? I know you can with a doppler. I'm scared that they missed it because the artery is deep within my knee. I read that as much as 50% of people with popliteal aneurysms have a bilateral aneurysm and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

I can't stop thinking about surgery, complications, possible amputation, medications, hospitalizations, etc. 

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    As hard as  it may seem the first thing is to stop worrying about it, its there, you cant do anything about it, rather than come here asking qeustions, the best person to ask is your GP, he will give you a lot better answers than anyone here, he spent years at a medical school

    I asked about a triple A, all I got was lots of people banging on about theirs, I dont care about their cndition, I wanted answers about MY condition

    You will end up with lots of unquailified peoople telling you various things here or about their friend of a friend who had the same thing, died within 2 weeks, they will only give you their opinion, they arent doctors, nurses, you may as well go down the pub and ask the barman

    GO and see your GP, dont search the internet, you will end up worying yourself to death

    Before you go to see your GP, write your questions down and if need be, write his answers down, including what he/she recommends

    I cant tell you what is wrong with you, I cant advise you, I am not a doctor or a nurse, I suppose you could try the NHS help line, they might be able to help (a lot more than anyone here can) Number is 111, they will give you better information than anyone here

    If you dont stop worrying about something yo cant do anything about or change, you will end upin a box (sorry this might be harsh, but worrying about something you cant do anythng about is pointles)

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      Where ever she is, her GP is her best option, it beats asking here

      If she dont have a GP, she is better off going to see a doctor in a hospital, because all she will get is speculation and answers from unqualified people

      I just wrote what Iwould do (I never got any real answers t my problem, just other people telling me about theirs)

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      You're absolutely right. It's just hard having to wait another 6 weeks to ask these questions. But I'll write them down for when the time comes. I appreciate the "tough love", sometimes I let self diagnosis get to me. I just wonder if my doctor is missing something. Thanks again.

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      I dont know how the US medical system works in the US, but it doesnt really matter, you still have medical staff you can ask

      I died twice from Cerebral Malaria, I have learnt there is no point in worrying about something I cant do anything about, I have this triple A thng, I dont know how I got it, I dont know how to get rid of it, so its nothing I can do about it, so I dont even think about it, certainly not worry about it

      I am still getting treatment for the Cerebral Malaria, but I get fed up with the test, but they just happen, I dont worry about them, if things happen, they happen I cant do anything about them

      When you go to the doctor, have all your questions to hand, written down, dont leave until you have answers and are hapy with what they tell you (you may not like the answers, but they  should make it clear to you)


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