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Hi, I have been having some problems with my stomach and digestion and my locum GP has said that since I have had these problems for quite a few number of years (by my count 4-5 years but possibly longer) it might be worth me being referred to a gastroenterologist. She has put me on Omaprazole for now as she suspects acid reflux.

I told my last GP practice about these issues and even though I sent them a letter regarding this they did not like the fact that I was referring to articles for testing that were over 20 years old. This letter is now in my files and I'm wondering if action can be taken against the GP surgery since I now most likely have a malabsorption issue that they did not look into despite me hinting at one in my letter.

Ferritin: 28 (30-400) I cannot find an iron supplement that suits me but my GP has informed me that this result is now normal and no action is needed.

Vitamin D3: 73 (50-75 suboptimal) I have been supplementing with a D3 3000IU spray.



Pale skin, almost anaemic

Constipation but this has now become looser, sometimes watery


Difficulty swallowing

Breathing problems

Fizziness in throat

Lumps/swelling in throat over thyroid and in the upper parts of my neck (there are two well-defined lumps either side of my neck. One is near my hyoid bone and has been there since March. The other is lower down)

Dry skin

Extreme weight loss despite eating more protein and carbohydrate-rich food and eating 3 meals a day. Anything to get the weight on and make it stay. My weight was 7 stone 6, it is now just 7 stone. My BMI was 17.9 and is now 17.3. (healthy range 18.5-25)

Abdominal pain (I had one severe bout of abdominal pain last week and I thought it was gas pains so I attempted to pass gas by tensing my lower abdominal muscles but it made the pain worse). I rarely get any pain but when I do it's very acute and sharp

Loss of appetite

Reactions when eating certain foods

Milk - Constipation and gas within 5-20 minutes of consumption

Wheat/gluten - Constipation and gas within 15-40 minutes of consumption

My previous GP has said I do not have gluten or lactose intolerance because my symptoms do not correlate with either of them.

I was told I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (autoimmune hypothyroidism) and I am under the care of an endocrinologist. She has said she didn't want me to undergo an upper endoscopy because she didn't want to put me through an unpleasant procedure but I am wondering if, by perhaps allowing me to undergo the procedure, something may have been found?

So, the locum GP has put a note on my records for my usual GP (I didn't even know she was away at the time) to follow-up in 2 weeks to see if the omaprazole is working but because of the extreme weight loss they are looking to refer me on to a gastroenterologist.

I saw a nutritionist back in March who advised me that to make my antibodies specific to my illness (Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase) reduce I needed to go gluten, wheat and dairy free, which I did and did so consistently, yet my antibodies quadrupled within 6 months. I don't know what it is I did wrong.

I am now very worried because I feel I'll be seen as someone who is intentionally starving herself but whatever I eat and however much I eat it makes no difference.

Could I possibly have malabsorption?

Can anyone advise me on my situation? What does a gastroenterologist do? Will they be able to do more tests on me and what ones do they do?

Thanks smile

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    Hi, I have also been referred as had malabsorption symptoms for 3 years but mainly controlled until recently with low fodmap diet. No wheat dairy it Fructans x symptoms pale, tummy ache, very hard colon feeling and nausea x bad attack last week after dark choc covered nuts and raisins x not sure which! Hoping to have some answers too x did have a rare bug which I think triggered all this x 
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      Thanks for reply. Raisins don't seem to affect me which is odd. I've been trying all sorts to boost my iron intake and I read that raisins had some iron in them.

      Sorry to hear about your problems. sad I hope you get it sorted soon. smile x

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    A gastroenterologist will be looking inside your stomach with a tiny camera to see if there is anything going on in there. Ulcers, tumors and so forth . This is not an unpleasant procedure. You are actually made very comfortable. They spray your throat to numb you so you wont feel anything and they put you to sleep and it last about 15-20 minutes tops. Tell your endocrinologist she need to stick to her field and not venture into fields she is not familiar with so let the experts for your stomach deal with that...your stomach....It also seems like she dont have your thyroid under control either, you definitely need an second opinion about that also.
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      Hi thanks for reply.

      The endocrinologist discussed my case with the gastroenterologist the first time she suspected me of having Coeliac disease but nothing was done about my symptoms at the time.

      I've moved GP practices 4 times due to the problems with my thyroid, the first practice did not even diagnose me even though I had a high TSH at the time. The GP has said everything with my thyroid is normal despite my hypothyroid symptoms. TSH is still very low and is under 1 but my two thyroid hormones are low but in range. I am currently on T4-only therapy and looking to take T3 with the T4 but the doctors will not prescribe me NDT or T3.

      Might it be worth changing GP practices again?

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      Wait for the gastroenterologist then try to get a second opinion concerning your thyroid because i am hypothyroidism since i had 3/4 of my gland removed back in 1989. On meds since 1993.
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      Ok, thanks. smile

      One of the lumps is near my hyoid bone. I did a Google and "thyroglossal duct cyst" comes up. The gastroenterologist referral won't be done until another three weeks' time, when my thyroid medication review is due.

      Since my endocrinologist is part-time and works between two hospitals maybe I could look at getting a different endocrinologist? I may be moving to another district so all my medical stuff will be going to a new GP and possible a new hospital.

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