Possible endometriosis? Scared to see a doctor.

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Hello, I've been having symptoms of endo since I was 11, so basically since I had my first period. Anyway I'm nearly 19 now so it's nearly been 8 years and I still havn't done anything about this. As far as symptoms are concerned I currently have so many that it's obvious to see it's not just IBS that happens to be worse when I'm on my period because I have quite a few non IBS symptoms that are endo symptoms. I know I should see a doctor and get a diagnosis but my pain is no where near as severe as it was before I went vegan. I've only had 2 incidences of what I would call severe pain since being vegan and they were both in august which is normally when my worst flare ups are along with in feburary. 

So I basically feel like I would be moaning about nothing because I know so many people suffer with a lot worse and I did suffer with a lot worse. But at the same time the symptoms still effect me and I have noticed some newer ones. I am in some sort of pain more days than not, normally just mild-moderate but it is very bothering when you have an active lifestyle. I am also now permenantly bloated, well pretty much. I basically look pregnant all the time no matter what I eat. Trust me throughought the last 8 years I've experimented with cutting so many things out of my diet that could possibly be making me feel worse. 

I basically don't know how to approach a doctor or even if it's worth it. I feel like I need to be on deaths door to justify it tbh... and I also would not know where to start if I was to see a doctor. It's been 8 years of my life. And that's a very long time to talk about in any detail, and an impossible time to talk about in a 10 minute appointment. 

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    It's always worth it.

    Understand that your symptoms can continue to progress and worsen as time goes by.  I'm a living example of that...

    And, unfortunately, the ONLY way to receive a diagnosis is by surgery.  They have to physically open up your abdomen (this can be done laparascopically with teeny tiny incisions), remove tissue samples, and biopsy it for confirmation of Endometriosis.  Any doctor who wants to treat you for Endometriosis without confirming the diagnosis first - run away...

    The disease may also cause scar tissue to pull your organs out of position, tweak ovaries, bind things that aren't supposed to be bound.  So, it's worth a look...I truly feel it is.  Especially if your symptoms lead you to believe it.

    A vegan diet may have made you feel better because a lot of red meat, gluten, soy, caffeine, and dairy can exacerbate Endo symptoms.  

    If you haven't already, keep a pain journal.  Note when the pain is, what type of pain and where in your body it is, when you bloat, if anything triggers any of your symptoms, etc.  Keep track of your periods, when do they start, when do they end, how's the cramping, how's the flow?  These details may help your doctor decide if he/she suspects it as well.

    Know that it rarely ever shows up on imaging studies.  Ultrasounds, CT and MRI can all be negative for abnormalities, and it can still be found during surgery.  My most recent surgery was that way.

    Follow your heart.  Don't be bullied into accepting anything less than what you think is the best care for you. <3

    You're not crazy.  You're not overreacting.  You're not imagining your sypptoms.  


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      Thankyou and yeah I guess the fact that the symptoms may progress is one thing I'm worried about. I mean what started as lower abdominal pain and nausea 8 years ago has now evolved Into a huge list of symptoms as it is. It's the surgery part that's the scariest tbh more than that the doctor will just dismiss it as something without doing any tests. I don't feel my pain is enough to justify surgery right now. it definitely has been on many occasions in the past. I've actually wanted surgery before in my mind to somehow fix whats wrong with me and this was before I had any clue and was completely confused.

      I'll try and keep a pain journal and track my periods but they are both things I am really awful at. I mean I can remember when my period started and normally finished and vaguely how I felt for some times.

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      Every day, woman. <3  It's how I learned strawberries make me feel like poo!  Ah, it's the little things. 

      I keep a little Google Docs running, that way I can access it from my PC, my laptop, or my tablet/smartphone.  One of those things is always on me, makes it easier to update as I eat/drink/hurt...that way I don't have to fill in the blanks at the end of the day.

      Surgery can be very scary.  There's nothing I can say that will wipe that fear away...BUT know that millions of women have this surgery, and often.  I hope it makes you feel a *wee* bit better.  

      And if you ever do schedule that surgery, find me. I'd love to jibber jabber about the experience, the to do lists, and expectations...

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    Hi Hannah

    Ditto to everything Bloomin Uterus said. Likewise if you have something in addition to endo, it's not getting better with your benign neglect any more than endo does.


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      Haha. No I know it's very much not getting better whatever it is. I guess the whole idea of it scares me. I obviously know something's wrong but actually speaking to doctors about that and having whatever tests they want terrifies me. I'm fine with a blood test but literally anything more I would be majorly anxious about it.

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      No blood test is going to show endo. They may feel masses by doing a pelvic examination, or order an ultrasound. But the only sure way to diagnose it is through laporscopic surgery. I've had 3 of them with in 10 years of each other. I was diagnosed when I was 18, im 34 now. Pain after intercourse, felt like puking and having to have a bowel movement and my whole body would get clamy. My first surgery my appendix was adhered to my abdominal wall.

      My last surgery my doctor told me I would have 3-5 years to have a kid or I'd have to get a hysterectomy. Some doctors believe childbirth cleans out the system. I had a daughter 3 years later. But symptoms return but not as bad. Some different symptoms now including bloating and cyst busting. I've also stayed on the depo provera shot to avoid having painful periods. Good luck to you. I hope you find a doctor you can trust and is knowledgeable about endo.

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      Hannah, you are building an immense wall of fear, and you are doing it on your own. Do you believe that fear can diagnose and/or treat you? If you do, you've an unusual belief system.

      Go to a specialist. You may have to see several kinds of specialists, and you may have to start with one who can help you work through your fears. I absolutely believe in prayer and in positive thinking but that is not what you're doing. Please get some help, and soon.

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