Positive results on mirtazapine anyone? or anyone just started?

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Hi All

I've read a lot on here about people stopping this drug. Would just like to here from people that have had good results or just started.

I'm on day 4.. Have been swapped straight to 30mg of mirtazapine from 100mg sertraline no tapering off. This was because 3 months on sert although I had started to feel better anxiety wise .depression got worse .nightmare and terrors were unbeardable to the point last week where I was left shaking and confused upon waking finding it difficult to tell reality from nightmares.

Day 1 took at 10 pm slept .Pounding headache and tired next day

Day 2 took at 9 pm restless night no headache the next day

Day 3 took 9 pm slept ok tired and pounding headache today

Can feel the thoughts trying to race in the background of my brain.

But as yet no physical symptoms. With sertraline my heart was constantly racing I was nervous and sweating. Was taking 20mg propranolol 3 times a day to help reduce this. But haven't taken any since the start of mirtazapine. To be honest I fogot to ask the gp if I should continue with the propranolol or not.

Just after people's thoughts really

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    I'm taking 45 mg of Mirtazapine, after starting on low doses, and been on it for about eighteen months. I did have Propranalol but only took it occasionally, and not at all now I am on Pregabalin as well. I think I am doing well. My problem is anxiety and I think it's coming under control. Unfortunately I occasionally vomit for no apparent reason - maybe the type of food I've eaten, or possibly after a stressful day.

    Sertralin didn't do anything for me. I hope you get well on the Mirt, Rich. It's obviously a gradual process, so I wish you well.

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    Hi Rich

    Mirt' has ben prety good for me, downside weight gain ggrrrr ... and also if you don't take care of yourself, i.e. rest when youu need to, keep off drink etc it can mean pretty damn awful fatigue, although fatigue is usual side affect anyway with this drug.  

    It's interesting to hear you say by Day 3 "can feel thoughts trying to race in the background" - thaty's what Mirt' is good at in my opinion, offers protection from intrusive and negative thoughts ... "  stay with that Rich, it's a relief right?

    Best wishes, wishing you well.

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    Hey Rich. Like you I was on sert 100 was slowly taken off them and given mirt 15mg I found my anxiety got worse and very bad mood swings. I also had a very severe panic attack. Am now on 30mg of mirt along with 5mg of diazepam for the bad days. My doc says these tabs are really good and to hang on in there. So here's hoping. Good luck
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    Thanks for all your replies. It's early days yet.

    Went out last night and had two beers came home slept well and no headache this morning.

    It's only day 4 . Haven't as yet had any side effects from the mirt or from stopping sertraline suddenly.

    Back to work tomorrow first time in a week lol

    So will see how things go and will post on here any good or bad side effects in the next few weeks.

    Wishing everyone the best in there recovery to a normal life. Whatever normal is

    Thanks Rich

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    hi rich- ive been on mirtazapine 45mg for a year now and its the only AD that does what it says on the tin for me anyway having tried many others . Its supposed to stimulate your appetite but thats the only thing it doesnt seem to do for me. As a sleeping aid it is a wonder drug considering that it is supposedly non-addictive and hopefully I will be able to take it indefinitely unless it actually makes me feel well enough to stop taking it- only time will tell. As for the propranolol I was on the as when required dose of 40mg but stopped taking them because it only worked ' after -the-fact ' so now I take bedranol SR( slow release) 80mg every day as its really just slow release propranolol and its also a wee miracle worker. Its been 25 years or so for me to get the medication right and Im about to start reading a book called " Mindfulness - a practical guide to FINDING PEACE IN A FRANTIC WORLD" by Mark Williams and Danny Penman and I havent read a book for 20 years !.  All The Best


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      Hi many thanks for your comments. I was on prozac for nearly 10 years and it did work for me originally.

      The sertraline only calmed my anxiety a little bit but sent me a bit crazy most of the time. I was hoping it was just the side effects but after 3 mtrs I could take it no more.

      Since stopping sert and starting on mirtazapine I have felt much better. It's only been 5 days so hard to tell if the mirt is working already or the sert just didn't agree with me. Only time will tell.

      Wishing you the best Rich

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    I think I'm on week three of 15mg mirt, also taking 30mg Citalopram. It has helped me sleep better than I was and I am more numbed to my feelings than before. I have huge problems grasping anything, time means nothing, memory is shot to pieces, motivation is zero. I am in fact a zero. I take my pills and I sit in my chair. I don't bother getting dressed, no point, I'm not going anywhere. I barely care about myself. I just don't care. I really don't. Numb, hollowed out, I'm not a real person, I'm not even a shadow. This is strangely good and positive for me. I'm okay with it, for now I can live with it.
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      I hope things improve for you soon. I like your sentence :- this is strangely good and positive for me.

      I must admit it sounds better than how I was feeling on sertraline. Spending most my time on line looking at different ways to commit suicide 😕 I wouldn't do it i may add. At the time it may have ended my misery , but intern would just have caused misery for my dad brother and sister . But I was still reading about it thinking anything is better than constant panic attacks and anxiety day after day.

      For now take your time you.may may feel numb but at least your still here 😊Keep looking at how your feeling as a positive and hopefully in times things will improve for you.

      Best wishes


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