possible gall bladder symptoms??

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Hi everyone! Needing some advice! I have been having stomach problems for over a year now......been in the doctors countless times.......my symptoms are below and ALOT! lol

On and off nausea, especially in the mornings, sometimes at night time too

Consipation/ also the dreaded *D*

Tenson headaches

Feeling really full after a meal, like for example, i will have a small meal at 3pm......i would feel bloated/full right through to the next day.

Upper back aches/sometimes in right shoulder blade.

Very tender bruised feeling when the top of my abdomen is pressed some times goes to the right side of it....also sometimes get sharp shooting pains through it also, i will add a diagram where the bruised like feeling is as its hard to explain.....

I also get lathargic spells too.....light headedness....and much more.... does this sound like symptoms of gall bladder not working?? Ive had many tests done but all came back clear,,,,,,like bloods.breath test.....im booked in for an ultra sound very soon.

Ive added below a iagram and marked in black where i get the pains x


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    ultra sound will soon tell u if its gallstones... i had similar symptoms altho no consipation just oily stools, i know when i have phoned 111 they say the pain is at its worse when they are in your back or shoulder but sounds like gallstones.. if u have them hope its quick removal... i gained pancreatis through gallstones so had 8 days of being in hospital then emergency op 
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    your scan will show up if it is gallbladder. It does sound like it ..try and see now if u cut all fat out of your diet go veggie if u can or just eat steamed fish or grilled chicken but no cheese or butter no caffeine so no tea coffee or chocolate or Pepsi .stick to water or camomile or mint tea and make imeals bland mushy like mashed potatoes boiled veg no salad or fruit as these are all hard to digest and require extra bile .... If your symptoms after a couple of days start to settle then it's more than likely gallbladder 

    basically if your gallbladder is inflamed or full of stones ... When you eat something fatty or hard to digest your tummy request extra bile from your gallbladder your gallbladder squeezes it out 😱 Agony as it contracts your stones rub together inflaming the lining of your gallbladder then if a stone gets squeezed into a duct colic vomiting attacks like food poisoning but you don't get relief from vomiting and pain like a heart attack ..this may last 6 or 7 hours till stone dislodges... So avoiding foods which cause contraction of gallbladder and caffeine which just causes gallbladder to contract ... It will settle ...

    then book into get it removed because living on a diet like that is unbearable 

    hope that helps 

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    Its horrible, i feel unwell everyday......i will try to watch my diet......ive lost weight due to these issues......the doctor said if it was my gallbladder it would have shown in my bloods?? but didnt.....

    They tried to give me anti acids ect but didnt help......the top of my abdomen feels bruised everyday! Its like a deep bruised feeling! Im fed up feeling sick all the time!

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      I sympathise I was misdiagnosed for 15 years first gastritis then ulcers and finely gallstones ...enormous stones about 15 of them...

      but now since removal I am pain free can eat anything different person...so keep on annoying your doctor till they sort it ...

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      I had somewhat the same issue. All my tests came back negative (bloodwork, ultrasound showed no stones, HIDA scan results were "normal" to my surgeon but really weren't) and after I had my gallbladder out, it showed chronic gallbladder disease and 10 medium sized stones.

      Sometimes the test don't reveal what is really wrong. Luckily, I found a surgeon who knew what I was going through and recommended the removal.

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      I know the feeling.  I had my gallbladder out, years ago, now, some of the same issues you are describing.  I fear, actually fear, the attacks I am having.  Sometimes they last only 10 or 1 minutes but often, 45 minutes and once it went on for 3 hours.  Have a great gastro man who is intent and finding a reason.  I hope he does and I hope you will soon find and answer and a solution for yourself.


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    Good that you are having an ultrasound scan. This may show up any gallstones.

    Sounds as if it could be gallstones.

    If so, I would get yourself on the list to have yor gallbladder out, you will feel better afterwards.

    Take care and keep in touch


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    See your doctor or undergo an ultrasound examination. and you'll find out if that's gallstones or not. But, base on my experience i felt the pain on the same location you've marked on the photo.

    Did you start changing your food diet?

    Hope you'll be better soon! Keep us posted



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