Possible Crohns??

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New to this group, however I did post in Abdominal Disorders. I have had diarreah for 13 months.  Eight months ago, it went from just bad diarreah to watery diarreah.  Uncontrollable and have many accidents; don't always get a warning, just runs out. The shower has become my bidet!  Had a colonoscopy and endoscopy in August, 2016.  Endo fine and had 4 polyps, one which was quite large and cancerous, but says he got all of it. Has mentioned Crohns, but I thought that would show up with colonoscopy.  Have taken 10 days of Flagyl at 1500 mgs daily, now on Cholestryramine Powder.  Thought the powder was working, since I went 6 days without diarreah, but have had it now for 5 days straight. All this time, the only pain I have is in lower rh quadrant, sort of over th appendix area.  However, have had pain there a long time and have been told it is adhesions, and nerve entrapment from mesh implants dure to several hernia repairs. Everytime, Sometimes pain is worse in rh side during diarreah days and occassionally not. Last 3 days, I have had major pain from under rh ribs above kidney area and goes into lower rh side at same area as always hurts.  I don't get stomach cramps, but have a lot of gas in rectum with pressure and constant feeling of having to have bowel movement.

Also had gallbladder out 3 weeks ago due to gallstones that were found on CT scan. All seems fine with the surgery. Was told it would not help my diarreah problem.  I have lupus too and have been on a lot of prednisone over past 20 years, but for last 13 months have not had to take it at all as lupus has calmed down for first time in 20 years. 

I know Crohns can affect different areas of the bowel, however, don't know how it is detected.

Question: If not seen during coloonoscopy, then how is it found?



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    Hi, you have been through the wars.  I have crohn's some your symtoms, i didn't get it could be something else. Let me know what your results were. 

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    they might not have checked your small intestine sometimes hospitals only check the large intestine.  You also need an mri scan for a full diagnose..  Sorry this is a problem with crohns it takes for ever to be diagnosed


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    I privided a stool sample which showed inflammation. I think its called "colproctecin," If this comes back normal then you don't have inflammation, even if its inactive at the time it would be higher than the general public.

    That's wat I originally had. I thought a colonoscopy would show some sort of inflammation but not too sure. It could be something like ibs? I know IBS causes gas and diarrhoea and some of the symptoms are similar to chrones. I would suggest the stool test

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      My sister, niece and son-in-law have IBS. They get alternating diarreah and constipation and severe cramping. I don't have any cramping and never get constipated. Don't even feel the gas anywhere, except pressure in rectum. I always feel the urgency to have a bowel movement. Have  internal hemroids, which I am told would cause that feeling. One was banded March 5th and other one will be banded on April 5th. That constant feeling of urgency started at same time watery diareeah started, which was June. Most of the time, I can't tell if I have to go or not and lots of times, it just comes rushing out.  Has an awful odor; much worse than my cats, and that's pretty bad!

      Also wandering if I could have a partial obstruction, which would explain only liquid going through.  Have a lot of adhesions and had an obstruction in 1991, due to adhesions. That was a full obstruction and the pain was unimaginal. This pain isn't like that.

      Colonoscopy showed a kinked bowel on right side, which also was found with colonoscopy 5 years ago. Going to talk to GI doc about this on next visit.

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      They would of checked for everything. They also checked for bacteria and parasites with me too. It's procedures that they check for everything in a stool sample inc blood. I would double check this

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      IBS can be either diarrhea or constipation or both with an urgency to have a bowel movement. I'm not saying that's wat it is but a possibility. You don't always get cramping with IBS. I hardly ever get cramps or constipation. Everyone is different

      I dont know why they have given you medication without knowing for sure. Bottom line is if you don't have inflammation you don't have crohns. Check your results of stool sample again or ask to have it done again. Its very accurate test in diagnosing inflammation. Hope you feel better soon x

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    Sorry to hear you're going through the wars. Faecal calprotectin stool test is used to check intestinal inflammation levels as mentioned in the replies.

    There's no such thing as a Crohns test but this is used as a starting point. If positive it would suggest Crohns (possibly ulcerative colitis but not sure on that) or an infection. Colonoscopy and other imaging is used to diagnose from there e.g. MRI or capsule endoscopy.

    During in a colonoscopy it can be problematic getting to the terminal ileum at end of small intestine (small bowel) and if you've had obstructions even more so. This area is very common in showing signs of Crohns where Crohns exists.

    It's good to trust your Doctor but to rule out Crohns got do often have to keep an eye they're going through the everything thoroughly. I'd suggest checking the calprotecrin test (multiple samples to avoid a mistest as they're not 100% accurate, and check they got as far as the ileum during the colonoscopy.

    Good luck and met us know how you get on.


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